5 Best Mailbox Posts
5 Best Mailbox Posts
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Most recommended
Granite In-Ground
  • Color Name: Granite
  • Item Weight 13.85 pounds
  • Color Granite

A good choice too
Mail Boss Surface Mount
  • Color Name: Black
  • Style Surface Mount
  • Galvanized Steel

A good choice too
Mail Chest Pedestal
  • Color Name: Black
  • Style Traditional
  • Material Aluminum

Architectural Mailboxes
  • Color Name: White
  • Item Weight 28 pounds
  • Material Steel

Architectural Mailboxes
  • Rubbed Bronze
  • Item Weight 10.68 pounds
  • Galvanized Steel

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Mailbox posts are an interesting item. They can be used to add a decorative flair to your home, or they can be used for functional purposes. Whatever the reason behind you purchasing one of these items, hopefully, this review will help you find the perfect mailbox post that’s right for you.

Benefits of mailbox posts:

  • Your letters might not get wet due to erosion around the base of the mailbox which could lead them to be lost if they’re submerged too long;
  • The post can withstand sleet and snow better than most fences because they don’t usually cover much space on top for these things to accumulate. They also provide an obstacle against animals who may use your fence as their bridge;
  • It’s more visible at night since most people drive by mailboxes on the way to their house in order to distinguish which one is theirs;

Mailbox posts can be a lot more expensive than you might expect, but they have high-quality materials that are worth investing in overtime. It’s always better for your mailbox to stand stationary when it has been installed correctly with a durable post and no longer needs constant maintenance from being hit by cars or other drivers who don’t pay attention. 

There are plenty of benefits that make these posts worthwhile investments even though they’re not cheap upfront.

The following guide discusses features of the best mailbox posts and some of their benefits as well as the top five product reviews in detail so that if you have any questions about them, our team has got it covered.

Mail Boss 7120, Granite In-Ground Mounting Post – the Editor’s choice!

The Mail Boss 7120 in-ground mounting post is made to accommodate larger yards and can be mounted on any type of soil without slippage. The 10- and 14-gauge heavy-duty electrogalvanized Steel makes this 43-inch post perfect for deep in-ground installations. It comes with 4 mounting bolts and clear Instructions on how to install it too.

The powder-coated finish will add an elegant look to your yard. And with a 1-year warranty from Mail Boss this is one purchase that will turn out sweeter than expected.

  • 43-inch granite post;
  • Heavy-duty 14-gauge electrogalvanized steel;
  • Good for in-ground installation;
  • Includes detailed instruction and 4 bolts;

  • Not rustproof;
  • The mounting plates are non-standard;

It’s always a pain when the postal service leaves your package in the dirt. Luckily, with Mail Boss’ Granite In-Ground Mounting Post, you’ll never have to worry again. This durable post is perfect for securely installing your mailbox so that it stays clean forever.

Mail Boss 7127 Surface Mount Mailbox Post – the best for sidewalks!

This fantastic product provides a safe and secure way to house your mail. Constructed of heavy-duty 10- and 14-gauge metal, the finish is sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion.

This sturdy, steel mailbox post is built to last and can withstand even the toughest yard. The bolts are generously long so no worries about drilling too far in or having to get creative when it’s time for repairs. The ultimate mail solution for property managers, landlords, and residential homeowners.

  • Durable 14-gauge electrogalvanized steel;
  • Powder-coated finish;
  • Designed for sidewalks;
  • Includes clear instructions;

  • You need to buy the base plate for installation;
  • Too short;

With the Mail Boss 7127, you can mount a mailbox literally anywhere. This versatile and durable post includes in-depth instructions and four mounting bolts for any type of decorating situation.

Salsbury Industries Mail Chest Pedestal – the best for cold areas!

Do you have a mailbox that needs to thrive in tough conditions? This rugged, heavy-duty Salsbury Industries Mail Chest Pedestal can stick it through the frostiest and harshest of winters with ease. With four feet of height, this pedestal is perfect for those living below sea level (or just battling some extra deep snow).

Plus, it comes with a sturdy 4×4 tubular aluminum base with extra-large footings for stability against frost heaves. A sturdy package drop that can hold up to six sacks of mail, plus it’ll catch packages over 2 feet high that are dropped through the slot. It even looks nice enough for front yard installation because you can choose between a sloped or post mount style.

  • Can withstand cold temperature and deep snow;
  • Heavy and durable;
  • Aluminum base;
  • Good for slopped and post-mount style;

  • Made with plastic;
  • Too short for a standard mailbox;

With most of the post buried and a weatherproof design, this will withstand even some of the harshest climates: up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Architectural Mailboxes 5526W Surface Mount Mailbox Post – the best for easy installation!

These Architectural Mailboxes surface-mount mailboxes are durable, attractive additions to any home. With an included mounting plate and heavy-gauge steel tubing that’s built to last, our mailbox posts look great on their own or next to a metal fence post in your yard!

Welded to the top of the post is a zinc-plated mounting plate with 4 bolts for easy installation right out of the box. The Architectural Mailboxes 5526W post is easy to mount and includes zinc-plated steel hex-head bolts that will last for years with custom text or logo adding a unique touch.

  • Easy to install;
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel;
  • Can be mounted on a concrete pad;
  • Includes 4 zinc-plated steel bolts and 3/8-inch nuts;
  • Clear instructions;

  • Thin metal;
  • The base is easy to bend;

This innovative mailbox is mounted on a concrete pad. It is designed to withstand harsh weather. Safeguard your mail with ease now, and for years to come.

Architectural Mailboxes 7509RZ-10 Redondo Mailbox Post – the best for corrosion resistance!

The Architectural Mailboxes 7509RZ-10 Redondo Mailbox Post shares its stylish color with a classic brown palette. The galvanized steel is backed by powdered coated bronze to help protect the post from corrosion. The 4-inch mounting-hole pattern means its installation will be quick and easy for customizing your mailbox set up.

It stands at about 6 feet tall and the whole package weighs in at a mere 10 pounds.

  • Corrosion-resistance;
  • Sturdy powder coating;
  • Rubbed bronze finish;
  • Good for standard mailboxes;
  • The decorative base is plastic;

The sturdy red metal and rust-resistant coating mean it can withstand the elements year after year, keeping your mailbox looking its finest.

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