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5 Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

Most recommended
Corinthian Bells T106CVCorinthian Bells 27-inch Windchime, Copper Vein
  • Overall length of chime is 27″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of C
  • Made in the USA

A good choice too
Corinthian Bells T406CVCorinthian Bells 44-inch Windchime, Copper Vein
  • Overall length of chime is 44″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of C
  • Made in the USA

A good choice too
Corinthian Bells T106BLCorinthian Bells 27-inch Windchime, Black
  • Overall length of chime is 27″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of C
  • Made in the USA

Corinthian Bells T206CVCorinthian Bells 29-inch Windchime, Copper Vein
  • Overall length of chime is 29″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of A
  • Made in the USA

Corinthian Bells T516CVCorinthian Bells 50-inch Windchime, Copper Vein
  • Overall length of chime is 50″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of A
  • Made in the USA

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65.91% of users selected Corinthian Bells T106CV, 8.52% selected Corinthian Bells T406CV, 5.49% selected Corinthian Bells T106BL, 3.79% selected Corinthian Bells T206CV and 16.29% selected Corinthian Bells T516CV. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

QMT brand produces one of the best hand-tuned wind chimes in the United States for almost 35 years. The manufacturer is proud to announce that all their chimes and musical instruments are really made in the United States. Besides, they also choose American lumber and suppliers of top-notch aluminum alloys. All these components are picked to produce the series of Corinthian Bells.

The Corinthian Bells chimes combine nice design and precision-tuned resonance. Hollow and heavy aluminum tubes provide high-density and outstanding tones. To match the top and wind sail, the metal tubes of Corinthian Bells have a powder coating.

One of the most interesting and unique features of these chimes is the strikers made from UHMW plastic. This ultra-high molecular weight material is both soft and heavy to produce rich and mellow tunes.

Also, the whole lineup of Corinthian Bells wind chimes is available in 10 sizes in 6 colors. Besides, you can buy a few different chimes of this QMT collection because almost all of them are tuned to the scale of C.

Check the following review that covers the major properties, pros and cons of 5 various Corinthian Bells chimes. Also, check the buying guide to invest in top-notch wind chimes in the U.S. market.

Corinthian Bells 27-inch Windchime – the best for engraving!

Corinthian Bells 27-inch Windchime, Copper VeinThis Corinthian 27-inch wind chime embodies all the benefits of QMT chimes. They are tuned to the scale of C to provide random melodies each time the breeze or strong wind affects them.

Also, they are made of 0.75-inch aluminum tubes with the longest rod of 12.5 inches. The length of the bottom circle is 4 inches. So it is a nice-looking, midsize chime for indoor and outdoor uses.


  • Good for engraving
  • The wind sail is made of solid metal
  • Durable metal tubes for soothing sounds
  • Made in the United States
  • 5-year warranty
  • Very soothing and melodic sounds


  • Like most metal chimes, this talisman is affected only by strong winds
  • Some tubes sound louder than the others

Keep in mind that this wind chime has a slightly rough surface of copper vein color. It is definitely worth the price.

Corinthian Bells 44-inch Windchime – the best for versatility!

Corinthian Bells 44-inch Windchime, Copper VeinAnother beautiful Corinthian Bells chime has the color of copper vein. With the overall length of 44 inches, this impressive chime can produce deep and rich sounds. The design is superb – the tubes will never be tangled.


  • Made in the United States
  • Sturdy 1.25-inch aluminum tubes
  • Weatherproof
  • Good for outside and inside use


  • Pricey
  • Too loud
  • Needs the strong wind
  • They won’t scare the birds away

If you are ready to spend over $100 for perfectly tuned and nice-looking metal wind chimes, it is better to take a closer look at this Corinthian Bells chime. It is better to match this chime with 53-inch or 55-inch Corinthian Bells that are tuned to the G scale.

Corinthian Bells 27-inch Black Chime – the best for farewell ceremonies

Corinthian Bells 27-inch Windchime, BlackThe major features of this chime have been already covered earlier. The only different thing is its color – black. It may be a good attribute to farewell and mourning ceremonies when you need to say goodbye to a family member or friend.


  • Includes the string hook for easier installation outside or inside
  • Strict and modest design
  • Polished black finish
  • Calm and peaceful melodies


  • Like all Corinthian Bells, this chime is affected only by strong winds
  • Some tubes sound louder than the others
  • Gloomy for most occasions

This stylish black chime can produce really heartfelt and touching sounds. This talisman can help to overcome the feeling of loss and loneliness.

Corinthian Bells 30-inch Windchime – the best for various sounds!

Corinthian Bells 29-inch Windchime, Copper VeinUnlike other Corinthian Bells chimes in this list, the 30-inch talisman is precision-tuned to the A scale. The longest tube is above average – 15 inches.

Its comparatively lightweight chime is made in the United States so it is better to buy it from local suppliers. This can be also a sympathy or farewell gift because it comes with a nicely wrapped gift box.


  • Weatherproof thanks to the sturdy coating
  • Soft and melodic sounds tuned at the A scale
  • Durable polyester cord
  • You may slightly engrave this chime


  • Doesn’t come with a swivel
  • Some chimes have bad build quality
  • Sometimes they start to sound only after hitting them
  • Pricey

You may want to pick this Corinthian Bells wind chime because it is perfectly tuned and has a great design. Both musicians and amateurs will appreciate the vast variety of the chime’s sounds.

Corinthian Bells 50-inch Windchime – the best for the size!

Corinthian Bells 50-inch Windchime, Copper VeinMeet the largest wind chime in the Corinthian Bells family. It has a nice plum color and works as the great musical instrument hand-tuned for the A scale. The longest tube is 27.75 inches.

The weight is impressive as well, so you should prevent it from hanging over the child’s bed.


  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Wonderful loud and deep melodies
  • Hollow and long tubes are made of top-notch aluminum


  • Very heavy
  • Pricey
  • Affected only by the strong winds

If you are ready for the massive wind chime with deep and loud tunes resonating all over your house, consider choosing this pricey but high-end talisman/instrument by QMT.

The Buyer’s Guide

A few factors to consider when choosing Corinthian Bells wind chimes:


All Corinthian Bells wind chimes have several suspended tubes and the base (looks like a pendant) that strikes these rods and makes them produce different sounds. The tubes need to be hollow. Otherwise, it is believed the energy brought by these sounds will not be converted into the positive Chi energy.

It is better to choose wind chimes with 5-6 hollow tubes of different lengths. The average chimes are as long as 25-40 inches. Check the detailed reviews of Corinthian Bells wind chimes where the overall length is specified.


Genuine wind chimes with the spiritual purpose in mind should be made only of 3 materials: bamboo, metal and ceramics. The most expensive chimes can be made of silver or gold. But, of course, not everyone can afford such luxury Feng Shui talismans. Therefore, these stale, aluminum and copper wind chimes can become a good alternative.

Where should you hang the Corinthian Bells wind chimes?

According to the Feng Shui experts, the positive energy appears when the wind blows through the tubes of chimes. This melody is believed to go all around the house. That is why it’s important to place the wind chimes at the place where it can be affected by the strong winds or gentle breezes.

It is also important to consider the number of tubes because you should place the chime according to the specific number of these rods:

  • If the chime has 2 tubes, place it somewhere in the southwestern part of your house;
  • 3 tubes – the eastern part;
  • 4 tubes – the southeastern part;
  • 6 tubes – the northwestern part;
  • 7 tubes – the western side;
  • 8 tubes – the northeastern part;
  • 9 tubes – the southern side;

When placing the chimes in accordance with Feng Shui philosophy, it is important to consider the major material of these talismans:

  • Metal chimes should be placed in the eastern and southeastern zones of your home;
  • Wooden wind chimes must be places in the northeastern and southwestern wings of the house;
  • Ceramic chimes can only be placed on the northerner areas of your house or office building;

If there is a narrow corridor going straight from the front door, being stopped by the doors to a bathroom, you should never hang the chime at the front door because the positive energy may be drained along with the water in a bathroom.

But hanging the chimes somewhere in the middle of this corridor will prevent energy loss. If the room is located at the end of a dark corridor, it is recommended to hang the chime in the center of the doorframe.

Also, the wind chimes can be placed above the window, especially if it faces a lot of objects that contain negative energy, according to the Feng Shui beliefs – the corners of buildings, lonely trees, power lines. The wind chimes above such windows may reflect negative energy and attract positive.

Also, it is forbidden to hang chimes over your head or over the place where you sleep because the negative energy reflected from them can harm you.

The general rule – any wooden, ceramic or metal chimes should be placed above your head. And these talismans should not be placed too high or too low.

So, one of the best places for the wind chimes is by the window. When you open and pull the curtains, you touch the tubes making them produce the clanking sounds, which is an excellent way to combat the negative Qi energy.

Useful Video: Corinthian Bells Wind Chime, 50″ Inch

Final thoughts

Corinthian Bells wind chimes can become a great addition to any interior or backyard. They are durable, they produce nice and soothing melodies to make you fall asleep or meditate better. And they won’t occupy a lot of space if you prefer to hang them inside. Just make sure that you buy authentic Corinthian Bells wind chimes from the trusted sellers.