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Homemade Wind Chimes Ideas

Homemade Wind Chimes Ideas

Music has the power to bring people together and evoke emotion so why not create your own music with homemade wind chimes? A fun DIY project that can be done in the afternoon, homemade wind chimes are a wonderful way to add unique music to your backyard. Follow this guide for helpful tips and information about crafting your own wind chimes and give your outdoor space a special touch of sound!

Relaxing Homemade Wind Chime Ideas

Creating a homemade wind chime is not only an enjoyable pastime, but it can also provide you with relaxing outdoor decoration. Chimes produce soothing sounds that can help to lower your stress levels and create a peaceful ambience in your garden or backyard.

Relaxing Homemade Wind Chime Ideas

There are many diverse ways you can make wind chimes, from simple materials like shells and beads to more advanced options like metal piping and bells. To get started on this creative project, consider the following ideas:

  • Shells & Beads – Collect some pretty shells or beads from the beach or craft store to create a beautiful wind chime. String them together using wire, monofilament fishing line, or beading thread. Hang the completed chime from a metal hook and enjoy the calming sound of the shells clinking together in the breeze.
  • Ceramic Pieces – A fun way to create wind chime is by using ceramic pieces like mugs, plates, or vases. Connect them securely with wire and then hang the pieces from a sturdy branch or hook. The sounds produced by these heavier materials will be especially deep and relaxing.
  • Metal Pipes – For a more complex project, use metal pipes to make wind chime. Cut different lengths of pipe for unique tones, or add bells to each piece for an extra musical dimension. When you’re finished, this type of chime will produce a gorgeous, melodic sound.

Making homemade wind chimes can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whether you’re looking for something simple or more intricate, these ideas are sure to help your create the perfect outdoor decoration that will provide hours of calming music and relaxation.

Vintage Metal Teapot Wind Chime

If you’re looking for a unique, rustic-style wind chime with some antique charm, consider making one from a vintage metal teapot. This project requires a bit of handy work, but the end result is worth it! To make your own teapot wind chime, start by finding an old metal teapot at a flea market or thrift store. Make sure it’s made of durable material and has no major dents or damage. Once you’ve found the right teapot, take out the lid and drill several small holes around the rim. Hang your chimes from each hole using a fishing line or wire. You can also add other decorations such as beads and baubles.

DIY Bottle Cap Wind Chime

This project is perfect for those who love to upcycle items that they already have at home. All you need are some colorful plastic or metal bottle caps (you can also use old jar lids) and a few other supplies like string, beads, and thread. Start by cutting the string into four equal pieces, then tie each one tightly around the lid of a bottle cap. Next, thread a bead onto each piece of string and tie it off again on the other side of the lid. You can make any type of pattern that you like with your beads – from a basic rainbow stripe to something more abstract. Finally, attach all of the bottle caps together in whatever pattern you prefer and hang them outside so they catch the wind! This homemade wind chime is sure to bring some joy and beauty to your backyard. Plus, it’s an easy way to add a fun DIY touch to your outdoor decor.

Chain Heart Valentine Wind Chime

Chain Heart Valentine Wind Chime

This is one of the most romantic wind chimes you can make for your precious one. You will need a pair of scissors, some embroidery thread in red and pink color, two small metal hearts (preferably one big and one small) with attached jump rings or eye pins, pliers, and a charm chain. To begin, use an eye pin to attach the larger heart to the top of the charm chain. Cut four chains from the embroidery thread of equal length – approximately 12 inches each. Tie them together on top with a knot and attach them to the bottom part of the charm chain using an eye pin. Attach each piece of string to both parts of the mini metal heart with a loop knot in different directions.

Easy DIY Colorful Wind Chime

This project is perfect if you’re just getting started with Homemade Wind Chimes Ideas. It only takes a few simple supplies and easy steps to create a colorful wind chime that will create beautiful melodies in the breeze.

You will need:

  • Assortment of colored beads (at least 10)
  • Two thin pieces of rope (at least 5 feet each)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Drill and drill bit

Step 1: Measure and cut both ropes into equal sizes, making sure each piece is at least five feet long.

Step 2: Tie a knot at one end of the first rope, creating an open loop. Then tie the two ends of the rope together.

Step 3: Drill a hole in the center of each bead, and then thread one end of the second piece of rope through it.

Step 4: Thread beads onto both pieces of rope, alternating colors at you go.

Step 5: When all beads are threaded on, tie both ropes together to secure them.

Step 6: Tie four evenly spaced knots along the length of each rope. This will ensure that your wind chime hangs straight when hung up outside.

Step 7: Once your knots are finished, cut off any extra rope from each side, leaving about two inches excess from each knot. Loop this excess around a hook or nail that is securely fastened into a wall, post, or tree outside.

Now your colorful wind chime is ready to play beautiful tunes in the breeze! Enjoy it all summer long and feel free to switch up your beads as often as you like.

Handmade Sun Catcher Wind Chime

This unique, handmade craft project will bring a special touch to any outdoor area as it catches the sun and moves with the breeze.

This project is simple enough for even young crafters to do with just a few materials. You’ll need colorful beads or small shells, a fishing line or thin leather cord, some type of dowel rod for the top piece, and something like driftwood for your chimes.

Begin by threading multiple strands of fishing line onto the dowel rod at the top. Then string your choice of beads or shells onto each strand, in whatever pattern you’d like. At the bottom of each strand, attach a piece of driftwood or something similar to hang the chime from.

You can make as many strands as you want and add different textures and colors for a truly special wind chime. Hang your finished craft in a sunny spot where it will catch the light and move with the breeze, adding a unique touch to your outdoor space!

Natural Wood Chime

If you want to make a natural-looking wind chime, try using wood! To make this type of wind chime, you will need pieces of driftwood or thin branches about the same length. You can also use bamboo, which is more lightweight and easier to cut down if needed. Make sure that all the pieces are roughly the same size so that they hang evenly. Drill small holes in each piece near one end, then thread string or twine through them from top to bottom. Add some beads at the ends and tie it off securely when done. Hang your wind chime somewhere outside where it can catch the breeze!

Natural Wood Chime

You can also add decorations such as feathers or shells for an extra special touch. Natural wood chimes look great in gardens or on patios, and they’ll provide a gentle tinkle for years to come. They’re perfect for anyone who loves nature!

Beautiful DIY Driftwood Wind Chime

Crafting driftwood wind chimes can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, as you’ll be able to admire the beauty of your creation when it’s finished!

To get started on making your own driftwood wind chime, you’ll first need to gather some supplies: twine or thread, small sticks or branches for the frame, a hammer and nails for assembly, and several pieces of driftwood. Once you have all the materials ready, follow these simple steps:

  1. Begin by constructing the frame of your wind chime. Use the sticks or branches that you gathered earlier and attach them together with twine or thread, making sure to tie the pieces securely.
  2. Cut a long piece of twine and use it to wrap around the frame several times until it’s secure. This will serve as the base for the driftwood pieces that you’ll be adding later on.
  3. Begin adding your driftwood pieces one by one, using a hammer and nails to attach each one securely onto the frame. Make sure that you’re positioning them in such a way that they will create pleasant chimes!
  4. Once all your driftwood pieces are attached, hang up your wind chime outside so that it can catch those soothing breezes.

Creating a beautiful driftwood wind chime is a great way to make use of nature’s gifts and bring some rustic charm to your outdoor space. Try making one today! You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Upcycled Stained Glass Sun Catcher Wind Chime

All you need for this project is an old window frame, some colorful stained glass pieces, and some fishing line. Start by carefully removing the glass from the window frame and cleaning it well. Then arrange the pieces of glass on one side of the frame in whatever design you’d like. Secure each piece with a dab of glue or hot glue. Once all the pieces are glued in place, attach a length of fishing line to each corner of the frame, creating four “arms” for your wind chime. To finish off this project, hang your sun catcher from a tree branch or other sturdy object and enjoy its beauty in the wind. This project will give you a beautiful wind chime that is sure to be a conversation piece among your friends and family. So grab some old glass pieces and get started!

Rustic DIY Flatware Wind Chime

Rustic DIY Flatware Wind Chime

If you’re looking to make a wind chime with a rustic feel, this one is for you! Repurpose old flatware into a unique metallic wind chime that creates soothing sounds in the wind. To put it together, start by gathering some old silverware – spoons, forks and knives will all work. Hammer holes into each piece of flatware near its middle section. Once the holes are created, use some small jute twine or hemp rope to tie each utensil onto a central knot. Assemble them evenly so that they lie flat against the knot and hang at varying heights from the center when complete. Hang your new creation in an open area outdoors and enjoy the melodies of nature!

Glass Cube Wind Chime

If you’re looking for something a bit different to hang in your garden, you may want to consider making a glass cube wind chime. It’s surprisingly easy to make and will provide an attractive decoration for your outdoor space. All you need is some clear glass cubes (or recycled glass jars) of various sizes; thin wire or fishing line; scissors; and a variety of beads, charms, shells, or other items that can be hung from the cubes.

To begin, measure out how long you would like your wind chime to be and cut the wire accordingly. Next, thread the beads onto each piece of string so that each strand has at least one bead attached. Then attach the cubes to the ends of each strand, using a bit of wire. Finally, tie the strands together in whatever pattern you like and hang your wind chime from a branch or hook.

Glass Cube Wind Chime

Glass cube wind chimes are great because they’re easy to customize and can be adjusted to fit any space. You can even incorporate colored beads and other items into your design for an extra pop of color! Plus, once you get the hang of making glass cube wind chimes it’s also fun to make them as gifts. So if you’re looking for something special that will add a bit of whimsy to your garden, give this DIY project a try!

Vintage Treasures Wind Chime

This type is made with old glass bottles, shells, beads, and other items. The materials can be collected from thrift stores or flea markets, so it’s an affordable project. You’ll need some strong string to attach the various elements together and then hang them from a rod or branch. To make this even more special, you can add some paint or decorations to the Chime for added style! Hang in your front porch or backyard for a truly unique look!

Rustic Mason Jar Lid Chime

For a rustic, country-style wind chime, you can use mason jar lids. To make this project even easier, you may be able to find mason jar lids with pre-drilled holes in the center. If not, you will need to drill them yourself; mark the spot on each lid for where it should be drilled and use an electric drill to get the job done. Once your lids are ready for use, string them onto jute or hemp twine along with some wood beads of different sizes if desired. Finish off the design by adding a bell at the bottom and tying a knot when finished. Hang from anywhere outside and enjoy!

Vintage Mason Jar Wind Chime

This is a great way to upcycle an old mason jar into something truly special. All you’ll need is an empty mason jar, a few pieces of metal or wood for the chimes, a fishing line and a hot glue gun. Start by drilling small holes in the top of the mason jar lid. Then thread each piece of your chime material through one hole and tie it off with a fishing line at the bottom of the lid. You can use a variety of materials like seashells, beads, driftwood and more. Once you have everything threaded, secure it to the lid with hot glue. Finally hang your wind chime from a post or tree branch and enjoy! This project makes for great outdoor décor that will be sure to attract attention.

Vintage Mason Jar Wind Chime

Melted Bead Heart Wind Chime

Using melted beads, you can create a unique heart shape that’s sure to be admired by everyone who sees it. To make this wind chime, you’ll need some colorful beads in various sizes, some thin wire, needle nose pliers, and a round cookie cutter. Start by using the cookie cutter to cut out several circles of different sizes from the bead sheet. Next, use your pliers to bend each circle into the shape of a heart. Finally, carefully melt the edges of each heart together with the heat from your oven or stove top until you have one solid piece. Hang this beautiful creation in front of an open window and enjoy the gentle sounds of the wind!

Upcycled Game Piece Wind Chime

All you need are some old or discarded game pieces, some string, and a few other items that can be easily found around the house. Simply attach the game pieces to strings of different lengths and then hang them from a branch or pole for an interesting sound whenever the wind blows. You can also add beads or small bells in between the game pieces for extra effect! For added flair, try painting each piece in different colors before hanging it up. This will create a beautiful rainbow-colored display that’s sure to delight family and friends alike. Give this project a try today for your own unique wind chime creation!

Shabby Chic DIY Wind Chime

It takes some old items from your home and a few easy steps to create something truly special.

Gather your materials – an old picture frame, twine or string of beads, assorted vintage buttons or baubles, and any other decorative items you can find around the house. You can also pick up these items at secondhand stores or craft supply shops. Arrange them on the picture frame however you like; there’s no right or wrong way to do it! Once everything is in place, glue each piece down securely.

Vintage Pot Strainer Wind Chime

This is an easy-to-make project that can help add some style to your garden or outdoor area. You will need an old pot strainer, some jingle bells, hooks, wire and pliers. Begin by cutting the handle off the pot strainer so it’s easier to work with. Then, use the pliers to bend the metal into a circle shape. Next, attach small hooks around the rim of the circular frame using wire and then tie jingle bells on each hook. Hang your finished vintage wind chime up in any desired area for a beautiful addition to your home!

Kids Craft – DIY Key Wind Chime

This key chime is easy to put together and it’s sure to bring smiles all around your home.

Kids Craft – DIY Key Wind Chime

You’ll need keys of varying sizes, thread or twine, scissors, and a drill (for adults only). Place the keys on the table in order from largest to smallest. Cut equal lengths of twine for each key. The length should be long enough that when tied together the keys can hang down freely without touching each other.

Using a drill, carefully punch a hole through the top of each key near one end. Make sure to keep the holes the same size and all in a straight line. Once that’s done, use the twine to thread through each key, starting with the largest one first. Knot the end of the twine securely on the last key so it won’t come undone.

Repurposed Flower Pot Wind Chime

You can repurpose an old flower pot in a fun and creative way by turning it into a wind chime. You can either paint the pot in a single solid color or have some fun with it by painting it in multiple colors. When picking out your materials, any type of chime will work – look for bells, spoons, shells, keys or wood blocks at your local art store.

Seashell Wind Chime

For those who appreciate the beauty of nature, making a seashell wind chime is a great way to enjoy your time outdoors. Gather some pretty shells from the beach or buy them online and attach them to a piece of driftwood with fishing line. To make this wind chime even more beautiful, hang colorful beads and glass pieces between each shell for an extra-special look. With patience and imagination, you can create a truly unique seashell chime that will be cherished for many years!

Upcycled Tin Can Wind Chime

This easy-to-make wind chime uses upcycled tin cans for a rustic and unique look. To create it, gather your supplies: tin cans (ideally of different sizes), twine or string, scissors, hammer, and nails.

Start by cleaning each can with soap and water. Using the hammer and nails, puncture holes around the top rim of each tin can at intervals that are about half an inch apart. Cut several lengths of twine to hang your chime from these holes. You may want to use more than one length of twine depending on how many cans you plan to connect together.

Once all the tin cans have been strung together, hang them from a sturdy hook or nail. You can adjust the lengths of the twine to create a melody of chimes that you’ll love hearing when the wind blows.

DIY Bamboo Wind Chime

Bamboo wind chimes are a great way to add some charm and character to your outdoor space. Plus, they’re easy to make with supplies like bamboo tubes, string, adhesive tape and metal washers or bells. You can even paint the tubes for added effect. You’ll first need to pick out the type of material you’d like the tubes to be made of. Bamboo is a popular choice as it’s lightweight yet durable, plus it has a pleasant natural sound when struck by the wind. Once you’ve selected your materials, follow these steps:

DIY Bamboo Wind Chime

1) Cut two or three pieces of bamboo into equal lengths and drill a hole in one end of each piece. The holes should be slightly larger than the diameter of the string you’ll be using to hang your chimes up.

2) Paint each bamboo tube if desired, and then tie a knot at one end. Thread the other end through the holes in the tubes and secure it with adhesive tape or metal washers.

3) Tie a larger decorative knot at the top of all three strings and attach bells or chimes to it. You can use any type of bell or chime that fits onto your string – just make sure they’re heavy enough so they don’t blow away in windy conditions!

4) Hang your homemade wind chime up in a tree or on your porch and enjoy the pleasant sound of the wind as it passes through.

Whether you want to spruce up your outdoor space with some unique decoration or just want to add some soothing background noise, homemade bamboo wind chimes are sure to fit the bill.

Recycled Flour Sifter Wind Chime

To begin, take flour sifter and remove the handle. Next, measure out eight inches from the top of the sifter and mark it with a pencil or pen. This will be your starting point for drilling holes in the sifter. Drill two holes spaced four inches apart on either side from this starting point, making sure they are deep enough that your string can fit through them securely once tied together.

You can use ribbons, beads, bells, paint – whatever you like to make the wind chime unique and special. Once it is decorated, tie the four strings together at the top of the sifter, making sure they are even in length. Finally, attach a hook or nail to the wall and hang up your beautiful homemade wind chime! Enjoy watching it sway in the breeze and listening to its delightful tinkling sound.

Vintage Teacup Wind Chime

One of the most popular types of homemade wind chimes is made from vintage teacups. It’s easy to assemble and you can use any type of vintage teacup that catches your fancy. All you need to do is hang the cup with a piece of string or wire, add some beads, charms, bells, or trinkets as per your taste and secure them with another piece of string or wire in an attractive pattern. Finally add a hook on top so it can be hung outside for everyone to enjoy.

DIY Ceramic Teapot Wind Chime

This is a great way to recycle an old ceramic teapot and turn it into an eye-catching wind chime. All you need is the teapot, paint of your choice, colored beads, wire or string, and a few basic tools. Paint the teapot in whatever design you’d like; then use the wire or string to attach some beads in different shapes and sizes. Hang them from the spout of the teapot and you’re done! You now have a unique homemade wind chime that will be sure to bring beauty to your outdoor space.

DIY Ceramic Teapot Wind Chime

Vintage Cookie Cutter Wind Chimes

If you’re looking for a creative way to repurpose old cookie cutters, why not turn them into some beautiful homemade wind chimes? All you need is a few cookie cutters, string or twine, and something to hang them from. You can choose any type of cookie cutter that is available in your local store – the shape of the cookies doesn’t matter. For an extra special touch, paint the cookie cutters a bright color or use metallic spray paint. Then tie each one onto the string and attach it to whatever hanging apparatus you have chosen. The gentle tinkling sound created by these vintage wind chimes will be an enchanting addition to your garden or patio oasis!

Repurposed Whisk Wind Chime

Do you have an old whisk lying around in your kitchen? Why not use it to make a lovely homemade wind chime?! All you need is some string, scissors, and glue. Start by cutting off the handle of the whisk and then use a hot glue gun to attach the end to one side of the string. Then add charms or other decorations (like beads) onto the strings at different lengths, making sure that they are evenly spaced out and hang nicely. Secure all of these items with extra glue once they are in place and then cut off any excess string. Hang up repurposed whisk wind chime outside in your garden or indoors near an open window so it can catch all those gentle breezes!

Upcycled Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

You need an empty wine bottle, some paint, string or wire, beads or other decorative items, and some creativity! To begin, clean the outside of the bottle with soap and water to get rid of any dirt or grime. Then, use your creative eye to come up with a design for your wind chime. You can use different colored paints to create patterns on the outside of the bottle or use stencils for more detailed designs. Once you’ve finished painting, let it dry overnight before moving on to attaching the pieces that will make it into working wind chimes. Using thin wire or string, attach beads, shells, or other decorative items to the top of the bottle. Depending on how many pieces you want your wind chime to have, you can vary how far apart each item is strung from one another. Once you’ve added all of your decorations, tie a longer piece of string or wire from the top of the bottle and make a loop at the end for hanging. Hang it up outside in an area that gets plenty of wind and enjoy its gentle tinkling sound!

Upcycled Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Easy DIY Copper Tubing Wind Chime

Copper tubes are incredibly common as they’re lightweight, durable, and create a great tone when struck by air or other materials.

To make your copper tube chime, start by getting some copper tubes in different sizes. The longer and thicker the pipes the deeper and louder the sound will be; the thinner and shorter ones will produce a higher-pitched sound. You’ll also want to get some kind of stringing material such as a fishing line or twine for attaching each pipe to something else. Finally, you’ll need an anchor point – something like a tree branch or hook.

Once you have all your supplies gathered, start by cutting each tube to the desired length. You can use a saw or a pipe cutter, depending on what’s available to you. Once they’re cut, thread your stringing material through each tube and tie it off securely at the top.

Next, attach your anchor point (like the tree branch) to the top of the strings so that all of the tubes hang down freely. Finally, add some decorations like stones or shells to give your wind chime its own unique look!

Elegant Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

For a more elegant look to your wind chime, consider using silver goblets. Silver goblets are very easy to get ahold of and provide the perfect platform for stringing together stylish chimes. All you need to do is drill small holes into each goblet (or use strong glue) to connect them with strings or fishing wire. You can also add some decorative elements like beads or shells that you can hang from the strings for a unique touch. Be sure to seal any drilled holes with epoxy before hanging it up outside – this will help protect your creation from the elements!

DIY Candy Heart Wind Chimes

DIY Candy Heart Wind Chimes

You need some long thin chains and a pack of colorful candy hearts. Attach the hearts to one end of each chain and then tie them around an old wooden branch from your garden. Hang it in a spot where it will catch the wind and enjoy the melodic chiming sound! For extra sparkle, add glitter glue or rhinestones to make unique designs on the candy hearts. Create as many chains as you like-the possibilities are endless!

Balsa Wood Wind Chime

You can make these using thin pieces of balsa wood, small nails, and some twine or fishing line. Start by cutting the wood into individual sections – you’ll want them all to be roughly the same size for a more consistent look. To attach the wood pieces together, use nails or glue depending on your preference. Then thread each piece with twine or fishing line and tie it off at one end. Hang the chime in an outdoor spot where you’d like to add some music as well as décor! You can personalize your chime with colorful paints, beads, or even seashells.

Upcycled Spindle Wind Chime

Upcycling something old into a beautiful garden ornament is always fun, and this spindle wind chime is no exception. All you need are some old spindles, wire, nails and a few other items to make a unique wind chime. Start by cutting the spindles into various lengths with a saw. Then drill holes in each of the pieces so they can be hung on the wire. Next, hang them from the wire using strong nails and secure them at the top with more nails or tie them off with some string or twine. Finally, add a few decorations like shells or beads to give it some extra character! [1]

Upcycled Spindle Wind Chime


What can I use to make homemade wind chimes?

There are a lot of materials and items you can use to make homemade wind chimes. Some of the most common items include bamboo, wood, ceramic, shells, glass beads, metal tubes or rods and crystal suncatchers. You can also get creative and use old silverware such as spoons or forks for an interesting effect! [2]

How do you make a simple wind chime at home?

You need some basic supplies, such as string, wire, beads, and charms to get started. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Choose your materials – Look around your house for objects that could make interesting additions to the wind chime. This can include anything from pieces of wood, metal or glass beads, seashells, bells, or keys. Make sure that whatever objects you use are light enough to hang on the strings without weighing them down too much.
  2. Cut the strings – You will need to cut several lengths of strong string or fishing line in order to assemble your wind chime. The lengths of string should be proportional to the size of the wind chime – longer strings for larger items, and shorter strings for smaller items.
  3. Tie a knot at one end of each string – You can make a secure loop by tying a few knots at one end of each string.
  4. String the beads and charms – Thread each item onto its own length of string, making sure that all the pieces are evenly spaced from each other. If you’re using wooden or metal charms or beads, it may help to tie them on with wire to ensure they stay in place.
  5. Attach the strings to a hoop – Secure the ends of all your strings to a metal or wooden hoop at the top. Make sure that you tie them firmly so they don’t come undone when hung up.
  6. Hang your wind chime – Now all that’s left is to hang the chime outside for everyone to enjoy! Pick a spot where it can catch plenty of breeze, and watch as its jingles and chimes merrily in the wind. [3]

Making a homemade wind chime is an easy project that even kids can get involved with. It’s also a great way to add some character and style to any outdoor space.

What material makes the best sound for wind chimes?

Wind chimes come in all different shapes and sizes, but the material used to make them is what really affects the sound they produce. Commonly used materials include bamboo, metal, glass, wood, shells, or ceramic. Bamboo is a popular option because of its lightweight nature and natural look; it produces a soft and gentle tone that can be heard from far away. Metal wind chimes are great for producing loud ringing sounds that can be heard even when there’s no wind! Glass doesn’t usually have a very long life span outdoors due to heat and humidity so keep this in mind if you plan on placing your chime outside. Wood produces deep tones with low pitches while shells are perfect for creating warm coastal vibes. Finally, ceramic items are great for producing a high-pitched sound that can be heard even with a light breeze. [4]

How do you make a noisy wind chime?

Making a noisy wind chime is simple and fun! All you need are some basic materials, such as twine or rope, scissors, tape, a pair of old bells, beads, or other metal objects. To begin making your own noisy wind chime:

  1. Cut the twine or rope into pieces of varying lengths. You can use any length you wish, but should aim for something between 6 to 8 inches long.
  2. Attach one end of each piece of twine to the tape on the top of the bell and tie it in a knot around the bell’s stem so that it hangs below the bell’s clapper when struck by the wind. This will create a jangling sound when the bell swings.
  3. Measure and cut strips of tape for each piece of twine, leaving about an inch of slack on each side. Attach these to the top and bottom of the bell so that they hang from it like ribbons when moved by the wind.
  4. Tie beads or other metal objects in between each piece of twine using knots at both ends. This will create a chime-like noise as these items move together in the breeze.
  5. Hang your noisy wind chime outside where it will be exposed to plenty of air movement! Enjoy your new homemade decoration as it creates a pleasant tinkling noise whenever there is even a light breeze outdoors! [5]

Useful Video: 50 Easy & Beautiful DIY Wind Chimes from Simple Items


Homemade wind chimes are a great way to bring the soothing sounds of nature into your home. Not only do they add visual beauty to any outdoor living space, but the gentle jingles can calm and soothe stressful days. With just a few simple materials, you can create an array of custom-made, one-of-a-kind wind chimes that will be admired by all who visit your garden or backyard. Whether you choose to use shells, beads, glass, or crystal for your homemade wind chime creations, these unique decorations are sure to add cheer and charm to any setting!


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