DIY Wind Chimes
DIY Wind Chimes
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A wind chime is an ancient talisman that originated from the Ancient East. Asian men of wisdom believed that these beautiful musical instruments and home decorations also have a powerful spiritual meaning.

You may believe it or not, the pleasant sounds of wooden, glass or metal rods of wind chimes create a special atmosphere of harmony and comfort. Such Feng Shui talismans can become a perfect touch to any interior style. One of the best things is that you may create wind chimes on your own. Surely, the mass-market chimes are also beautiful but it would be more interesting to create your spiritual decoration for inspiration. Or it may become a great gift for family and friends.

wind chimes diy

The origins of wind chimes

Before making a wind chime you need to understand what they mean, according to the ancient Feng Shui philosophy. As the Chinese legend claims, once upon a time a man of wisdom asked the spirit of the Wind to sing a beautiful melody for people. The spirit demanded from the sage to explain why he needed it. In response, the sage said that Air is the most important element on this planet. The spirit agreed and placed the beautiful melody to the bamboo stem. The sage began to make the talismans from bamboo and spread them all over the world.

That is why nowadays many Chinese people believe this Feng Shui talisman can transform negative energy into positive energy and brings only good emotions to home or business.

It may neglect any negative energy that enters the home, it neutralizes the negative vibes and creates a positive atmosphere boosting creativity and peacefulness.

Even if you don’t believe in the spiritual meaning of wind chimes, this small musical instrument can be placed over the front door of a house or business building. Pleasant sounds can soothe you and your family members. Many people with PTSD tell that Feng Shui talismans can help them to relax and feel more concentrated on positive thoughts.

DIY wind chimes: where to start?

It is not difficult to make your wind chime – these talismans are sold in many souvenir shops as well as the natural components for them. But making it with your own hands is a more interesting and creative process.

wind chimes diy guide

As a rule, Chinese wind chimes are made of hollow tubes or sticks attached to the base with the bells made of wood and/or metal. They can be placed outside and inside, they serve as an excellent decoration of the front door, porch, balcony or garden. Thanks to the airflows, the chimes may produce various melodious sounds. It is quite possible to make them DIY from improvised materials.

And the best thing is that you may create these chimes from almost anything. Besides, you can involve your child in the DIY crafting of wind chimes. There are literally hundreds of ways to make creative DIY chimes. Check a few ideas that you may use when making your first wind chimes alone or with your kids.

DIY wind chimes: 16 creative ideas

Tinned cans

A nice-looking DIY talisman can be made of tinned cans left after eating canned goods. Do not recycle them – try making something creative instead of placing these cans into a garbage container. To create the talisman, you need to pick the tinned cans of different sizes, a nylon cord, eco-friendly paints, beads or plastic photo frames. Coffee cans will also do.

You need to paint the cans in different colors and tie them up at different levels from the base. To make the chime look more interesting, use various beads, coins, plastic trifles (think about plastic eggshells left after the Easter dinner) attached to the base with a nylon cord in the middle of it.

Flower pots

To make it, you may need to take a few different flower pots made of clay. They should be small. Also, take a sturdy cord and glass/plastic beads. A large bead or a few knots must finish this cord. The pot is put on the string and lowered to the knots or beads. With the interval of 1-2 inches, tie the next knot or place the bead, then put another pot.

You may paint the flowerpots in bright colors. It may look interesting if you start with the smallest pot, gradually increasing the size of pots when moving up.

Crayons and colored pencils

Such a talisman can be made along with your kid. You need to prepare 10-15 colored pencils and a ruler. Punch a few holes in the rule. A cord is put through these holes – it ties the pencils or crayons. When all the pencils are fixed, a suspension is made.

Keys, bells and seashells

Everyone owns old unused keys. It is not difficult to make a wind chime of these keys along with rustic bells and small seashells. Take a thick branch and color it. Then tie the keys with the strong string at regular intervals. Paint the keys and string.

diy seashell wind chimes

The process of creating the wind chimes with seashells resembles making the talisman made of the old keys. The only difference is that you do not need to paint the bells and shells. Shells and bells can be put on the threads at intervals.

Plastic forks, spoons and caps

To make a chime of plastic forks and spoons, you need to arrange the fork tines in different directions and make a hole in the handle. Tie the fishing line decorated with colorful and lightweight beads. And the plastic spoons are tied at the ends of the fishing line.

If a sufficient number of plastic bottle caps have accumulated, and there is also a flower pot made of plastic, you can quickly make a wind chime with your own hands. You will need a long fishing line – about 10 inches or morel 50 bottle caps; one plastic flower pot; a few plastic spoons and forks.

The pot should be turned over and make a few holes in the bottom. The holes should also be made in the covers. Then they put covers on the fishing line at regular intervals of a few inches. Tie the knots to fix the elements. After that, the threads decorated with caps are inserted into the holes of the pot, and the suspension is added. On the threads with the covers, you can additionally hang the bells and plastic beads.

Metal chains

It’s not just a simple rustic chime made of metal strings. You make it with an old thread, a few metal chains, and a wooden pin. This is a really simple project, and the traditional wind chime is unique in its style.

Old toys

Another original idea is to make a wind chime from an old children’s xylophone: use its colored parts and hang them on a metal base.

Pebble stones

Pebbles picked up on the beach can also be a great material for wind chimes. Start from making a small hole in each pebble and attach them to the wooden base, by adding the beads to the end of the thread to fix it.

Musical instruments

Small bells and musical instruments were already made to create soothing and relaxing sounds. You may combine them with metal spoons, forks, spatulas.


Yes, the nice-looking earrings can be used for making luxury chimes. Attach the earrings to the round base and you will get charming wind music with melodic tunes.

Any vintage things

You can combine various unnecessary things into one beautiful wind chime.
For example, you may use a vintage teapot with a lid, beads, a thin chain, a cable clamp, and metal rings. Such a chime can be used indoors and outdoors.

Old metal tools

Old torque wrenches, broken gauges and any other metal tools can become perfect candidates for a melodic wind chime. This chime may get a brightness of color if you pick a blue cord for attaching all the tools.

Sun catchers

Sun catchers are gorgeous transparent chimes that reflect sun rays. You can make it from molten plastic, crystals and glass beads. You may heat the plastic yourself, and, if it is possible, you can do the melting outside the house to prevent the horrid smell. Such a chime will look charming and bright.

Mason jars

A used mason jar can be halved to make a perfect antique wind chime. When you’re looking for the rustic look, the chime will be very beautiful with beads and parts that seem to flow in the air. The jar is used for the making of the chimes like the suspension, base, glass beads and old jewelry.

Upcycled alcohol bottles

You will make a beautiful wind chime from wine bottles without having to break it in half. Just tie them all together and you have a marvelous sound from the bottles that clink gently when the wind blows through them. You tie them to the spout with wire and can attach as many wine bottles as you want.

diy bottle wind chimes

Japanese-inspired chimes

You may need a glass dome that turns upside down to connect wood and crystal pearls with the nylon rope or fishing line. When the wind hits the glass chime, it provides the most beautiful melody and it is so easy to put it together.

Detailed instructions for making DIY wind chimes

If you have already been inspired, then check the detailed DIY guides for creating some beautiful wind chimes on a budget. Make sure to invest time and imagination in these small musical instruments and Feng Shui talismans. It’s much easier than it seems.

How to make a DIY autumn-inspired wind chime?

If you love autumn, this guide can be helpful. It may literally produce the quiet noises of colorful leaves. All you need to create your autumn-inspired wind music is:

  • A sturdy thread;
  • Multi-colored maple leaves;
  • 2 sticks;
  • Plastic beads or other cheap jewelry;

Take 2 sticks, cross them, tie the place of crossing tightly with a thread. The resulting cross will serve to ensure that the leaves are placed on it. The next step – you should begin to string maple leaves and beads on the thread. It is recommended to tie a bead harder at the end of the thread and pick the leaves of different sizes in one row. In the end, you should make 8 threads and tie them to the cross. That is it – you have a nice-looking and eco-friendly wind chime.

How to craft a DIY bamboo wind chime?

This is a classic design of a DIY wind chime. It is not that easy to find bamboo in some states. You can do the following trick – go to a hardware store, buy cardboard tubes or hairpins and cut the hollow rods of different lengths.

diy bamboo wind chimes

Cut the angled tips and make a few tubes with flat and even tips. Make two holes on the other tip of each tube. The number of tubes is important – check the Feng Shui chime guide if you want to add spiritual meaning to your DIY talisman,

Fill in the holes with several layers of paper. To make the bamboo knots – stick them on top of the ring of the cord. Then glue the paper. After that, the tubes should be puttied, dried and sanded.

Use acrylic paints in different shades, similar to the color of bamboo. Color the tubes, and tint the knots with a darker color.

Let the tubes dry. Then use a cord to connect all the tubes and hang them in any fashionable way under the roof above the front door.

Make a classic Feng Shui talisman

All you need is a strong string or cord, a large pendant or small mallet and durable metal tubes. The tubes can be made of copper, chrome, aluminum, steel, brass or another metal – they should produce nice sounds.

Tips for users: chrome-finished tubes or vacuum cleaner tubes sound great.

Make sure the tubes are of various sizes. At a third of the length of each tube, drill a hole and hang up the tube with tape or cord. Put all the tubes and use the pendant/mallet as the chime’s “tongue”. It should hit the center of the tubes – the softer the tongue, the softer the sound the tubes will produce.

How to make a wind chime for attracting money flows to your home?

Some people believe that wind chimes can improve the welfare of the house owners, attracting money wealth into their lives. How to make one of these money-attracting talismans?

diy wood wind chimes

Pick a mobile or suspension as the base of your DIY wind chime. It is recommended to decorate this suspension with any material or red color. Then you should attach nine laminated banknotes and add a small bell in the center. Such a talisman may activate the positive energy that attracts money to your home. You can also hang various coins after drilling small holes in them.

Final thoughts

As you can see, you can literally use any cheap things to boost your creative ideas and make awesome DIY wind chimes. Just imagine how great they will look in your bedroom or at your porch!

I’m an Emma Anderson, and I’m an accountant. When I have free time, I like to improve my garden and home using different stuff. My favorite is wind chimes, and when I bought my first one, it was love at first sight. That’s why I started my small collection of wind chimes, and I’m going to help you to choose the best one.

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