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5 Bronze Wind Chimes

Bronze Wind Chimes

Most recommended
  • 17-inches overall length
  • 5 tubes
  • 5 note pentatonic scale

A good choice too
Woodstock Chimes EarthWoodstock Chimes of Earth
  • 37-inches overall length
  • 6 tubes
  • 5 note pentatonic scale

A good choice too
Encore by WoodstockEncore Collection by Woodstock Chimes
  • 38-inches overall length
  • 5 tubes
  • 5 note pentatonic scale

Woodstock Chimes DCBWoodstock Chimes DCB22 Polaris Chime
  • 22-inches overall length
  • 5 tubes
  • Pentatonic scale

Woodstock Chimes WPCBWoodstock Chimes WPCB Peace Chime
  • 16-inches overall length
  • 6 tubes
  • Let There Be Peace on Earth

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If you are looking for a nice-looking wind chime with enchanting melodies for yourself or as a gift, then you have probably heard already about Woodstock chimes. The following review focuses on the specific lineup of Bronze chimes by Woodstock.

The Grammy-winning instrument designer and musician Garry Kvistad founded the Woodstock brand in 1979. The first Woodstock chime was made from an aluminum lawn chair. So basically when you buy a Woodstock chime you buy a full-fledged musical instrument with only one exception – you don’t have to play it. You just hang it above the door or window and the breeze will do the rest.

Why are Woodstock bronze wind chimes special? They are made of top-notch metals and wooden components, according to the major rules of the eastern Feng Shui philosophy. Every Bronze chime can serve as a nice decoration, soothing musical instrument, or luck-bringing talisman for your house.

The main idea behind the Bronze Encore collection of the wind chimes by Woodstock is to inspire, cure, enhance and entertain with the musical power delivered by Mother Nature itself. Each Bronze chime is named after the planet or some stellar object to emphasize its celestial look and sounds.

In addition to the exceptional quality, each custom made chime is hand-tuned with extreme precision to deliver mesmerizing sounds for home or workspace. Check the comparison table and short reviews of 5 best Woodstock Bronze wind chimes.

Woodstock Chimes of Mars – the best for portability!

Woodstock Chimes of MarsYou may want to check this wind chime because it has a very nice design resembling the red surface of the planet Mars. Its 5 black hollow rods are made of aluminum and have the rich bronze color with the beautiful wooden top.

All wooden elements have the bubinga finish and are attached with a solid braided nylon cord. To deliver the enchanting melodies and deep-voiced sounds, the Mars chime is tuned to a 5-note pentatonic scale (G minor).

Tips for users: to keep the wooden elements clean and long-lasting, use the furniture polish with lemon oil every 5-6 months.


  • Handcrafted
  • The exceptional quality of the tubes, cord and top
  • The sounds are always in harmony
  • The classic design with 5 metal rods
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Includes a removable windcatcher
  • Has a hook on the top
  • Weather-resistant and rustproof
  • Comes in a box


  • Affected only by the strong winds
  • Not very loud – won’t do to scare away the birds
  • The strings are not very durable

This is a rather small and lightweight chime inspired by the Red Planet. Thanks to the pentatonic scale tuning, it can produce different patterns of sounds each time the air flows through it. Also, it has a removable windcatcher that can be engraved or silk-screened.

Woodstock Chimes of Earth – the best for versatility!

Woodstock Chimes of EarthAnother Bronze chime by Woodstock us hand-crafted and hand-tuned to a pentatonic musical scale. This midsize chime has not 5 but 6 long aluminum rods to deliver the mesmerizing melodies even if the slightest wind blows. The longest tube is 20 inches.

Tips for users: For additional sturdiness, you may add a bit of a heavy-duty glue to cover the nail and strings. Let the glue dry and hang the chime outside.


  • 6 durable aluminum rods
  • Lifetime tuning guarantee
  • Weather-resistant
  • Includes a removable windcatcher
  • Suitable for engraving
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy strings
  • Good for large porches


  • Some components are made in China
  • Only one-year warranty for the materials
  • The sound doesn’t travel far
  • A bit bulky

This Bronze chime can become a great gift because the manufacturer sends it in a full-color gift box that you may additionally wrap or embellish. You may hang this metal chime even in winter and it won’t get rust.

Woodstock Wind Chime of Venus – the best for the size!

Encore Collection by Woodstock ChimesThe largest Bronze wind chime with the red finish was inspired by the cold grace of Venus. Like the previous Bronze chimes, this item is also hand-tuned and handcrafted.

The longest tube is 45 inches. The only difference is that the tubes are long but smaller in diameter compared to other Bronze chimes – 0.87 inches versus 1 inch, respectively. It also has a removable windcatcher that you may engrave or cover with shining polish. The sound is moderately deep and reminds church bells.


  • Nice-looking bubinga finish
  • 5 bronze-colored aluminum tubes
  • Good for engraving
  • Easy installation
  • Deep and loud sounds
  • Narrow tubes


  • A bit loud
  • Bulky
  • Affected only by the strong winds
  • Tubes may have scratches

This chime can be a good choice if you have a big house or summer cottage. It won’t do for small offices or apartments. It is compatible with all the other Bronze Encore chimes if you want to create the collection of wind chimes.

Woodstock Chimes DCB22 Polaris – the best for the classic design!

Woodstock Chimes DCB22 Polaris ChimeNice bubinga finish, 5 standard tubes made of aluminum with bronze cover – the Polaris chime has all these features. Named after the North Star this wind chime offers the most classic design and size along with the 5-note musical scale. The longest tube is 9.5 inches.

Tips for users: please do not use this or any other Bronze chime to hold the ashes. It is not a cremation chime.


  • Durable, braided nylon cord
  • 5 anodized aluminum rods
  • The well-built midsize chime
  • Affected by both gentle breezes and strong winds
  • Won’t rust or break for 3-5 years in a row


  • Doesn’t include a gift box sometimes
  • Not very loud

It is another nice-looking, midsize and classic wind chime in the Woodstock Bronze Encore collection. You may use it as a gift or house decoration. It will produce resonating sounds only if the weather is windy. The chime is good for all seasons of the year.

Woodstock Chimes WPCB Peace – the best for durability!

Woodstock Chimes WPCB Peace ChimeAll Bronze chimes are made of high-quality and durable materials. The Peace Sign inspired chime by Woodstock goes even further at the point of quality. It offers a nice ash wooden base with the teak finish.

Also, the removable windcatcher is made of flamed stainless steel.


  • Well-built
  • 6 long tubes
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Stainless steel, aluminum and ash wood are the major materials
  • Comes in a nice-looking Woodstock box
  • Suitable for outdoor use all year round


  • Some tubes are too high-pitched and may produce annoying sounds
  • Affected only by the strong winds

If you look for a small-sized, weather-resistant chime with moderately deep sounds and a pacifist message, this Woodstock talisman can be great for you.

The Buyer’s Guide

Almost all components of Woodstock Bronze chimes are made in the United States. According to many reputable mass media sources like The Wall Street Journal, the Woodstock chimes are numerously picked for the best value and best quality compared to other popular brands of wind chimes.

A few things to consider when choosing the Bronze wind chimes by Woodstock:


Aluminum, stainless steel and bronze finish are the major metals used for making the Bronze Encore collection of Woodstock chimes. These are the best materials for large chimes. But unlike most brands, Woodstock makes small and lightweight metal chimes as well.

Besides metal hollow tubes, the Bronze wind chimes have wooden parts. These are mostly ashwood/redwood pieces with a teak or bubinga finish. In such a way, the chime has a very luxurious look. It is quite easy to maintain such half-wooden chimes with any top-notch furniture polish.

Some experts believe that the tubes should be attached to the top pendant with metal strings. But, instead, Woodstock uses sturdy nylon strings and cords. You can enhance the durability by covering the strings with heavy-duty glue.


There are many wind chimes out there. But the Bronze Encore collection includes the chimes with a classic tubular design. It means the vertical long and hollow tubes that vary in length are attached to the chime’s top.

To produce unique tones these tubes are made of aluminum alloy. Keep in mind that the Bronze collection can’t be used as memorial chimes. Though, they can be served for cleansing the house from bad energy, according to the Feng Shui philosophy.


As you may have noticed, most Bronze wind chimes are hand-tuned to the pentatonic scale. It means that they can produce low, deep tones and high notes. If you seek tenor and bass chimes, choose the Bronze instruments with long and narrow tubes. These sounds can make the most relaxing melodies resembling church bells and sacred music.

Interesting Video: Amazing Grace Chimes with Garry Kvistad

Final thoughts

The Bronze collection of wind chimes are made by Woodstock – the reputable brand that produces musical instruments since 1979. It means that you get more than a nice garden decoration or Feng Shui talisman when you buy any Bronze chime. You invest in a high-quality musical instrument capable of delivering harmonic sounds in the windy weather.