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5 Festival Wind Chimes

Festival Wind Chimes

Most recommended
Festival Bronze F416CFestival 24-inch Windchime, Bronze
  • Overall length of chime is 24″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of D
  • Made in the USA

A good choice too
Festival Forest GreenFestival 18-inch Windchime, Forest Green
  • Overall length of chime is 18″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of G
  • Made in the USA

A good choice too
Festival Bronze F735CFestival 60-inch Windchime, Bronze
  • Overall length of chime is 60″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of E
  • Made in the USA

Festival Bronze F635CFestival 28-inch Windchime, Forest Green
  • Overall length of chime is 28″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of Bb
  • Made in the USA

Festival Bronze F636CFestival 30-inch Windchime, Bronze
  • Overall length of chime is 30″
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of Bb
  • Made in the USA

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Festival Wind Chimes FAQ: 

Where did the first wind chimes appear?

It is a popular belief that Asian civilizations created the first wind chimes. The approximate origin years of the wind chimes are around 1100 BC. Back in the days, these chimes were considered as religious objects that could attack good spirits and “scare away” the evil ones. 

Nowadays people who practice the Feng Shui philosophy believe that the “music of the wind” delivered by these chimes can attract positive energy. So fragile in appearance, this wind bell is able to dispel negative Sha Chi energy and replace the space with positive Qi Chi energy.

In addition to the alleged protective properties, these cute little things can naturally fit into any work or home environment as decoration elements. Brass, aluminum, precious metals, copper, ceramics, porcelain, bamboo are the most popular materials used for making lightweight and melodic wind chimes. 

The Ancient Chinese believe that if the room has dark corners, poorly lit corridors or too many windows in the rooms, then you should hang wind chimes to scare away the demons with “pure” sounds. 

Remember that although these Feng Shui bells are considered as a powerful converter of the negative energy into the positive one. However, do not blindly rely on the alleged magical power of the talisman. Improve yourself, strive for the best, dream and achieve the set goals – only, in this case, these charming amulets can work. 

Do wind chimes keep birds away?

Besides the Feng Shui meaning and nice design, the sounds and natural movement of wind chimes can keep the birds away. You may protect the patio or deck from the nasty birds’ invasion. In addition to the resonating wind bells, you may hang other shiny or noise objects. 

If you need to scare away many birds, consider choosing the large wind chimes with deep and resonating melodies. The chimes should be particularly noisy to keep the birds away for good. 

What’s the purpose of wind chimes?

A wind chime is one of the most popular spiritual symbols and Feng Shui talismans. The classic design is a pendulum attached to a few rods. When hung outside, a wind chime produces pleasant melodies and soothing sounds. 

A wind chime is considered as the best Feng Shui talisman to correct the flow of the positive Qi energy around the house. In addition, it can also balance the major Five Elements. To choose the right wind bell and place it in the right place you should check where your house has the most negative energy Sha Chi. 

Typically, these places are in the rooms where the door is located directly opposite the window and long narrow corridors. The Qi should flow softly and smoothly, its flow must be detained and scattered around the room.

If you seek not just the talisman but also a nice decorative ornament, choose among such types of festival wind chimes: 

  • If this ornament has 6 or 7 metal rods, then it is the embodiment of the Metal element. The wind chime with 3 or 4 bamboo rods depicts the Wood element;
  • If the wind music is made of ceramics and has 5 or 8 rods, then it represents the Earth elements;
  • If you want to add the energy of the Air and Fire elements, choose the wind chimes with 5-7 rods of metal and wood colored in light blue or orange/red;

Metal wind chimes should be hung in the northwest or west (the Metal directions) directions in your house. If you want to add the Water element, hang a wind chime in the northern part of your room. 

“Earthly” wind chimes may work the best in the southwest, northeast and center of the house. 

“Wooden” chimes are appropriate in the eastern, southeast, southern parts of the house. 

What does it mean if you hear wind chimes without wind?

If the weather is windy, your wind chime will constantly produce nice melodic sounds. But if you hear the wind chime without any wind outside, it can be a symbol of the supernatural forces talking to you. 

Some people believe that the spirits of their deceased relatives communicate in such a way. 

Others believe that the angles are talking to people through the chimes. 

You may believe it or not, but do not get scared if you hear the sound of wind chime without any airflow because it means something good. 

Where do you hang wind chimes?

You can hang the wind chimes inside and outside the house. If there is a narrow corridor stretching from your front door, hang the wind chime inside. The exact spot must be chosen according to the elements (Metal, Fire, Wood, Air and Earth) presented in this ornament. In such a way, the wind chime will be able to balance energy and prevent negativity from circulating inside the house.

It is worth hanging the bells over the window if there is a corner of the building behind it or lonely trees are located. Allegedly, a wind bell will not allow negative energy to enter the house and instead will attract the positive energy inside the building.

Also, the sound of wind bells will benefit in the office, where there are many people. It will help to get rid of the negative energy and conflicts inside the team.

If you are a shop owner, you may also hang the wind bell outside the door to attract customers and good luck. Their sound attracts profit and financial well-being. But remember that the size of this symbol should not be too large.

Do wind chimes annoy neighbors?

Well, it depends on how far your house is located from the nearest neighbor’s house. Surely, if your neighbor’s door is very close to yours it may be a bad idea to hang a huge and loud wind chime. Its sounds can distract and irritate your closest neighbors, especially at nighttime. It is better to ask for their permission in this situation. 

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