5 Bird Wind Chimes
5 Bird Wind Chimes
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Size: 38 inches
Indoor/Outdoor Use
S Hook
Perfect Gift
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Сrisp sound
Size: 25 inches
Hand paint
S Hook
George S
Size: 23 inches
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Material: Copper, polyresin
Dawhud Direct
Size: 28 nches
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Iron, Stained Glass, Alumium

Video Tutorial: DIY Crafts : Wind chime out of Paper

I’m an Emma Anderson, and I’m an accountant. When I have free time, I like to improve my garden and home using different stuff. My favorite is wind chimes, and when I bought my first one, it was love at first sight. That’s why I started my small collection of wind chimes, and I’m going to help you to choose the best one.

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