5 Best Wind Chimes for Feng Shui
5 Best Wind Chimes for Feng Shui
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Most recommended
YLYYCCYLYYCC Brassiness Wind Chime
  • 24 Windbell tube
  • Size: 80*40*18cm
  • Solid Wood Square Plate

A good choice too
UpBlend OutdoorsUpBlend Outdoors Medium Wind Chime
  • 28″ Total Length
  • E-Major Pentatonic Scale
  • High-strength suspension cord

A good choice too
Fengshuisalefengshuisale Outdoor Indoor 28 Metal Tube Wind Chime
  • Length in 29.5″
  • 28 metal tube
  • Traditional Chinese decor

BanfengBanfeng 3 Bells Lucky Wind Chimes
  • Total length: 17.7inch
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Clear and Relaxing Sounds

Cn Feng Shui Brass
  • 13″ Long
  • Material: Real Brass
  • All metal windchime summon

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60.87% of users selected YLYYCC, 8.7% selected UpBlend Outdoors, 17.39% selected Fengshuisale, 8.7% selected Banfeng and 4.35% selected Cn. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Many people are perplexed as to why wind chimes are so common in Feng Shui. Wind chimes are applied for a variety of purposes, including creating sound energy waves and bringing in the metal element.

The following guide for buyers and comparison table can be helpful for those users who seek reliable and beautifully crafted wind chimes for Feng Shui. 

YLYYCC Wind Chimes Copper Bell Decoration – the best for design!

YLYYCC Brassiness Wind ChimePinewood, 24 brass tubes, 16 rings, and beaded pendants make up this YLYYCC wind chime. From top to bottom, the measurement is 30 centimeters. This chime can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The opening notes of Amazing Grace, one of America’s most beloved and well-known hymns, are tuned into the sound of this wind chime. When the wind blows, this chime sounds very light and musical.


  • Great bell design;
  • Amazing Grace tune;
  • Brass tubes;
  • Many moving parts;
  • Beautiful beads;


  • Heavy;
  • Some pieces may loosen or break quickly;

The platform is made of a good bronze that is nice and heavy and not at all fragile. The numerous bells are lovely and have a calming tone. The tone of this chime is delicate and gentle.

UpBlend Outdoors Medium Wind Chime – the best for soothing sounds!

UpBlend Outdoors Medium Wind ChimeThis item from Upblend Outdoors may be your option whether you’re searching for a great meaningful gift item for your loved one or want to listen to a relaxing sound when sitting in your garden or balcony.

The wind chime from Upblend Outdoors is a normal size, not too large or too thin. The chime measures 28 inches from the hook to the bottom of the windcatcher, and the aluminum tubes vary in size from 8 to 11 inches. There is also a 38-inch version of this wind chime.

The chime is suspended from the ceiling with a high-strength suspension string and a strong S-hook at the tip. The tubes are fixed in position by the suspension, and the whole chime is borne by the S-hook.

The striker on this chime may be changed to create various sounds. With the guidance of this striker, you will quickly find the correct sound for yourself.


  • A great range of sounds;
  • Polished and rust-resistant aluminum tubes;
  • Durable suspension cord;
  • Includes an S-hook for installation;
  • You may raise it to the top to “pause” the sounds;


  • The large wooden part may crack;
  • The cord could be longer;
  • Pricey;

UpBlend Outdoors makes high-quality, handcrafted wind chimes that make gentle, vibrant sounds that can be appreciated by citizens of all ages. The chime has a conventional sound. The mixture of hand-tuned aluminum tubes and gentle rounded wooden curves gives this item an elegant look.

Fengshuisale Outdoor Indoor Metal Tube Wind Chime – the best for handcrafted decor!

fengshuisale Outdoor Indoor 28 Metal Tube Wind ChimeThis outdoor/indoor wind chime produced by Fengshuisale is stunning because of numerous handcrafted elements. It is a 28-tube copper bell decoration with black beads and pendants with exquisite Chinese traditional elements.

Since the sound is high-pitched, it’s appropriate for those who have difficulty listening or can’t stand low music.


  • Produces high-pitched sounds;
  • Both for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Handcrafted decorations;
  • Traditional Chinese design;
  • Nice polished metal tubes;
  • Good packaging;


  • Heavy;
  • Discoloration is possible;
  • The sounds are too “cheesy” for some users;
  • The top could be bigger;

If you are looking for a birthday, housewarming, baby shower gift, consider this wind chime since it can be used both indoors and outdoors for accumulating positive energy.

Banfeng 3 Bells Lucky Wind Chime – the best for portability!

Banfeng 3 Bells Lucky Wind ChimesThe Banfeng 3 Bells Wind Chime makes a fine present for every day, including the holidays, birthdays, and just for fun. To complement various family adornment styles, you may perfectly decorate your patio, kitchen, or yard.

According to the notes in their pentatonic scale, this wind bell is melodic. This adorable wind chime acts as a mascot and a good luck sign.

It is easy to install with an included S-hook.


  • Lightweight and portable;
  • A great gift idea;
  • Gentle cheerful sounds;
  • Easy to assemble and install;
  • Includes a coin for good luck;
  • Affordable;
  • Nice package;


  • Too quiet sounds for some users;
  • Better to use indoors if the wind outside is strong;
  • May rust;

It can be used as a wind chime to fend off bad spirits and negative energies within your house. The chime’s sound is soft and calming. There’s also a fortunate coin on the bottom for the home’s and its occupants’ good fortune.

Feng Shui Brass All Metal Windchime – the best for indoor use!

Feng Shui BrassBecause of its size, the previous wind chimes are often suggested for outdoor usage, but this brass all-metal chime is only intended for indoor use. Each of the six rods (the traditional Feng Shui quantity) is made of durable metal.

Some people will have a minor problem with it since some pieces (e.g. the windcatcher) are made of wood and may conflict with the metal piece. The wooden pieces, on the other hand, seem to be squared, which is a form associated with the metal element.


  • Produces gentle high-pitched sounds;
  • Perfect for hanging in a bedroom or at the entrance;
  • Easy to install;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Lightweight;
  • Classic Feng Shui elements;


  • Too small;
  • Only for indoor use;
  • Not very shiny;
  • Easy to tangle;

This is a great Feng Shui wind chime if you need to add metal elements to your house space.

The Buyer’s Guide

Major elements of Feng Shui wind chimes:

The most auspicious wind chime is one of five cylinders, which reflects 5 elements of metal, fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. The universe around us is made up of these five elements, and one of Feng Shui’s objectives is to hold these five elements in balance:

1) Metal

If you choose to call in metal energy features like accuracy, coordination, or organization, you can use metal wind chimes. Wind chimes with hollow tubes are also worth looking for. White or metallic colors usually correspond to metal components. Use the metal aspect to add joy, accuracy, and elegance to your house.

2) Earth

Brown or yellow color denotes the earth element in the Feng Shui philosophy. To introduce self-care, grounding, and harmony into your existence, use the earth aspect.

3) Water

The corresponding color of the water element is black. Make use of the water factor to gain knowledge and advance in your career.

4) Wood

The color of the wood part is either blue or green. Bring in the aspect of wood to promote growth, compassion, and versatility.

5) Fire

Red color represents the fire aspect, which embraces passion, motivation, and visibility.

When you come across a wind chime made of a certain substance, such as stones, seashells, or glass, trust your instincts. Go for it if you’re attracted to them. You may also pick a color that refers to one of 5 major elements you would like to call attention to.


  • Metal (bronze, aluminum, steel). The most popular wind chimes are metal and can be hanging in the north, west, or northwest directions. In the lives of the girls, they serve as a good luck charm. These chimes often assist in attracting good fortune in the home or workplace. They stop bad energy from flowing into these places. They even have a really fun and vibrant tone about them;
  • Wood (bamboo). The best directions for putting wooden wind chimes are south, east, and southeast. It is commonly believed that while they are located in the east, they assist in getting money into the house. When they are put in the south, they draw attention. When the rods collide, they make a nice, clutter-free echo. These chimes may also be placed at the front door of the house to improve the flow of the positive chi;
  • Ceramic (clay, pottery). Wind chimes of this kind are best seen in the northeast and southwest. The Feng Shui clay wind chimes may be used as an antique item to help carry passion, romance, fitness, and knowledge luck into the home. Ceramic chimes are both cost-effective and environmentally conscious, and they come in a variety of designs;

Sounds and notes

Glass, copper tubes, fired clay, capiz shells, and bamboo culms produce distinct noises that are both satisfying and energizing. The easiest approach to use the correct sound is to use intuition and your common sense.

On a big yard, a deep metal echo can chime out security, but on a balcony in an apartment building, it can drive the neighbors insane.

The gentle clink of capiz shells just beyond French doors stirs the internal room and delays a surge of energy, allowing it to join in a trickle rather than a stream.

In a child’s home, the quiet clunk of bamboo is softly defensive.

Number of pipes/tubes/rods

Odd numbers of chime tubes represent yang (male energy), while even numbers represent yin (female energy). Choose the number of chime rods according to your desires: 

  • Prosperity, achievement, and attainment energies are contained in the numbers three and multiples of three (six, nine); 
  • Four is a solid base and security;
  • Five stands for all five elements and reflects dynamic transformation (in a positive way);
  • Seven extends and deepens self-knowledge;
  • Eight is prosperous development, performance, and continuing abundance;

Colors and styles

Where you hang the chimes is more critical than the colors of the rods, tops, clappers, sails/catchers, and binding strings. But you may also consider these small details when making or buying a wind chime: 

  • Pick red string for a gentle blast of fire energy or turquoise sea glass pendants for clinking calm;
  • A mystic knot at the peak of the chime, just below the O-ring from which it is suspended, is lucky; 
  • A strip of amethyst as the windcatcher or sail brings a note of lighter energy and soothing to the movement of the chimes;

Where to place a wind chime for better Feng Shui?

The chimes can ideally be activated by the wind, so they should be placed outside where it is easier to capture the breeze. Some different directions and zones may “activate” various beneficial factors if you use Feng Shui chimes for this purpose: 

  • Entrance. The chime near the entrance will alert guests (or intruders) to their presence, allowing more energy to flow in this vital “mouth of chi”. The result of this beneficial energy disruption is similar to that of a small water element, such as a waterfall;
  • Staircase. To keep good energies from running down the stairs and out the door, hang a metal chime over the base of a staircase that faces the front door;
  • Doorway. A wind chime in the hallway or corridor between the kitchen and the toilet, or a front door connected with the back door, stops the good luck from running or flushing backward;

In a function room, dining table, sitting area, or bed, never place a wind chime directly overhead. This extra energy is harmful and may contribute to emotional distress, disease, or migraine.

It is not recommended to hang or use several wind chimes in the same place. According to Feng Shui, it is believed to absorb harmful (ghost) energy.

How to place a wind chime for Feng Shui?

Take caution when hanging the chimes, despite the design of the cap and sail or the color of the rods and strings. Often use the connected or sealed O-ring or hook to hang them. If you link chain or string to the O-ring to hang the chimes lower, the equilibrium is thrown off. The chime becomes wobbly and jangly as a result of this destabilization.

The motion and sound should often come from the clapper striking the rods, which is activated by the action of the sail or windcatcher. It’s not the best wind chime for that spot if the chime doesn’t “match” where you choose to hang it.

Video Tutorial: Feng Shui and Wind Chimes

Final thoughts 

Wind chimes are one of the most relaxing Feng Shui items. Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose the best decorations and/or spiritual elements for your house/business/office. 

I’m an Emma Anderson, and I’m an accountant. When I have free time, I like to improve my garden and home using different stuff. My favorite is wind chimes, and when I bought my first one, it was love at first sight. That’s why I started my small collection of wind chimes, and I’m going to help you to choose the best one.

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  1. My friend introduced me to feng shui décor years ago and I have been obsessed since. I have not had any space for wind chimes where I lived since I was in an apartment but now that I am renting a house, I have a full front porch to play with. I am going to check out these recommendations. I love the gold detailing on them already!

  2. Feng Shui wind chimes are one of the best things in the world. They’re so extremely peaceful and a great piece to have in your backyard, garden, or near your lawn. Every time I walk outside it’s incredible.

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