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5 Best Outdoor Doormats


Most recommended
Home Natural Coir Doormat
  • Color Checkers Welcome
  • Material Coir
  • Medium Pile
A good choice too
Outdoor Natural Coir Easy Clean Rubber
  • Color Bear Country
  • Material Coir
  • Item Weight 4.5 Pounds
A good choice too
Coir Fiber Doormat Non-Slip
  • Color Blue
  • Material Coir
  • Rectangular
Heavy Duty Rubber Fingertip Outdoor
  • Color Black
  • Material Rubber
  • Size 24 x 32
Outdoor Natural Coir Easy Clean Rubber
  • Color: Blue
  • Material Coir
  • Rectangular

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20% of users selected Home Natural Coir Doormat, 80% selected Outdoor Natural Coir Easy Clean Rubber, 0% selected Coir Fiber Doormat Non-Slip, 0% selected Heavy Duty Rubber Fingertip Outdoor and 0% selected Outdoor Natural Coir Easy Clean Rubber. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

When it comes to the best outdoor mats, you want something durable and long-lasting. You also want something that will provide good traction in wet conditions. Whether you’re looking for a mat for your porch or patio, these factors are important considerations. 

Benefits of outdoor mats:

  • Outdoor mats are durable and last a long time. This is due to their construction from high-quality materials, including polypropylene in the base and PVC coating on top. The best outdoor mats also have UV protection for durability when left outside;
  • When it comes to decorating your patio or porch area with an attractive mat made of natural elements, you’ll find that there’s no better choice than a high-quality outdoor mat. They’re designed to look as if they were part of the original landscape design; many even include additional features like planters built into them;
  • For those who seek to protect their floors from the dirt and grime that can accumulate outside, an outdoor mat is a great option. These mats are designed with materials like polypropylenes or plastic in order to resist moisture; they’re also usually made of durable material so as not to tear easily;
  • You’ll find that these types of mats offer great traction – even when it’s wet out! They have soles that feature deep grooves for shedding water off quickly, making them safer than other options on slick surfaces;

In this guide, experts compiled the top 5 outdoor mats on the market and reviewed them according to their durability, traction and other features. This guide will give you some tips about how to choose the right outdoor mat.

DII CAMZ11552 Home Natural Coir Doormat – the Editor’s choice!

This DII Store 18 x 30 inches doormat is perfect for your front porch or home entranceway. It’s made of coir, and its medium pile height will help scrub the dirt off the bottoms of shoes as they enter. The non-slip PVC backing will also prevent slipping and keep it in place.

Keep your floor clean and tidy with this high-quality natural coir doormat! Choose from different sizes to fit the space of your home’s door, as well as choose your preferred color for the rug. The perfect size for front doors or porches, it will make a stylish statement while also giving you extra protection against dirt and debris that cover your feet when coming into your home.

  • Nice checkers design;
  • Standard size;
  • Quite durable;
  • Medium pile size;
  • Stiff bristles;
  • Prevent tripping;
  • Non-slip PVC backing;

  • Pricey;
  • The white paint easily comes off;

The DII Home Natural Coir Doormat is the perfect size for your entryway/porch. It will provide protection to your floors by absorbing water, capturing dirt and debris. The coir material provides stiff bristles perfect for scraping mud off from shoes or boots into a removable feature that can be shaken out when needed.

DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Rubber Back Doormat – the best for eco-friendly fibers!

Keep your home clean and dry while adding a beautiful and natural touch with this high-quality doormat. This doormat stands out with its striking bear design over a light, sand-colored background that is sure to catch the eye of everyone who walks in.

The natural coir fiber present in this doormat will help absorb moisture from your shoes to prevent mud buildup on your floors. The soft but tough bristles are perfect for scraping the dirt and debris of any boot or shoe as you come into the house – just make sure not to wear it too far inside.

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors;
  • Eco-friendly coir material;
  • Machine washable;
  • Easy to clean;

  • Heavy;
  • The rubber backing may crack;

Make a Bear Country entrance with this DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Rubber Back Doormat. It’s the perfect size to protect your front door from dirt and mud without blocking people from coming into or out of the house. Made of 100% coconut coir, this 18×30-inch mat is durable for indoor or outdoor use and strong enough to be machine-washed!

DII Hello Coir Fiber Non-Slip Durable Doormat – the best for pet owners!

Banish muddy paws of your favorite pet from your home with the DII Hello Coir Fiber Non-Slip Durable Doormat. With a 100% natural coconut coir fiber face, this durable woven mat absorbs slush and sleet while its generous size of 18 inches x 30 inches suits solid wood or carpeted thresholds alike.

Colorful, durable, and easy to maintain, you’ll love inviting pets into this stylish front door mat!

Tips for users: shake it off or wash it off in the rain.
  • Quite durable for a coir mat;
  • Eco-friendly for kids and pets;
  • Stylish;
  • Thick pile;
  • Many colors are available;
  • Easy to care for;

  • Not for heavy rains;
  • Not bright yellow but mustard yellow;
  • The dye may stain the concrete floor;

The 18×30-inch size of this mat is perfect for indoor and outdoor use with its high-quality material. As loved by pet owners as other customers, the rectangle shape pairs nicely with any furniture style.

Durable Corporation 396S2432 Rubber Fingertip Mat – the best for durability!

The Durable Corporation Rubber Fingertip Mat can be perfect for doorways and entrances. Its three-layer construction traps dirt from foot traffic or spillages, which can then be shaken loose or hosed off after heavy storms. The rubber mat helps protect floors from water damage by keeping moisture on top of the surface, where it can easily be blotted up with a wet cloth if desired.

The tough outer layer provides extra resilience to scratches and scuffs while the thinner top layer lets outside air circulate freely so your feet won’t get too sweaty on hot days.

This doormat is perfect for homes with pets and kids, as it will prevent dirt from entering your home. The mat also features a corrugated design so it will stay in place on your doorstep.

  • Made with durable rubber;
  • “Fingertips” wipe off the dirt easily;
  • Helps to trap the dirt – easier to clean it;
  • Very thick and durable;
  • Well-made;
  • Wider than usual mats;

  • Not eco-friendly;
  • Small nubs may break off;
  • The smell is very strong;

This Durable Corporation 396S2432 mat is designed to trap dirt at your door and keep it off the floor. The beveled edge helps keep you safe from slipping and makes the mat a lot less likely to slide on slippery surfaces. This durable mat also is easy to clean- shake, vacuum or hose off as needed.

DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Non-Slip Doormat For Patio – the best for the style!

Make your way into a warm home or out for some sunshine with the DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Non-Slip Door Mat. This mat will keep all kinds of outdoor grime from coming into your entryway or porch and gives you enough room to easily step on it.

Its non-slip ring means it won’t move around so that no dirt is left behind when tracked indoors and makes sure your rug isn’t going anywhere either. This durable product is quite durable for an eco-friendly rug made with natural components.

  • Classic Blue Tunisia Scroll style;
  • Stiff bristles;
  • Perfect size for most patios and outdoor areas;
  • Non-slip finish;

  • Natural paints may leak after heavy rain;
  • Includes synthetic fibers as well;

This stylish mat offers great outdoor protection by catching stray mud from people’s shoes, as well as an anti-slip PVC backing to keep it in place.

The Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor Doormats Sizes

Outdoor doormats come in a number of different sizes to suit your door and the space you have. The standard size is about 27 inches x 36 inches. You’ll want to measure the width and length of your entryway or front porch area before making a purchase so that it will fit properly, but this outdoor mat should work on most doors. 

If you’re looking for something smaller, there are still plenty of options available – usually under 20 inches wide by 24 inches long (which works well for small patios). Larger spaces may need 32 inches x 42 inches, 36 inches x 48 inches, or even 48 inches x 72 inches.

You should measure the following dimensions before you purchase your mat to ensure that it will fit: door width, the length between door and wall or stone column, space between front porch steps (if there are any), entrance area from outside to the inside of the house.

For example, if your entryway is 12 feet long by 18 inches deep with four steps leading up onto the porch then this would be considered an L-shaped home. For the mat to cover all these areas properly, you need an outdoor mat with the dimensions of 36 inches x 72 inches. However, L-shaped homes sometimes require two mats as one might not reach both sides without moving around too much which could damage them against walls.

Outdoor Doormats Shapes

It is important to know which shape will best fit your door or porch area so that it can be effective at its job of catching dirt and the like from shoes before they enter the building. 

There are 2 common shapes of outdoor mats:

1) Rectangular mats 

A rectangular mat is one of the most popular shapes for a doormat. They are typically made from materials like rubber or coir and can be bought in different sizes to accommodate various needs such as how much space you have on your porch, what type of flooring it will lay upon, etc. These mats generally measure from 24 inches x 36 inches up to 36 inches x 60 inches but there are even larger sizes available (for example, 54 inches x72 inches). 

A nice thing about these mats is they also come with either round or circular designs that would give them more versatility over other styles that only offer uniform rectangles and square patterns. This mat type makes cleanup easier because you won’t need to worry about any gaps in coverage and can prolong the life of your mat.

2) Round mats 

A round door doormat is also a popular choice for various reasons. These mats are typically made from heavy-duty materials like rubber or coir and this gives them more durability when it comes to catching dirt, dust, mud, snow off shoes before you enter the building. They come in different sizes as well such: from 20 inches to 36 inches in diameter

Unlike rectangular mats which only offer uniform rectangles and square patterns that may leave some areas uncovered where debris could accumulate on floors (depending upon how odd-shaped your porch/entrance might be), these shapes provide versatility due to their round design and how they can conform to any odd-shaped area.

Outdoor Doormats Materials

Outdoor doormats are typically made from one of 3 common materials – textile, cork/coir, rubber. The most popular is textile, which includes natural fibers and synthetic fabrics that mimic the look and feel of natural ones. Other options for outdoor mats include rubber flooring (also known as outdoor matting) and cork – both environment-friendly choices with benefits over more traditional materials such as wood or metal.

The first thing to consider when shopping for an outdoor doormat is what type of the material you want it to be made out of: 

  • Textile – synthetic or Polyester fabric also called sisal hemp; may contain some cotton fiber;
  • Rubber – a durable nonporous recycled rubber surface often in sheets designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic;
  • Cork/coir – an eco-friendly material that is a natural byproduct of the wine industry, with cork oak trees originating from Portugal and France;

Each type has its pros and cons so it’s important to consider your needs when making a decision about what you want for your outdoor doormats.

Outdoor Doormats Cleaning

Outdoor doormats can be a great way to express your personality and add some flair to your entryway. However, they are also difficult to clean, especially the dirt that accumulates in their deep crevices. 

A good quality outdoor mat will have UV protection so it won’t fade or disintegrate over time. They’re typically made out of rubber with a raised lip around them – this helps water run off rather than sit on top and seep into the fabric (which is what causes mold). The best ones have textured surfaces that help to trap debris like sand before it has a chance to embed into the fibers on contact.

But if your mat does get dirty, here are some easy cleaning tips:

  1. A quick rinse with a hose is better than nothing, but might not remove all of the dirt. If that’s not enough for you, try using a garden sprayer and adding in dish soap. Get down on hands and knees (or use a ladder) and gently scrub around the edges where soil accumulates or over raised surfaces like loops or bumps so they don’t wear away from excessive washing. Rinse again when finished – repeat until the water runs clean;
  2. Wipe up any wet spots as soon as possible with paper towels or absorbent cloths before they have time to dry and set;
  3. Cleaning your outdoor doormats with bleach will remove any mold, mildew or bacteria. Be sure to mix the water and bleach before pouring it on a mat so that you don’t make yourself sick by touching anything contaminated when cleaning. Let the mats air dry for at least four hours after they are soaked in the mixture. A little bit of time goes a long way;

Outdoor doormats should be cleaned at least 3 times a week. They can be washed with any kind of water and soap, but there are some more specific cleaners that might work better for certain types of dirt or stains. For example, if you have pets in your household, it might be best to use an enzyme cleaner on the mats every once in a while instead of just using regular dish soap every time they need cleaning. 


What type of doormat is best?

The type of doormat you should get really depends on your needs. For example, if it is a commercial or general-purpose mat then the best option would be an indoor/outdoor mat that can handle tough conditions and functionality in any environment. 

If looking for a welcoming home entrance to greet guests with style then look into rugs that are designed specifically for this function. They offer more design options which make it easier to match decorating schemes inside your home.

If you have pets or kids running around outside then an outdoor entry rug may be helpful at catching dirt from their paws before entering the house so it does not track indoors. They also provide traction on slippery surfaces like wet pavement when coming in from playing in puddles.

Their main purpose is to protect your carpet and floors from dirt, sand, water spots or anything else that might get tracked inside during the day when you are outdoors on an adventure with friends and family. These outdoor mats work well in entryways of any home because they provide a barrier as people walk through your doorway into a previously clean area of your home where guests usually sit down for the company.

How to choose an outdoor mat?

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of mat suits your needs. That means finding a comfortable size for your patio space, determining if it’s durable enough to stand up in harsh weather and dirt or snow with ease, and making sure that any openings are small so water can’t get inside. 

There are 4 main types at this point:

  • standard outdoor mats which can be used anywhere; 
  • doorstep mats designed just for porches and other entry points into buildings; 
  • porch pads made from more heavy-duty materials like rubberized PVC; 
  • waterproof patio/deck tiles that will give you a cushioned surface on top of synthetic grass;

Typically, an outdoor mat has to withstand dirt buildup due to rainstorms as well as extreme heat from prolonged exposure during the summer months. The best materials are made out of polypropylene that provides excellent resistance to both dirt and water.

Unfortunately, many people have allergies or sensitivities to these materials that can cause breathing problems if they contact the outdoor mat too frequently. For this reason, it’s best to make sure that you choose a material like rubberized PVC for an outdoor mat if possible so there is no chance of exposure.

If you want an easy-to-clean surface then silicone nubs should be included on the bottom of your outdoor mats. These will trap all kinds of debris without damaging the floor underneath them because they don’t press down hard and collect dust or sand into their crevices like bristles would do.

How often should you replace your doormat?

On average, most people replace their mats every 18 months to 2 years. However, there are ways to extend the lifetime of your mat such as using coasters under clean shoes and keeping pets off them during rainstorms (which might make sense for some situations).

Customers who are looking for a more permanent solution can purchase outdoor matting, which is typically made of rubber or vinyl. These mats do not absorb water and stay in place using suction cups on the bottom corners while their textured surfaces help trap dirt so that it doesn’t travel into your home.

How big is a welcome mat?

Welcome mats are typically about six feet by three and a half. But this can vary depending on the size of your door, so it is important to measure before you buy one. In general, these measurements should be enough for most doors unless they’re extremely large.

Are coir mats suitable for outdoors?

Coir mats are water-resistant, but should not be used outdoors in damp conditions.  They may become soiled if exposed to dirt and liquids. Coir is also susceptible to molding when the humidity levels rise above 50%.

How long do coir mats last outside?

Coir mats are made of natural materials, so they will last about as long outside as other outdoor products. Coir is not a synthetic material, but it’s still vulnerable to the elements- heat or cold can be especially damaging because coir retains water and moisture easily. These factors make them less durable than some types of indoor mats that have been treated with pest control chemicals for use in commercial kitchens.

Are outdoor plastic rugs good?

The answer to this question depends on what you want from your outdoor mat. If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting option, then plastic rugs are the right choice for you. They can last up to 2 or 3 years if treated with care. However, they also tend to be more expensive than other options like rubber mats that may require replacing every six months due to wear and tear.  

Can you leave outdoor rugs outside in winter?

It’s definitely possible to leave your outdoor rug outside, but you’ll want to make sure it has some kind of protection from rain and snow. For example, snow and ice can be very damaging on outdoor rugs because they are so heavy and sharp when they fall off trees or roofs. The other thing that people should know about leaving an outdoor rug outside in winter is what type of fabric the mat is made out of. You won’t have much protection for the mats that are made out of straw or grass, but you might need to throw a tarp over your rug.

How do you waterproof an outdoor rug?

For a woven rug, use clear nail polish to seal the weave. This will protect any spills from soaking into the threads of the rug and it can be easily removed with water or soap when necessary. 

If you have a non-woven outdoor mat like an indoor/outdoor carpet, then consider spraying it with Scotchguard before using it in wet areas.  

For a rubber mat, some manufacturers have offered waterproof treatments. You can also oil the surface of your outdoor rug with vegetable oil to seal in any liquid spill and then wipe it dry before using.

Who makes the best outdoor patio rugs?

Many brands offer outdoor mats, but some of the best come from the DII Store. They make high-quality polypropylene, coir or nylon rugs with anti-skid backing and a variety of colors to pick. You can also order them in custom sizes.

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Final thoughts 

After reading this guide, you should have a better idea of how to choose the right outdoor mat. And for more tips about what features are best suited for your needs, be sure to check out other guides as well. Hopefully, these reviews will help you find an excellent product at a great price point.