5 Woodstock Chimes
5 Woodstock Chimes
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Woodstock Chimes
Woodstock Chimes - The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Amazing Grace Chime
24-inches in overall length
Ash wood top/cherry finish
High quality
Woodstock Chimes PCCB
Woodstock Chimes PCCB The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chime Pachelbel Canon
32-inches in overall length
Ash wood top
High quality
Woodstock Chimes CTS
Woodstock Chimes CTS Tuscany Chime, Burgundy
27-inches in overall length
Beautifully finished
Notes of a Verdi aria
Encore by Woodstock
Encore Collection by Woodstock Chimes
54-inches in overall length
Wood top with a bubinga finish
Easy to Customize
Woodstock Chimes GBS
Woodstock Chimes GBS The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chimes
56-inches overall length
Easy to Customize
High quality

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Back in 1979, the world-famous designer or musical instrument and Grammy Award winner Garry Kvistad created the first Woodstock Chime of a broken aluminum lawn chair. The famous Scale of Olympos inspired the musician. This 7th-century pentatonic scale you may play only with brass instruments like chimes. That is why all Woodstock chimes are capable of producing the sounds at this scale.

These handcrafted chimes are still produced by Garry and his spouse Diane as part of their family brand in New York.

Benefits of Woodstock chimes:

  • Musically tuned to the most popular melodies like Amazing grace or Johann Pachelbel’s Canon D. Each chime produces different tunings and melodies. That is why these talismans are also picked for various ceremonies and entertaining events, for instance, weddings;
  • The overall length varies from small to large sizes;
  • Handcrafted instruments made of the best materials – weather-resistance ash wood with beautiful finishes;
  • Includes both hollow tubes and solid rods made of rustproof aluminum and aluminum;
  • Almost all Woodstock chimes have a removable windcatcher;
  • All these chimes can be good for engraving and silk-screening;

This guide includes the review of top five most popular Woodstock chimes recognized by both Feng Shui experts and interior designers. Also, you may check the buying guide so you could purchase authentic Woodstock chimes.

Woodstock Amazing Grace – the best for sound level!

Woodstock Chimes - The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Amazing Grace ChimeIf you want to hear the popular hit “Amazing Grace” then you may want to invest in this Woodstock wind chime. This chime has a cherry wood and grainy finish and can produce this popular melody thanks to 6 aluminum tubes.

In addition to this great design, the chime offers decent weather-resistant qualities.


  • Medium size
  • High-quality materials
  • Precisely tuned
  • Beautiful cherry finish
  • Great weather-resistant qualities
  • Loud sounds
  • Good for indoor and outdoor uses


  • Doesn’t play other songs
  • Only one-year warranty
  • Some parts are made in China
  • Can be disturbing for neighbors
  • Not safe wrapping
  • The strings can detach in a few months of active use

This Feng Shui talisman/musical instrument can be a good choice for religious and wedding ceremonies. Many people appreciate the low tuning “Amazing Grace”. It may be a great gift.

Woodstock Pachelbel Canon – the best for the tubes!

Woodstock Chimes PCCB The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chime Pachelbel CanonAs one of the longest Woodstock chimes, this model has an overall length of 32 inches. It has 10 rods and tubes for producing the tones of the bestselling hit by Johann Pachelbel – Canon in D.

6 tubes are made of silver aluminum, while 4 rods are made of black aluminum. They are also different in diameter – 0.75 inches for tubes and 0.25 inches for rods. As for the wooden parts, this chime has a hanger made of ash wood, with a removable windcatcher covered in a black weather-resistant finish.


  • 10 metal rods and tubes for harmonious sounds
  • Elegant weatherproof finish
  • Produces graceful melody
  • Can become a perfect housewarming gift
  • Can produce high-pitched and low sounds
  • Suitable for outdoor use because of the weather-resistant finish
  • UV-protected
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t play other tunes
  • Only one-year warranty
  • Packaging paper is bad
  • Affected only by the strong winds

You may hang this Woodstock chime in your garden because it is shiny and loud. It can reflect the sunlight, scare away the birds and serve you for many years during all the seasons.

Woodstock Tuscany Chime – the best for the design!

Woodstock Chimes CTS Tuscany Chime, BurgundyIf you like to listen to Verdi arias, you may want to hang the Woodstock Tuscany chime somewhere in your house. This beautifully crafted chime can produce the clean and distinct notes of the popular Verdi’s aria – La Forza del Destino.

But not even the beautiful sounds but the unique design makes this chime special.


  • Midsize
  • Beautiful design with cherry and burgundy finishes
  • Removable windcatcher
  • The image of grapes is burned into the wood
  • A great decoration for a vineyard
  • Handcrafted
  • Precision-tuned
  • Weatherproof


  • Only one-year warranty
  • Affected only by the strong winds
  • Doesn’t have a hook
  • Not good for meditation

The body is made of ash wood with a burgundy wash finish. The sturdy strings attach 9 burgundy colored tubes of aluminum. Even the removable windcatcher reminds the wood-burden grapes.

Woodstock Chimes of Neptune – the best for musical performance!

Encore Collection by Woodstock ChimesThis list couldn’t be full without the Woodstock Encore Bronze chimes. These wind chimes are recognized all over the world thanks to the vast tuning range. It can play different tunes and melodies as loud as you need.

This particular Neptune chime symbolizes the chaotic and powerful sea energy.

Handcrafted for outstanding musical performance, this chime can produce pentatonic (classic five-note scales) tunes. Every time wind blows through the chime, it produces new random sounds that are always pleasing to hear.


  • Variety of sounds and melodies
  • Sturdy design
  • Spiritual meaning
  • Long chime
  • Handcrafted
  • Rich bronze-colored 1.25-inch tubes
  • Bubinga finish wood top
  • 54-inch braided nylon cord


  • Bulky
  • Affected only by the strong winds
  • Can attract birds because it’s too shiny
  • Not very durable

The impressively large wind chime harmonizes with other Woodstock instruments from the Encore collection. Check this wind chime if you seek both spiritual and visual delight at your home.

Woodstock Gregorian Chimes – the best for the length!

Woodstock Chimes GBS The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned ChimesIf you look for the wind chime of a classic design, with medieval Gregorian chants, consider picking this instrument/talisman. The sounds it makes are enchanting, spiritual, deep and very rich.

Such a variety of sounds is produced by 8 silver-colored hollow tubes made of aluminum. Also, this is the longest chime in the Woodstock lineup.


  • Deep, classic Gregorian sounds
  • Can make a great spiritual or religious gift
  • Cherry wood top, clapper
  • Removable wind catcher
  • 8 hollow tubes made of aluminum with silver finish
  • The longest Woodstock chime
  • Braided nylon cord


  • Only one-year warranty
  • Very loud
  • Heavy

This Gregorian baritone chime is fully compatible with other Woodstock Gregorian chimes – high-pitched tones, alto, soprano, tenor. This chime can easily become your inspiration and mood-lifter for a whole day. Also, this chime can make you feel calm and uplifting providing a real getaway from our hectic world.

The Buyer’s Guide

Woodstock wind chimes are a great addition to any garden. A lot of people exert great effort to make their gardens look really beautiful. They carefully select the plants that they will include in their gardens. They choose the best materials for their pathways. They consult experts in building water features like cascades, fountains or fish ponds. All these, when properly put together, will result in a garden that is worthy of being featured in home improvement and landscaping magazines. But the look of a garden can be further completed by putting accessories like garden wind chimes.

Wind chimes can add to the overall appeal of your well-designed garden. Not only do they look good, but they also give melodic tunes that can give a soothing and relaxing feel.

There are many different types of wind chimes that you can choose from. There are bamboo wind chimes that blend well with almost every garden setup or design. They look natural, and they also produce natural sounds.

There are also glass wind chimes available in the market. These chimes are preferred by many because of the many different designs that can be made out of glass. They’re also quite a lot of options in terms of glass color. Glass chimes can be made using clear, frosted or stained glass pieces. Glass chimes can give a garden a multitude of colors that will never fail to get people’s attention.

If you would like to give emphasis on the sound produced, the best choice for you is Woodstock wind chimes. These garden wind chimes are made to produce beautiful music even in the softest breeze. They are said to be precision-tuned musical instruments. These wind chimes were, in fact, designed by a professional musician. The tubes you find in Woodstock wind chimes go through careful digital analysis to ensure that when they are hit they will create a beautiful harmony. Each tube is systematically cut and shaped using advanced technology.

Woodstock wind chimes are weather protected. They do not easily get affected by the elements. But through time, the weather protection may also wear off. To protect your chime, apply a thin layer of lemon oil on the wooden parts. Doing this regularly will slow down its depreciation.

The tubes of these wind chimes are also made such that they will not rust even after exposure to changing elements. But after quite some time, pitting, which is a natural thing that happens to aluminum, may also happen. To address this, clean the tubes using mild soap and water.

Woodstock wind chimes are great for use in your patio or garden shed where you entertain your guests. They will surely envy you for the fine piece of chime you have. They are also good for your bedroom window because the sound give can help put you to sleep.

Types of Woodstock chimes

  • Gongs and bells by Woodstock. If you prefer really loud sounds and awesome design, consider using the Acorn Wind Bell, Temple Bells, Bellissimo Spiral and the massive Emperor Gong;
  • The classic collection of Woodstock wind chimes. If you seek beautiful and graceful talisman with a spiritual purpose for your wedding, religious or anniversary events, you may choose among the Piccolo (the smallest size), Athena Windsingers, the Chimes of Olympus, Bali, Kyoto, Amazing Grace (available in 3 sizes), Gregorian and Mozart chimes;
  • The Woodstock Encore Collection offers the most popular wind chime lineup named after the planets of the Solar System – Mercury, Mars, Polaris, Pluto, Earth and Neptune. All these instruments/talismans are available for sale in 4 finishes – silver, black, bronze and black;
  • Precious Stones and Chakra chimes are the most expensive Woodstock talismans with stone accents and gemstones (including Amethyst, Rose Quartz. Amber, etc.);


Since the first Woodstock wind chime was made of aluminum, almost all classic and modern Woodstock chimes are also made of different metals. Besides metals, Woodstock chimes have the rods and tubes of different shapes and materials including stained glass, seashells and bamboo.

When grouped these chimes can produce well-tuned notes and harmonious sounds. But still aluminum is the most preferred metal for Woodstock chimes because it provides a superb vibration. The second best metal after aluminum is steel with a soft sound effect. Besides, aluminum wind chimes are pricey compared to the steel talismans.

As for the wooden base and finishes, they also vary – some Woodstock chimes have ash wood or cherry finishes. Others have brass and silver coating for additional weather-resistant properties.


The chime’s cord should not be very heavy, otherwise, it won’t be affected by strong winds;
Also, keep in mind that cords of wind chimes can be vulnerable to weather conditions more than the instrument’s body and top. That is why consider picking the cord made of nylon or other rain-resistance materials.

Other things to consider when choosing Woodstock Chimes:

  • The more tubes the chime has, the larger the number of various tones the talisman can produce;
  • Long tubes can produce deeper and low-pitched sounds. Short tubes mostly produce high-pitched tones;
  • Solid rods provide a lower level of noise at distance. Hollow tubes of Woodstock chimes can cover the longer distance – their sounds can be heard even on the second floor if the chime is hung over the front door. Just make sure that your neighbors do not mind loud noises;
  • Too lightweight chimes can be easily affected even by the gentlest breezes and won’t stop ringing or chiming even for a few seconds. Choose what you prefer on the terms of weight;
  • If you want a wind chime to reflect sunlight, invest in the item made of crystals or stained glass;

Video Tutorial: Why Woodstock Chimes?

Final thoughts

If you search for exceptional quality and variety of tones, then pick handcrafted and precisely tuned Woodstock chimes. They can serve as great gifts for family and friends, as spiritual ceremony accessories and nice garden decorations.

I’m an Emma Anderson, and I’m an accountant. When I have free time, I like to improve my garden and home using different stuff. My favorite is wind chimes, and when I bought my first one, it was love at first sight. That’s why I started my small collection of wind chimes, and I’m going to help you to choose the best one.

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