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5 Best Mailboxes

Most recommended
Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight 22 pounds
  • 21 x 10 x 11 inches

A good choice too
Gibraltar Mailboxes Decorative Medium
  • Color Name: Black
  • Post Combo
  • Gibraltar

A good choice too
Gibraltar Mailboxes Franklin Medium
  • Color Name: Black
  • Size Medium
  • Item Weight 5.3 pounds

Architectural Mailboxes Oasis
  • Color Name: Rubbed Bronze
  • Item Weight 15.97 pounds
  • Material Aluminum

Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailbox
  • Item Weight 9 pounds
  • 23 x 8.9 x 10.8 inches
  • Size Large

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Because mailboxes are often placed on the sidewalk, they should complement rather than distract from the design of the residence. Someone who sells goods or receives postal payments may need a big lockable mailbox, while someone who receives not much mail on a regular basis may choose a tiny yet attractive mailbox. The ideal mailbox is safe, sturdy, and adds to the curb appeal of your house.

You’ll discover a variety of mailboxes below, ranging from customized mailboxes with your address to large-capacity choices that can hold magazines, packed envelopes, and small packages, as well as secure locking versions that can safeguard your home from mail-identity theft. The professionals identified the ideal mailbox for the front yard, regardless of your security preferences, price, or design. And the comparison table and buying guide can be quite helpful as well. 

Mail Boss 7506 Locking Security Mailbox – the best for durability!

To minimize pry points, the iconic Mail Boss Mail Manager is constructed of robust galvanized steel. The inside volume is 1760 cubic inches, which is sufficient for the mail and small packages of several days. The attachment for any outgoing mail is hidden behind an innovative baffle door, providing an additional degree of security against prying hands.

The lock is a 12-disc wafer lock that is dependable. The mailbox comes with three keys and all of the required installation materials. The 14 or 16-inch galvanized steel body, in conjunction with the baffle door, makes it one of the safest options.

It comes in four distinct colors: white, bronze, granite, black. It can hold almost anything thrown at it. The door allows parcels in but not hands, and the wafer is resistant to drills and picks.

  • Durable steel construction;
  • Secure;
  • Easy to install;
  • Latches can’t be pried;
  • Decent capacity;
  • 4 colors;
  • Reliable lock;
  • Not fully waterproof;
  • Space is not enough for magazines;
  • The keys may jam;
  • Hard to clean;

The Mail Boss is certainly something you need for your front lawn, with its enormous capacity of approximately 3 to 7 days worth of mail. It is capable of transporting letters as well as hefty books, periodicals, and newsletters. Because of the strong galvanized steel exterior, it can also protect your goods from severe weather. It also has a unique anti-pry latch lock to guarantee complete mail security.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Decorative Mailbox & Post Combo – the best for easy installation!

This mailbox and post set is constructed of rust-resistant galvanized steel that has been powder-coated black to extend its life. This unique mailbox also offers enough storage space for mail, journals, padded envelopes, and small packages.

The iconic Mailbox-To-Go combines a thin, dual-reinforced steel post with a beautiful scroll pattern and a medium-sized conventional mailbox for easy in-ground installation in just minutes. On the mailbox door, a beautifully embossed eagle provides a trendy, modern look.

Additionally to your regular mail, this Mailbox-to-Go bundle is intended to accept small package delivery.

  • Rust-resistant;
  • Assembled in the United States;
  • Can be installed in-ground;
  • The door has space for address numbers;
  • Easy to install;
  • Powder-coated finish;
  • The legs are flimsy;
  • The wobbly top;
  • Thin metal;
  • The locking mechanism may be stuck;

This extremely cheap mailbox and post combo can be set up quickly, with just a few basic components required for quick installation. The system’s large, medium-capacity mailbox can hold most envelopes, periodicals, and small parcels, and its rustproof, galvanized steel structure guarantees that it can withstand the elements year after year.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Franklin Post-Mount Mailbox – the best for a classic style!

The Franklin has a very regal appearance thanks to its classic design, modern handle, and vibrant black finish. This medium-sized mailbox may also hold a large amount of mail, periodicals, padded envelopes, and other items.

Its rust-resistant galvanized steel structure will withstand the elements, while the powder-coated finish will look good for years regardless of the weather. The Franklin mailbox is delivered completely built, making setup a breeze.

The Gibraltar mailbox is made of durable, heavy-duty steel that will withstand the weather for many years.

The mailbox comes completely built, and customers just need to attach it to whatever foundation they want, whether it’s a wooden pole or something more sophisticated.

The mailbox has front and rear frames, as well as a flag and lock. The brushed nickel embellishments on the anodized aluminum give a nice aesthetic touch.

  • Classic style;
  • Rust-resistant;
  • Comes fully assembled;
  • Satin nickel hardware;
  • Magnetic door latch;
  • No plastic parts but the flag;
  • May bend;
  • Mounting hardware is not included;
  • The door may fall off if installed improperly;
  • Not scratch-resistant;
  • The handle is rough on the edge;

This medium-sized mailbox may also hold a large amount of mail, journals, padded envelopes, and other items. Its rustproof galvanized steel structure can withstand the elements, while the powder coating will look good for many years regardless of the weather.

Architectural Mailboxes 6300RZ Locking Parcel Mailbox – the best for capacity!

The Oasis 360 mailbox has two retrieval doors, one for the front and one for the back. The wide back entrance enables the homeowner to collect mail without having to stand in the road or on the street.

This design is designed to endure, with a cast aluminum frame encasing the door and a heavy-duty locking mechanism. This is a very useful mailbox that has a safe lockable chamber that can keep mail bundles, small packages, and padded envelopes.

This product is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and has 2 locking doors with magnetic latches that provide access to both the front and rear of the unit. The mailbox has four locking keys that you may keep in a secure place and distribute to family members you trust.

The powder-coated coating on this mailbox helps to prevent corrosion and comes in four distinct colors: pewter, black, rubbed bronze, and white.

  • Large capacity;
  • Dual door lock;
  • Pre-drilled for easy installation;
  • Durable steel build;
  • Includes 4 keys;
  • Magnetic door closure;
  • No mounting hardware is included;
  • Flimsy locks;
  • Too bulky for some neighborhoods;

The Oasis 360 mailboxes can be ideal for individuals who value both beauty and functionality. Its sleek and elegant design will stand attention to your front lawn without jeopardizing the protection of your mail. This mailbox is strongly recommended for homeowners since it has a cast-aluminum frame that surrounds the door and a dense locking mechanism for additional durability.

Gibraltar Mailboxes BM16BSN1 Brunswick Mailbox – the best for design!

The Brunswick is made of durable galvanized steel for optimum durability, and its big size provides plenty of storage space for mail and parcels. A beautiful brushed nickel door trim, knob, and flag adorn this mailbox.

When the door is not in use, it is held in place by a magnetic latch. The embossed sides aid in straightening up address numbers. To make installation fast and simple, the Brunswick comes completely built with pre-drilled holes for bottom or side mounting.

  • Extra durable;
  • Rust-resistant finish;
  • Magnetic latch;
  • Large capacity;
  • Fully assembled;
  • Elegant design;
  • The magnet is flimsy;
  • Dents may appear;
  • The flag may rust;

This mailbox is both robust and attractive, and it offers excellent quality for the price. The magnetic clasp works nicely – it’s not too tight to have to pull it open, but not too slack to be insecure on its own. This one’s style is just unique to stand out a bit, while still adhering to a baseline for any street.

The Buyer’s Guide


The first thing to think about is where you want to put the mailbox. Mounted mailboxes sit tight against a flat wall, whereas standard curbside boxes are secured to posts that may be placed in the ground. Curbside security mailboxes feature a greater internal capacity, and the bigger slots may take a broader variety of mail, even parcels in certain cases. Because these slots are larger, you’ll want to search for rain-proof magnetic closures as well as fishing-proof baffle doors.

Make sure the mailbox faces outward and is not hard to drive for the mail delivery.

The home numbers should be in numerical data, not word form, and at least one inch tall. Put them on the box’s front, flag side. If you like, you may also provide the inhabitants’ last names.

Place mailboxes 6 to 8 inches from the curb, with the door 41 to 45 inches from the ground level.

The approval by the United States Postal Service

All mailboxes should be authorized by the USPS (wall-mounted versions are excluded, but you’ll need permission if you’re moving from curbside to a wall model). All of the mailboxes in this list have been authorized by the USPS or the Post Master General for your convenience.

Types of mailboxes

1) Wall-mounted 

This kind of mailbox is typically mounted on the outside of your house, near the front entrance. In older parts of town, where houses are closer together and the postal worker walks his route, wall-mounted mailboxes are quite common. It’s not easy to check the mail when you own a wall-mounted mailbox. Simply go to the door and it will be waiting for you. The front porch, or an awning or overhang of some sort, typically protects wall-mounted mailboxes from the weather.

2) Post-mounted 

Post-mounted mailboxes are extremely popular, and they’re typically found at the end of driveways or along the yard’s edge. They’re popular in communities and rural regions where the mail is delivered by the postal worker in a truck. Post mailboxes may be placed on 4 × 4 timber posts, wrought iron posts, and a variety of other surfaces. Many individuals become very inventive when it comes to mounting these mailboxes. Post-mounted mailboxes give a lot of charm to the yard, and the buyer may pick from a variety of colors, materials, and designs.

3) Column-mounted 

Column-mounted mailboxes are prevalent at the entrances of mansion-sized houses and appear extremely majestic. The columns are typically constructed of some sort of rock or stone. The extremely sturdy mailboxes will stand snowy weather if the column is properly constructed. This is a much more long-term decision. The mailbox doesn’t typically wear out since it is usually placed within the column.

4) Mail slots 

This mail “box” is better suited to metropolitan regions where the mailman travels by foot. They’re simple and straightforward, but your mail will end up all over your entryway floor, so if you’ve dogs that like chewing, you might want to reconsider.


The confidentiality of your mail is the entire purpose of getting a lockable mailbox. As a result, the first characteristic you should check for is the mailbox’s security. It’s a good idea to choose mailboxes with a locking system or a cam lock since both are quite difficult to pick.

Consider the baffle doors and sturdy locks to prevent anyone from prying them open. Make sure the insertion hole isn’t too large or too easy to reach for someone with tiny hands to reach your mail.


  • Steel. This rust-resistant material is very hefty and robust, making it an excellent option for outdoor usage. It’s a good idea to get a steel mailbox coated for water damage so that it doesn’t develop rust spots or other issues;
  • Aluminum. This light metal is rust-proof but not impervious to corrosion, and without extra water resistance protection, it may require to be replaced over time;
  • Plastic. A plastic mailbox may not be the greatest choice for your house if the temperatures in your area are very hot, but if the temp is moderate, plastic may be a great option. It’s simple to care for and long-lasting;
  • Brass. A brass mailbox may appeal to you if you want a more refined appearance. It provides some individuality as well as a more formal appearance. To prevent the typical patina, the green build up brass acquires, it has to be polished and shined on a regular basis to keep it from appearing untidy and filthy;
  • Wooden mailboxes are less popular than other materials, but some purchasers like the rustic appearance they provide. If you’d like a wooden mailbox to stay, be sure it’s been treated for water resistance so it won’t succumb to the ravages of time;

The kind of material used to construct your mailbox is also crucial. Because it will not be replaced often, it should be constructed of durable materials that can resist corrosion, continuous sunshine, and rain. In this case, galvanized steel is a fantastic option. But make sure it’s at least 12 gauge thick.

A powder-coated finish is also preferable to any plain paint. It would imply that your mailbox would be reasonably scratch and chip resistant.


1) Small capacity

These mailboxes are ideal for those who get relatively little mail on a daily basis and who only receive letters. If you live in a secure area and provide a clear route for delivery to your doorstep, you may use a small size mailbox (or any size mailbox).

2) Medium capacity

These mailboxes are quite common, and they can hold letters, journals, and newspapers, as well as the odd tiny package. You may use a medium-capacity mailbox for most deliveries as long as you offer a clear route to your door for bigger packages.

3) Large capacity

These mailboxes are perfect for those who get small items on a regular basis. Rather than scouring your doorstep and mailbox for all of the delivered goods, you’ll be able to go straight to your mailbox in most cases.

4) Extra-large capacity

These mailboxes are ideal for individuals who get a large amount of mail each day, as well as a variety of deliveries. While a small, medium or even big capacity mailbox may only hold one or two small items at a time, an extra-large chamber can hold much more.

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Final thoughts 

You may be certain that whatever mailbox you choose is one of the finest on the market. What matters most is that you choose a model that properly suits your lifestyle and preferences.