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5 Memorial Wind Chimes

Most recommended
Seller Memorial Wind
  • Weathered Raindrop
  • Material Wood, aluminum
  • Width 6 inches

A good choice too
  • Brand: Weathered Raindrop
  • Length 28 inches
  • Material Wood, copper

A good choice too
Seller Memorial Wind
  • Weathered Raindrop
  • 2 Pounds
  • 13 x 6 x 2 inches

Seller Memorial 28 inch
  • Weathered Raindrop
  • Material Wood, aluminum
  • Length 28 inches

Memorial Wind Chimes
  • Item Weight 9.4 ounces
  • 12.76 x 5.16 x 2.64 inches
  • Item Weight 9.4 ounces

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Wind chimes for memorial or sympathy purposes are a simple method to give a sense of calm and relaxation. They may be a lovely addition to a memorial garden or a patio in the backyard. The wind chimes’ peaceful tones create an environment that is favorable to relaxing the mind, decreasing stress, and boosting spirits.

Wind chimes are available in a selection of styles and materials. The fact that memorial chimes are created especially to express your condolences to the bereaved receiver distinguishes them from other wind chimes. Such sympathy chimes may be made of aluminum and wood, or they can be embellished with religious symbols like angels, petals, or cross. They may also include an inscription of a spiritual quotation, such as a Biblical passage.

If you want to make your gift more personal, you may include a condolence note. Some vendors enable gift recipients to engrave their inscription on a piece of the chime. You may also want to double-check the number of workdays needed to place and deliver your purchase to ensure that it arrives on time.

3 benefits of memorial wind chimes:

  • Healing benefits;
  • Cultural significance;
  • Nice decorations for indoors and outdoors;

Wind chimes are one of the most unusual condolence presents available, due to their historic importance and contemporary appeal. Memorial chimes are often a unique choice if you’re searching for alternatives to giving flowers and cards. The following article shows the perks of the best memorial wind chimes out there. Do not forget to check the comparison table and buying guide. 

Weathered Raindrop Memorial Wind Chime – the best for the tune!

A personalized condolence gift is included with this weathered memorial wind chime. The trademark statement “Through the fiercest of storms or the lightest breeze hear to the wind and think of me” is also on the copper 26-inch chime with 3-inch circular.

You don’t have to be concerned about the chimes sounding “clangy” since their tone is soothing and deep. The chimes are constructed of high-quality materials. The ideal final touch to this unique item is a 2-inch elaborate teal patina polished medallion.


  • Nice tune;
  • Premium quality;
  • Good packaging;
  • Comes with a gift note;


  • Too loud for some users;

Whether it’s the heaviest of storms or the gentlest wind, this one-of-a-kind handmade item serves as physical memory and a lovely conversation piece that may be known for ages.

Weathered Raindrop Memorial Gift Chime – the best for durability!

Another Weathered 28-inch chime, this one with a 3-inch thick sealed wood circle reading. It has the same phrase engraved as the previous chime.

The chimes are made of wood with a Bubinga finish and six copper aluminum tubes that are 9-13 inches in length. The sound of music may provide calm and tranquility to a grieving heart.


  • Durable;
  • Large;
  • Has a touching phrase engraved;
  • Nice finish;
  • 6 copper and aluminum tubes;


  • The sound is too loud for some users;
  • The design is not traditional;

These lovely chimes will serve as a continuous reminder of a beloved one. Whether it’s the heaviest of thunderstorms or the gentlest wind. The memorial 4×6 magnet is included in the package.

Weathered Raindrop Silver Wind Chime – the best for personalization!

So many memorial presents are just placed on a shelf and then forgotten about. This one-of-a-kind handmade item serves as a physical memory of a loved one as well as a decorative piece that will be cherished for years. It features a medium 5-note hand-tuned scale.

Hand metal stamped or customized wood embossed with any brief phrase, poem, or name/dates, each of the Weathered chimes will arrive.


  • Nice tone;
  • Easy to customize;
  • An inspiring phrase is engraved;
  • Handcrafted;


  • The wrapping paper may get wet;

This chime is well-made and plays a relaxing/soothing melody. The etching is very lovely. This can be a wonderful gift to give to someone who has just lost a family member or friend.

Weathered Raindrop Memorial 28 inch Wind Chime – the best for outdoor use!

If you are looking for quality, you will find it in this chime. Because the maker takes great pleasure in the production of these exquisite memorial pieces, you will be pleased to offer them as a gift.

There are 6 copper aluminum pipes ranging in length from 9 to 13 inches. Hand-tuned deep tones are produced. This unique item is completed with a 2-inch elaborate teal patina polished medallion.


  • Great for outdoor;
  • Good for customization;
  • Durable;
  • Nice deep tone;
  • Large;


  • Not suitable for a funeral ceremony;
  • A bit flimsy;

These wind chimes seem to be very nicely constructed, and the pipes are also of excellent quality. They are presented in a burlap bag with beautiful tissue paper.

ZStoriez Memorial Wind Chimes – the best for portability!

ZStories memorial chimes can become an outstanding sympathy gift or an addition to the funeral service. This lightweight includes butterflies and flowers to symbolize the ever-lasting remembrance of a loved person.

Butterflies also represent life, hope, and healing. Three sympathy cards are included with this memorial chime.


  • A great gift for any occasion;
  • Portable;
  • Long-lasting memorial gift;
  • Long enough to be hanged outside;


  • Pricey;
  • Flimsy;
  • Requires strong wind to produce sounds;

This beautiful chime with butterflies seems to be a unique present for any emotional occasion.

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of memorial wind chimes for adults:

1) With the engraved name on a clapper

Personalized chimes are available from a variety of businesses. Add the deceased’s name, the dates of their life, or a quote. Customized chimes are available in both wood and metal. Most vendors will let you listen to an audio sample of the chime before you purchase it, so you can get a feel for the tone. You may also buy a chime with the clapper imprinted with the deceased’s handwriting.

2) Photo/picture chimes 

Do you own a favorite picture of your significant other? Use that picture on the clapper to order a wind chime.

Types of memorial wind chimes for babies and toddlers:

1) Angel figure

Consider buying an angel chime as a gift for someone who has just lost a child. You may be able to locate businesses that will customize the angel with a picture or the child’s name. Consider adding a sentiment to the wind chime present, such as “Gone to play with the angels” or “In loving memory”. 

2) Teddy bear figure 

You should probably avoid buying a chime for bereaved parents. The majority of these gifts commemorate the birth of a child, and pictures of baby footprints, rattles, and pacifiers would serve to remind parents of what they are missing rather than provide comfort for their loss. Alternatively, you might choose one with a teddy bear picture on the top or clapper. A consoling gift is a teddy bear, which you may customize with the initials of the baby who died.

3) Lullaby chime

Look for a lullaby chime if you’re searching for a unique way to remember the death of a kid. On the clapper, you’ll find the text of a poem named “lullaby”. 

Popular styles of memorial wind chimes

Classic rods

The tubular metal wind chime’s timeless aesthetic appeal will never go out of style. The chimes have metal rods with a consistent pitch owing to their solid weight, which is made of factory metal. They look excellent in any setting, but they’re particularly attractive in contemporary settings. These chimes are also more resistant to wind movement than other kinds, making them a quieter choice.

Classic tubes

Tubular wind chimes and rods have some visual similarities, but there are several key distinctions. The tubes’ lighter weight is perhaps the most notable feature. This implies that less wind is needed to make them sing, and since they will chant in a breeze, they will seem lighter. What are your options for dealing with this information? Personal preference will determine the solution. Rods are a good option if you want a wind chime that looks more substantial and moves less. Tubes, on the other hand, are ideal for people who want a livelier wind chime.

Wood pipe wind chimes

Wood pipe chimes, which are often constructed of bamboo, have a completely distinct aesthetic. They are more stylish than their metal counterparts, due to their natural hue and lightweight nature. Wood pipes have a pan flute-like sound and are a great option for anybody who wishes to conjure up images of a forest. Plus, since they lack resonance, they are somewhat more percussive and less sustained.

Butterfly chimes

There are many choices depicting butterflies, birds, and other animals as the chimes themselves for people who are more interested in the aesthetic possibilities of chimes. Note that although these kinds of chimes produce lovely sounds, they are less sonorous owing to a focus on the chimes’ form. These make excellent decor pieces for gardens, porches, patios, and yard edging.

Feng Shui gongs

Feng Shui chimes are an excellent way to add an East Asian flair to your house. From bells to tiny gongs and rods, these chimes come in a variety of forms and sizes. They have a unique sound, developed through centuries of research into which tones have the most soothing impact on humans. Bronze, brass, wood tones, black, and red are often used in color schemes. 

Glass/decorative chimes

Glass chimes may function as a prism, causing light to dance about the walls and floor in a rainbow of colors. Their deep, subtle music is also playful and enjoyable. Although glass wind chimes may be used outside, many people choose to use them inside to liven up a room and give a splash of color. Glass creates a lovely tinkling tone that is more lively and less sonorous than metals, despite the fact that it is not very resonant.


Wind chimes constructed of beads, often known as gypsy chimes, are commonly seen as ornamental objects. While they do not create musical notes of any kind, they are entertaining to play with and look wonderful inside, in gardens, or on porches. Use them to give flare to a spot or to add highlights to quirky design elements.


  • Hard metals. Due to its longevity, attractive polish, and tone, anodized aluminum and steel are popular options for chimes. They make a harsh sound with a brief assault, similar to hitting a glockenspiel key. They will last longer if they are rods rather than tubes. These chimes will endure a long time if they are properly finished;
  • Soft metals. Copper is an example of a soft metal, which has a mellower tone with fewer high overtones and a milder approach. Coated copper is also available to assist with corrosion resistance, but it may oxidize to an unappealing shade of green;
  • Wood. If you’ve ever heard of a woodblock or a marimba, a wooden chime would be somewhere in the middle of these 2 materials. While it has tone, it is light, percussive, and understated. However, moisture may cause wood to rot, so ensure yours is protected with a stain, oil, or another sealant to prevent it from rotting;

Major tunes of memorial wind chimes:

  • Pentatonic. Even those people who have never heard of the pentatonic scale are familiar with it. Play just the black keys on the piano the next time you’re in front of it to listen to the pentatonic scale. The scale is made up of the 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 notes of a major scale that are all harmonic when played together;
  • Major scale. The major scale is known as the “happy” scale because it contains a major third that is nearly always perceived as cheerful or joyful. Its seven different notes may provide some fascinating harmonic intervals, as well as the odd dissonance to keep things interesting;

Useful Video: Memorial Wind Chimes Silhouettes

Final thoughts 

Hopefully, this guide was helpful enough and now you may find the best memorial wind chimes for your beloved ones. Make sure to buy the ones with soothing tones and personalization options.