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Do Wind Chimes Scare Birds?

Do Wind Chimes Scare Birds?
Musical pendant («breeze», «wind chime») — a bunch of small objects that chime when the wind blows, widely used in landscape design, especially when decorating porches, verandas, terraces, awnings, etc., adjacent to the house. If we are accustomed to seeing pendants as just a decoration, then in the art of feng shui they are used as a very powerful protective tool and are also used as a corrective means to slow down and smooth the flow of qi.

Garden Sound Aesthetics

Chinese musical pendants are called «fun-ling» and are a collection of metal plates or hollow tubes made of ceramic, wood, or metal, attached to a circular or longitudinal frame. In the traditional art of Feng Shui, the melodic sound of Feng Lin is believed to create an invisible path connecting the material world with the spirit realm. Both Taoists and Buddhists believe that the sound of pendants in the daytime dissipates harmful energy and protects the place from evil spirits.

The main purpose of the feng-ling is to slow down the too rapid flow of qi. They are able to weaken negative energy and harmonize energy in the rooms of the house or in the corners of the garden. They are beneficial only where they are in constant motion: vibrating under the influence of air, they strengthen and purify qi energy.

For effective use, such musical pendants need to be hung where they will ring from time to time and create pleasant sound effects. The sound can vary widely depending on the shape, size, and arrangement of the pendants. Don’t buy a set of pendants or bells until you’ve heard how they sound. Under no circumstances should you purchase musical pendants whose sound you don’t like.

Among other things, garden bells are widely used to scare away birds and squirrels, which are unwanted guests in the garden. Thanks to their melodic sound, no unpleasant noise is created during the visit of wild animals — the necessary and harmonious sound of the bell will scare them away, while setting a balanced and pleasant rhythm, repeating the beat of the wind.

How to Use Wind Chimes to Scare Away Birds and Squirrels?

If you need to scare away unwanted guests in your garden, then a garden bell is a perfect choice. Not too noisy, but effective due to the creation of an unusual sound, unusual to animals.

For a more effective result, pay attention to the main features of the placement of garden bells:

  • Place the bells in the direction of the wind. The main idea behind using these exotic garden decorations is to follow the rhythm of the wind, creating a pleasant sound atmosphere among the green spaces. If you place the bell correctly, then it will additionally hit the tree branches, creating loud ringing sounds, scaring away birds and squirrels. It is highly recommended to place the decoration in open areas so that in addition to the sound, the accessory also creates a visual accent that seems to be a suspicious animal;
  • Place bells close to the garden. Even if you have a fairly large area, it is still recommended to hang bells close to the garden. In this case, their sound will not allow squirrels and other animals to enter the garden. Please note that placing the bells too close to the house can reduce the effectiveness of scaring away – a squirrel or bird may mistake the ringing of a bell for the usual sound accompaniment of human activities inside the house, for example, for ringing dishes;
  • If squirrels and wild birds are frequent visitors to your garden, use large feng-ling models. If squirrels and wild birds are frequent visitors to your garden, use large models. Larger models of bells will make sounds louder, which will more effectively scare away animals, acting at a greater distance. In addition, try to choose more exotic, unique forms of products — they will emit sounds unusual to the ear of animals, scaring off even the largest representatives of the local fauna. It will work great in open areas, for example, if your private area is several hundred square meters;
  • Change the placement of your garden bell regularly. Change the placement of your garden bell regularly. Try to change the location of the accessory every few weeks so that local and nearby animals cannot get used to its sound and find detour paths to get into your private territory. If you have a relatively large area, place several bells in different locations. This will create a kind of perimeter around your garden, which guarantees a sufficient level of melodic for human, and irritating for birds, noise, which effectively acts as a deterrent;
  • Landscaping professionals recommend combining bells with other strategies and pest control. In general, bells act more as an aesthetic addition to the atmosphere than as the main protective agent against the entry of birds and squirrels into your garden area. But in the case of combined devices for protecting a summer cottage or garden area, garden bells create an additional deterrent effect, nevertheless creating a harmonious atmosphere among trees and green spaces that is pleasant for a person.

Also, pay attention to certain aspects of the placement and use of bells in the garden. First of all, notice that compact small bell models can have the exact opposite effect — in particular, lure small birds with their sound. That is why landscape design specialists recommend using large models of bells — they are louder, and effectively act on birds, squirrels, and other small pests.

Accents and Conclusions

Protecting the garden from pests is the primary concern of gardeners. Nevertheless, even at the stage of developing a garden area project, it is required to pay attention to such an unpleasant phenomenon as the penetration of pests — they can scatter garbage throughout the territory, as well as damage green spaces.

Through the use of exotic oriental ornaments such as Feng Ling, the likelihood of penetration can be minimized, because the sounds of a bell sound very unusual for animals. Accessories not only complement the garden aesthetically but also create a unique atmosphere saturated with a balanced sound of metal bells, relaxing the atmosphere and harmonizing your aura. The sound of bells is extremely unusual for wild animals, so they prefer to stay at a certain distance from your garden area due to the strange perception of the «wind chime» that feng-ling creates. Even pets have to get used to the sound of the bell for some time, so its placement will not only protect your garden but also bring new, previously unknown aesthetics of the Far East into the atmosphere of your home.