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5 Best Wall Mount Mailboxes


Most recommended
Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight 3.78 pounds
  • Metal
A good choice too
Gibraltar Mailboxes Townhouse Small Capacity
  • Size Name: Small
  • Color Black
  • 3.9 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches
A good choice too
Gibraltar Mailboxes Windsor Small Capacity
  • Color Name: Black
  • Item Weight 2.05 pounds
  • Plastic
Solar Black Townhouse Mounted
  • Material Aluminum
  • Metal
  • Item Weight 2.1 pounds
Black High Capacity Wall Mounted
  • Medium
  • Color Black
  • 7.15 x 15.4 x 14.75 inches

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30% of users selected Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium, 30% selected Gibraltar Mailboxes Townhouse Small Capacity, 10% selected Gibraltar Mailboxes Windsor Small Capacity, 10% selected Solar Black Townhouse Mounted and 20% selected Black High Capacity Wall Mounted. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A wall mount mailbox is a type of mail receptacle that mounts on the outside of your house or apartment. These are usually in place to make it easier for people who live within walking distance to access their mail, as well as deter thieves from snatching important documents through letter slots and storm doors. However, if you have no such pedestrian traffic coming by regularly, then placing one may not be worth the trouble.

Wall mount mailboxes are a great way to keep your mailbox out of the way while still making it convenient for you to access. There’s no need for you to bend over or strain yourself just to get your mail! Here, the experts have compiled reviews and tips about some of the best wall mount mailboxes on the market so that you can find one that suits your needs.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox – the Editor’s choice!

The Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox provides medium capacity for your mail each day. This sturdy mailbox is crafted with quality-galvanized steel that will withstand the toughest elements, so it’ll always be looking good.

Proudly made in the USA, a black powder-coated finish resists rust and keeps this mailbox shiny and smooth.

This high-quality, heavy-duty mailbox will keep all of your mail and belongings out of sight until they are ready to be distributed to family members, coworkers, friends or vendors.


  • Medium capacity;
  • High-quality galvanized steel;
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • Smooth and shiny;


  • The lid can be bent and broken;
  • Challenging installation;
  • The slot is too small for bulk mail;

Crafted with quality in mind, this black steel weatherproof finish will keep your mail looking new for years and stand up against rain or snow.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Townhouse Galvanized Steel Wall-Mount Mailbox – the best for small mail!

This sturdy mailbox is dressed in a strong galvanized steel that holds up against rust and resists fading from weather-related conditions. The black powder-coated finish gives your eyes protection from UVs that causes spots and even severe sun-sensitive skin.

Take comfort in knowing your mailbox will protect everything inside, including important documents like insurance cards or tax information by securely locking.

Don’t think because of its small size that it doesn’t hold up – you’re able to fit lots of mail inside with plenty of room leftover for valuable items like magazines too!


  • Designed for small mail capacity;
  • Strong galvanized steel;
  • Black finish;
  • Weather-resistant;


  • Doesn’t include mounting screws;
  • Doesn’t open flush to the wall;

This small mailbox is the perfect size for smaller letters and magazines. It could go on your porch or in a garage to organize all those important messages that are usually scattered around.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Windsor Rustproof Plastic Mailbox – the best for weather resistance!

The Gibraltar Mailboxes Windsor Rustproof Plastic Mailbox comes with everything you’ll need to install one for less than $50 – and it is so easy. This sturdy mailbox features plenty of space to hold various types of mail, including large magazines that would normally be stuck in steel or wood mailboxes.

The plastic construction also means this rust-resistant mailbox will last longer outdoors because it doesn’t oxidize as metal does. Add in the black powder coat finish that resists corrosion from rain or snow and lasts 10 years without requiring additional refinishing


  • Good for large envelopes and rolled magazines;
  • Fully assembled;
  • Weather-resistant;
  • Rustproof;


  • Poor molding;
  • No instructions;

With enough space for the magazines and correspondence, this rustproof mailbox is more than just a “pretty face”. With its American-made black finish that resists corrosion and fully assembled design, it will be by your side long after those other mailboxes start falling apart.

Solar THVKB0001 Black Townhouse Wall Mount Mailbox – the best for easy installation!

The Solar wall-mount mailbox ensures that all items can be mailed inside with no hassle. Plus, this model comes with a hidden compartment to keep sensitive documents safe and secure while including keys.

The locking compartment keeps all your mail secure within double walls of galvanized steel, while also allowing family members easy access with its given two keys. With no wall installation required, it’ll only take a few minutes to hang up and start receiving!


  • Sturdy galvanized steel;
  • Easy to install;
  • 2 keys;
  • Black powder-coated finish;
  • Hidden locking compartment;


  • Assembly is required;
  • Not rustproof;

Lock up your mail with this sleek and stylish wall-mounted mailbox. Mounted in minutes, the Solar THVKB0001 blends comfortably with any house color scheme for a secure location to send or pick up your post.

Mail Boss 7162 High Capacity Wall Mounted Mailbox – the best for security!

Durable and fashionable, this mailbox can withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at it. The Mail Boss 7162 is made of stainless steel hinges and galvanized steel to prevent rusting no matter the weather.

With an innovative mounting bracket for quick installation on any surface, this secure wall mount locking mailbox features a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism to deter theft from thieves with tools or who are trying leveraged entry.

This stylish mailbox also includes reflective house numbers and three keys so you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your mail key again.


  • Made with sturdy galvanized stainless steel;
  • Anti-pry locking mechanism;
  • Large capacity;
  • It includes 3 keys and 4 lag bolts;
  • Pre-drilled installation;
  • 12-wafer disc;


  • Bulky;
  • The paint job is poorly done;

This Mail Boss high-capacity wall mount locking mailbox is the perfect solution because it’s made of galvanized steel and is extremely durable. You’ll also appreciate its patented anti-pry mechanism that protects against leveraged entry.

The Buyer’s Guide

Materials Type

All wall mount mailboxes are made from metal or plastic and can be installed on brick, wood, or concrete masonry surfaces. 

  • The plastic wall-mount mailbox is made of durable polypropylene and features a brushed nickel finish. Plastic might not hold up as long, but you’ll save a lot on the price. A plastic wall mount mailbox is often the cheapest option when installing a new mail drop. Plastic is usually available in many colors. The drawback is that these models require more installation time because you have to drill holes into your brick or cement walls for mounting screws before screwing the backplate of the unit onto it;
  • Metal is the most durable while plastic has increased resistance to corrosion. But also metal tends to be more expensive and prone to rust but it’s also stronger than plastic which can break down over time due to weather exposure;

There is a wide variety of materials available: aluminum, stainless steel, brass and cast iron. The best material for you will depend on your needs. 

For example, if you need to mount the mailbox in close proximity to saltwater or a pool then stainless steel mailboxes are recommended since they will be less likely to corrode over time than the other types of metal used for outdoor mailboxes. If not then it doesn’t really matter what type of metal is used as long as it’s durable enough with no rusting problems occurring after installation.

The installation process for both materials includes drilling screw holes in the mounting plate and attaching it to the desired location by using drywall anchors; then lining up all of your holes with those drilled through the mailbox flange and inserting screws. 

Finally, you need to install any additional hardware that may have come included with your particular product (e.g., door hinges). If not, there’s always a way around this! You could use double-stick tape as an alternative adhesive when installing without pre-drilled holes.

Locking Function

To keep unwanted hands from getting into your mailbox, there are a few different locking features to choose from. One is called a keyless entry that can be opened with the use of an RFID card or regular keys (often included). Another option is using combination locks that require you to spin and turn dials in order to access the box. 

On some models, mail carriers will have their code so they can drop off parcels during non-business hours and not disturb anyone. This way, even if somebody tries guessing what numbers you’ve selected for your combo lock it won’t work because they don’t know your carrier’s code–just like how banks give out bank cards with individual PIN codes on them when opening up new accounts. 

There are also locks that require a key to open and close the door on your mailbox like standard house keys. Lastly, some mailboxes can be locked with an electronic lock that would be activated through buttons or codes set up by the user.

Design and Color

The design and color of a mailbox matter greatly. A single black wall mount mailbox, for example, will not be as welcoming to visitors as a bright red one would be. When choosing colors ensure they are visible but not disruptive or too flashy when seen from the street. Keep in mind that most people who use mailboxes reside in rural areas where drivers may drive faster and closer to mailboxes so make sure your designs can withstand this abuse.

There are many different styles of wall-mount mailboxes available today including those with an American flag motif, animal shapes like dogs, horses, and cats. There are letter-shaped boxes both vertically and horizontally mounted ones often used by businesses, as well as more traditional box style options that come in a variety of different colors.

Some wall-mount mailboxes come with a design on them already while others are metal and featureless so you can put your touches on it to make it unique. There is no limit to what designs may be used including those that represent favorite hobbies or sports teams, community organizations like Boy Scouts, churches or schools for example which often have their mascot’s shape emblazoned onto some type of mailbox such as this one shaped like an eagle. 

Another thing to be mindful of is the color. If you are going for something that will match your home, then a more neutral or earth tone color should do it. However, if you want to really make an impact and stand out from the crowd, then go with a bolder hue. There are many colors available in this style mailbox – everything from vibrant reds and pinks to blacks and blues. It all depends on what kind of vibe you’re trying to give off when people walk by your house each day.


The best wall mount mailboxes are typically made of steel – the most weather-resistant and durable material. The steel material means that these mailboxes are not going to rust, corrode or degrade over time. But such mailboxes are also more expensive.


  • You can mount a mailbox to the side of your house or on an exterior wall. If you choose to install one next to your front door, be sure it is at least 6 feet away from any walkway so people don’t trip over it while walking in and out of the house;
  • Install the mailbox to a brick wall with masonry screws at least six inches deep. If you have an aluminum siding or cement wall, use metal expansion anchors and toggle bolts instead;
  • If your house has vinyl siding, it is not recommended that you mount a mailbox too close to the door because there may be water leakage from behind the mailboxes as well as excess dirt on your doorstep in front of the mailbox;
  • Mailboxes on a house should be mounted at least 36 inches off the ground to avoid children from reaching for mail inside. If you live in an area with snow, it is important that your mailbox can withstand heavy blowing and melting of ice so it does not fall over or get knocked down;

Are there any other things you need before installing a wall mount mailbox?

You will also need a level, tape measurer, wood screws or masonry drill bits depending on what type of surface you are mounting onto (brick vs vinyl siding). You may need some assistance if you have never installed one before as well–it helps to have two people working together when attaching the post and bracket assembly to the side of your house or exterior wall.

If you find that your mailbox still doesn’t look level, use pressure-treated wood stakes to hold the post in place while it dries and becomes more stable. After 24 hours of being installed, check if it is level again before driving a nail into the side of your house for support – this will prevent any damage from occurring on your home’s siding. If you still need to install one shelf below for incoming mailboxes like magazines and newspapers, be sure not to mount those near walkways where they may cause people walking by to trip over them as well.

You can also attach this mounting bracket directly onto an existing brick column with masonry screws so long as there are no other services (such as wiring) running through the column.

Other useful tips: 

  • If you want a more traditional mailbox that can hold magazines or newspapers below for easy access, install one shelf lower than the mail slot so people don’t have to reach up high when retrieving their deliveries. You can also attach this mounting bracket directly onto an existing brick column with masonry screws so long as there are no other services (such as wiring) running through the column;
  • Do not mount too close to your doorway if it has vinyl siding because water may leak from behind your mailbox onto your doorstep in front of it; 
  • Make sure your mailbox is able to withstand heavy snowfall/ice without falling over or being knocked down by strong gusts;
  • If your mailbox still doesn’t look level after 24 hours of installation, use pressure-treated wood stakes to hold the post in place while it dries and becomes more stable – after 48 hours you can check again for leveling before driving a nail into the side of your house for support;


Where should a wall-mounted mailbox be placed?

It is important to place the mailbox at a height that does not block visibility for pedestrians. It should be placed on an exterior wall, either preferably in front or behind your house. The mailbox must also have enough space around it so that it won’t become wedged against other objects like trees and bushes.

It also shouldn’t be placed at ground level due to accessibility issues for people with disabilities, and since mail carriers may have difficulty reaching into lower levels when sorting other items like packages or flyers. 

It is best if the mailbox is mounted on an exterior wall near either your back door, garage door, or driveway – preferably one that permits access without going through a public area such as a sidewalk, street, parkway, etc., which might offer “free-mailing” opportunities to solicitors from time to time.

How high should a wall-mounted mailbox be?

A wall-mounted mailbox should be placed at least 36 inches from the ground. The height of a mail delivery person may vary depending on their stance, but they are typically standing up when delivering mail so it is important for that to be an appropriate height (and not too high). 

It’s best to go with 36 inches because anything lower than this could cause the carrier to have to stoop over and reach up in order to deliver your mail – which can lead them back problems or other injuries down the line. Anything higher might make it difficult for you as well if you need help getting things out of your mailbox without a step stool.

Some people like mounting their mailbox close enough that they don’t have any trouble reaching into it themselves, but keep in mind that a mailbox is not just for the homeowner – it’s also meant to accommodate delivery people as well.

If you’re looking into an extra-deep mailbox, consider purchasing one with steps on either side (or even both). These will make getting things out of your box much easier if the mail carrier can’t reach inside without stepping up onto something.

What is the most secure mailbox?

The most secure mailbox is one with a locking mail slot. Only the person who has the matching key can open a keyed lock, and this means that it cannot be pried open from outside so easily. 

However, there are two drawbacks to these locks: firstly they restrict access for other people, such as those in wheelchairs or pushing strollers; secondly, keys must be carried at all times which may not always be safe. Some models offer a combination lock instead of keys but both have their pros and cons. 

The second-best option is a locked mailbox with an easily accessible door. This means that it can be opened by people in wheelchairs, but they may have to ask someone else for help (such as the mail carrier) which might not always be possible or safe. 

A third option would be a box secured only with a hasp and clasp lock on top of the lid. It’s usually easy to open from outside so long as there isn’t something at the side obstructing access – such as tree branches – but this also leaves mail vulnerable inside without any additional protection once the door is closed again.

Can you have two mailboxes at your house?

Yes, you can install a second mailbox on your property. However, if you are picking one that is not exactly like the first (such as installing a different style or color) then keep in mind that people will also need to be notified with signage so they know which one to use.

Who is responsible for repairing cluster mailboxes?

Modular mailboxes are much more cost-efficient than cluster boxes. They can be installed in any configuration, which makes them useful for many different purposes. The key to making modular mailboxes a sound investment is the longevity of both installation and replacement parts, as well as warranty coverage for those items.

The responsibility falls on whoever installs your mailbox or renter’s association if they have a residential agreement with you about maintenance work. You may need to check the agreement before you install your new unit since it varies depending upon who was responsible for installing it originally.

Do mailboxes have to be black?

There is no law that specifies the color of mailboxes. However, most communities often have restrictions on where a mailbox can be placed and how its design should look so it doesn’t affect aesthetics in any way. If there are such rules, you will need to follow them when choosing your mailbox color or deciding whether you want one with colors at all.

Can you replace your mailbox lock?

Yes, you can replace your mailbox lock. It’s not a difficult process and it will save you money! You’ll be able to install the new one in less than an hour with just a few tools.

Where can I find wall mount mailboxes?

Wall-mount mailboxes can be found in different places. You may find them at your local hardware store, or you might have to order it on the Internet. It’s possible for these products to range in price, but they are usually a little more expensive than other mailbox types.

Does USPS own my mailbox?

No, USPS doesn’t own the mailbox. It is owned by the community association or homeowner where it is located. The homeowner has to pay a fee for installing and maintaining their mailbox on public property. They do have some control over what type of mailboxes are installed in front of their house but they can’t remove them if there are disputes with other homeowners about who should maintain them and who gets access to them first when collecting outgoing mail.

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Final thoughts 

Wall mount mailboxes are a great way to keep your mailbox out of the way while still making it convenient and accessible for you to get your mail. If this sounds like something that would be beneficial in your life, take some time today to look at the product reviews and tips about some of the best wall mounted mailboxes on the market so that you can find one that suits all of your needs.