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10 Best Wind Chimes

Bellaa 27918
Bellaa 27918
20-inches x 5.5-inches
Beautiful in indoor and outdoor
Material: capiz seashell
Woodstock Chimes AGSS
Length: 16"
Cherry finished ash wood
6 silver aluminum tubes
UpBlend Outdoors
UpBlend Outdoors
29 inches long from
high-strength suspension cord
Corrosion-Resistant Tubes
Woodstock Chimes PCCB
Woodstock Chimes PCCB
Bubinga finish ash wood
Removable Windcatcher
Length: 32-Inches
Pixpri Wind Chimes
Pixpri Wind Chimes Outdoo
6 Tuned Sound Tubes
Durable Aluminum
Includes Hanging “S” Hook
UpBlend Outdoors
UpBlend Outdoors Medium
28-inches Long
Adjustable striker
E-Major Pentatonic Scale
ZOUTOG Wind Chimes Outdoor
Wooden Wind Chimes
Superb Sound Quality
29-inches Long
WOODMUSIC Tuned Wind Chime
Length of 34-inches
6 aluminum tubes
Nylon Strings
UpBlend Outdoors
UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chime
29" Total Length
E-major pentatonic scale
6 Tuned Sound Tubes
Blue Handworks
Gift Essentials Seaglass
Sandblasted Glass
10.5L x 3W x 11.5H in
Material Type: Glass

Wind chimes can transform your garden or backyard area into a calming sanctuary. You can relax as the gentle breezes create a sound experience that is soothing and calm. Adding wind chimes to your porch adds the element of sound to the design and creates interest. We have curated a collection of what we consider to be the best wind chimes for your outdoor or indoor space. Here is a summary of the main features, but we included a more detailed description later in this review.

Of course, it is good to know what the wind chimes are made of and whether they will fit in your space, but that is not the reason why you buy windchimes. The reason that you buy them is for their sound, and secondly, for their looks. Now, let’s explore our favorites, and we will give you our opinions on them.

Bellaa Capriz Windchimes – Best Seashell Windchimes

Bellaa 27918Bellaa capriz windchimes come in a variety of colors and have a gentle sound. Capiz seashells are a natural shell that that is found in the Philippine Islands. The shells are clear and flat. The wind chimes are made by shaping them and then dyeing them in beautiful colors.

These windchimes come in blues, whites, yellows, rainbow, and other beautiful color combinations.

This set of wind chimes is perfect for indoors or outdoors. The sound is like a gentle melody that is soothing and relaxing. They move with the slightest breeze. The sound reminds you of a tropical paradise with the cool, ocean breezes. They are durable and able to be used in outdoor settings.


  • Made from natural seashells
  • Beautiful colors
  • Gentle, soothing sound
  • Move with slightest breeze


  • Should be used in area protected from rain
  • Hangars are thin and may deteriorate over time

Woodstock Alto Silver Windchimes – Best Musically Tuned

Woodstock Chimes AGSSMany people prefer the sound of metal wind chimes, and if you are one of them, Woodstock Alto Silver Windchimes might be a perfect choice. We love the sound of these windchimes. These wind chimes are tuned for perfect pitch.

They are tuned to an alto voice, which is in the midrange as far as tone goes. They use a Gregorian scale and are reminiscent of being in an ancient cathedral.

They are long and have a wooden clapper and weight. This set of wind chimes can be used outdoors, but they should be protected from the rain because of the wooden components. One thing that we did not like about them is that they are a bit heavier and did not move as much as we would like, but when they did move, the sound was simply divine. This set also comes in different tones, too.


  • Beautiful precision musical sound
  • Attractive design
  • Durable braided nylon cord
  • Moves easily in breeze


  • Wooden parts need protected
  • Best for indoors

UpBlend Outdoors Windchimes – Best Soothing Windchimes

UpBlend OutdoorsThe best feature of these windchimes is their soothing sound. They have a soft bamboo clapper that makes a gentle sound when it hits the bells.

It is gentle, not harsh and metallic. This set of wind chimes is designed in a way that blends in with the natural surroundings in both the way they look and the way they sound. They are beautifully crafted with strong nylon strings.

These windchimes stand out because they are made from recyclable and sustainable materials. They are a classic design, and they are long enough to catch the slightest breeze. They are tuned to a G-major chord, which is a chord that always produces a pleasing sound, regardless of the order in which the bells are struck. They also have a mount available that makes the chimes standout out from your wall for maximum action and sound. They are simply a beautiful set in every way.


  • Beautiful harmonious sound
  • Sustainable materials
  • Visually minimal
  • Strong nylon cord


  • Wooden components might need protected
  • Longer chimes might not fit the space

Woodstock Bronze Windchimes – Best for Formal Gardens

Woodstock Chimes PCCBThis is an amazing set of wind chimes that are tuned to the soothing sounds of Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D.” This is a favorite song for weddings and other formal occasions. This set of wind chimes would be perfect for a garden party with its uplifts, joyful sounds.

The gongs are high quality and made from bronze-coated aluminum for an elegant and classic look.

This set of chimes can be engraved at a trophy shop or other shop that does engraving for a special commemorative gift. The design and sound are high-quality and would be perfect for a wedding gift, birthday, dedication, or other special occasions. This set of chimes sounds like a high-quality musical instrument.


  • Tuned to familiar song
  • Beautiful bronze finish
  • Classic design
  • Sturdy hangar
  • Can be personalized


  • Long chimes require adequate space
  • Wood components should be protected

PIXPRI Windchimes – Best for Indoor Spaces

Pixpri Wind Chimes OutdooIf you want a set of chimes to catch the breezes in an indoor window, this the perfect set. This set of windchimes has a soft sound that is not exceptionally loud. The sound is gentle and soothing. They are lightweight and easily move with the breeze.

They also work wonderfully with a fan on them for a constant background sound while you work or study.

One thing that we did not like about this set is that it has a large opening in the S hook. While this makes it easy to hang from outdoor tree branches, we also found that they have a tendency to fall off in heavier winds. This could easily be remedied by bending the S-hook a bit tighter or adding another ring to the top. This sound is wonderful, but they do have this drawback.


  • Not too loud
  • Nice sound
  • Beautiful metallic design
  • Powder-coated finish


  • Might not be loud enough for outdoors
  • Hook is wide at top and might blow off

Best Wind Chimes Buyer’s Guide

Buying windchimes is a matter of your own tastes and what you like best. However, there are a few considerations that you need to think about before making your decision.

Indoor or Outdoor

The first consideration is whether you will be using them indoors or outdoors. If you want a wind chime for indoor use, you might want to consider selecting a smaller, lighter weight set. They will not have to have a heavy breeze, and you do want to hear them sometimes. An outdoor set can be heavier, but you have to consider your wind and weather conditions. You want to be able to hear them sometimes, and a lighter set will give you more action. However, longer, heavier sets often have a deeper and more resonant sound.


Windchimes are available in many different materials. You can find them made from shells, glass, plastic, wood, bamboo, and many different types of metal. Each of these materials makes a different sound. Whether you like it is a matter of preference.

You should always make sure the seller has a recording of the windchimes so that you can decide whether they are pleasing to you or not. Another thing to consider is how weather-resistant and sturdy they are, especially for outdoor use. Sturdy nylon cords are best for those that will be used outdoors. In addition, any wood components must be water-sealed for outdoor use.

Cotton or other natural materials might break down over time. Also, consider the material of the chime themselves. Coated metal will last a long time unless it is scratched. If you choose wood or shells, make sure that they have a sealant to protect them from the weather, or use them indoors.

Style and Size

Make sure that you get a set of wind chimes that matches the style of your space in both tone and design. Long, bright bronze or copper ones have a more elegant look, while Capriz shells, wood, and bamboo have a more casual look.

Some wind chimes are perfectly tuned to a certain scale or musical chord. In general, those tuned to a pentatonic scale are the most soothing. Those tuned to a pentatonic scale will sound good regardless of the order in which the chimes are struck. You want one that sounds harmonious to you. Your neighbors will appreciate it, too.

Wind Chimes: Comparison of Key Indicators

Wind chimes are a popular decorative item that produces soothing sounds when the wind blows. There are various types of wind chimes available in the market made from different materials and having different sizes and designs. In this table, we compare some key indicators of wind chimes to help you make an informed buying decision.

Indicator Description
Material The material used to make the wind chime
Size The size of the wind chime measured in inches
Number of Tubes The number of tubes or rods present in the wind chime
Tone The sound produced by the wind chime, can be high-pitched or low-pitched
Price The price of the wind chime in USD

This table provides a comparison of some key indicators of wind chimes that are important to consider while making a buying decision. The material used to make the wind chime can affect its durability and sound quality. The size of the wind chime can impact its volume and the number of tubes can affect the complexity of its sound. The tone of the wind chime can vary based on the materials used and the design of the chime. The price can vary based on the size, material, and design of the wind chime. By comparing these indicators, you can find a wind chime that best fits your needs and preferences.


What materials are wind chimes made of?

Wind chimes can be made of a variety of materials, including metal, bamboo, glass, and ceramic. Each material produces a unique sound, and the choice of material depends on personal preference.

What is the history of wind chimes?

Wind chimes have a rich history dating back to ancient China, where they were used to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. They were later adopted by other cultures and used for decorative purposes or as musical instruments.

How do wind chimes work?

Wind chimes work by being struck by the wind, causing the tubes or rods to vibrate and produce sound. The length and thickness of each tube or rod determine the pitch and volume of the sound produced.

What are the benefits of wind chimes?

Wind chimes can provide a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. They can also improve the overall ambiance of a space, and some believe they have spiritual or metaphysical benefits.

How do I hang wind chimes?

Wind chimes can be hung from a variety of locations, including trees, eaves, and balconies. It is important to ensure that the wind chimes are placed in an area where they will catch the wind and be able to produce sound.

How do I care for my wind chimes?

To keep wind chimes in good condition, it is important to regularly clean them and oil the moving parts. They should also be brought inside during harsh weather conditions to prevent damage.

What are some popular wind chime designs?

Some popular wind chime designs include traditional Chinese bamboo chimes, metal chimes with intricate designs, and glass chimes with colorful patterns. There are also custom-made wind chimes available for those who want a more personalized design.

Can wind chimes be customized?

Yes, wind chimes can be customized to fit specific preferences or designs. Some manufacturers offer custom-made wind chimes with personalized colors, patterns, or shapes.

What are some popular locations to hang wind chimes?

Popular locations to hang wind chimes include gardens, patios, porches, and balconies. They can also be hung inside a home, near a window or in a hallway, to provide a gentle and soothing background sound.

Do wind chimes have any cultural significance?

Wind chimes have cultural significance in many parts of the world. In Japan, wind chimes are thought to ward off evil spirits, while in Bali, they are used in religious ceremonies. In some Native American cultures, wind chimes are believed to bring good luck and blessings.

What should I consider when choosing wind chimes?

When choosing wind chimes, it is important to consider the material, size, and design. You should also consider the sound quality, as different materials and designs produce different tones and pitches.

What is the difference between tuned and untuned wind chimes?

Tuned wind chimes are designed to produce specific musical notes or a melody, while untuned wind chimes produce a random series of sounds. Tuned wind chimes are often used in music therapy, while untuned wind chimes are used more for decorative purposes.

Are wind chimes weather-resistant?

Wind chimes made of durable materials, such as metal or bamboo, are usually weather-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, it is still recommended to bring them indoors during extreme weather events.

Can wind chimes be used for meditation?

Yes, wind chimes can be used for meditation and relaxation purposes. The gentle and soothing sounds they produce can help calm the mind and reduce stress. Some people also use wind chimes for sound healing or therapy.

Can wind chimes be used for Feng Shui?

Yes, wind chimes are commonly used in Feng Shui to create a harmonious and positive energy flow. The sound and movement of the wind chimes are believed to activate and balance the energy in a space, and they are often hung near windows or doors.

What is the ideal length for wind chimes?

The ideal length for wind chimes depends on personal preference and the desired sound. Generally, longer wind chimes produce lower tones, while shorter wind chimes produce higher tones. It is recommended to choose wind chimes that are at least 18 inches long to ensure they produce a clear and audible sound.

Can wind chimes be used to scare away birds?

Yes, wind chimes can be used to scare away birds from gardens or outdoor spaces. The sound and movement of the wind chimes can be unsettling to birds and deter them from nesting or feeding in the area.

Can wind chimes be used in musical compositions?

Yes, wind chimes can be used in musical compositions and are often used in percussion ensembles. They can produce a unique and distinctive sound, and their pitch and tone can be controlled by the length and thickness of the tubes or rods.

What is the price range for wind chimes?

The price of wind chimes can vary depending on the material, size, and design. Simple metal or bamboo wind chimes can be found for under $20, while more intricate designs or custom-made wind chimes can cost over $100.

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Windchimes are a beautiful addition to your outdoor or indoor space. There are many beautiful options available in sound and in tone. The most important consideration is that if they are to be used outdoors, they must be made from a material that will hold up to the weather. You can find wind chimes in designs that range from whimsical to formal, so you can find the one that is perfect for your tastes and preferences.