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UpBlend 28-inch Wind Chimes Review

UpBlend 28-inch Wind Chimes ReviewNot too big, not too small; This medium chime is 28 inches long from the hook to bottom of wind catcher; There are six, beautiful aluminum tubes that range in length from 8 inches to 11 inches; From the top, the suspension platform is 5.5 inches in diameter; The adjustable striker is 2.5 inches in diameter while the tear-shaped wind catcher measures 4.25/3.25 inches

Pros and Cons of UpBlend 28-inch Wind Chimes


  • Easy to share
  • A gift that resonates and works for any holiday season
  • 28″ and 38″ are both tuned in E-Major, one octave apart


  • Tune is very small.

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