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5 Best Garden Stools


Most recommended
Patio Sense Garden Stool
  • Elyse Natural Round
  • Brand Patio Sense
  • 16 x 16 x 19 inches
A good choice too
Ravenna Home
  • Brand Ravenna Home
  • Moroccan Pattern
  • 13 x 13 x 15.75 inches
A good choice too
Christopher Knight Home
  • Rectangular
  • Item Weight 6.39 Pounds
  • 12.25 x 12.25 x 18 inches
Knight Home Salome
  • Color Copper Patina
  • Christopher Knight Home
  • 11.25 x 13.25 x 12.5 inches
Cherry Blossom Ceramic
  • Color White/Blue
  • Brand Jonathan Y
  • 175 Pounds

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25% of users selected Patio Sense Garden Stool, 25% selected Ravenna Home, 25% selected Christopher Knight Home, 25% selected Knight Home Salome and 0% selected Cherry Blossom Ceramic. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Garden stools are a common piece of furniture found in gardens. They provide seating for gardeners to rest, or an extra place for guests to sit at outdoor celebrations. Despite their seemingly simple nature, there is quite a bit of variance in the different types and styles of the garden stool available.

Garden stools are one of the most popular and useful items for your garden. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials so there is something to suit everyone’s taste. There are many different types of garden stools that can be used for seating or as a table with both practical and decorative purposes.

This blog post will explore some common questions that people ask about them. The experts will also review 5 top-rated products on the market today before providing you with expert recommendations!

Patio Sense 62420 Garden Stool – the Editor’s choice!

Relax in the shade with the Patio Sense Garden Stool’s rustic charm and durable construction. Made from kiln-dried, pressure-treated wood, the frame of this sturdy stool can withstand rot while looking great as a side table for your patio furniture when you need extra surface space. Plus, these stools are large enough to stand on.

With its sturdy construction, the Patio Sense 62420 stool will last for years under tough conditions including sunlight and insect damage.

  • The wooden frame;
  • Constructed with pine, rubberwood and acacia;
  • Good for decor and gardening;
  • Rot- and insect-resistant;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Can be used indoors;

  • Some wooden parts may curl and come apart;
  • Only for covered patios;

This durable 62420 Patio Sense Garden Stool is easy to care for too, so bring it inside during inclement weather months safely without worry.

Ravenna Home Moroccan Pattern Ceramic Garden Stool – the best for outside use!

Bring some warmth and originality to your home with this Moroccan-patterned ceramic side table that has a round shape. This stool offers sturdy construction with an unpretentious design for both indoor and outdoor use.

Constructed of durable ceramic, this side table/garden stool will add light blue charm to wherever you put it. No assembly is needed. It comes in handy if you need an extra seat for dinner guests. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking great.

  • Made with ceramics;
  • Weather-resistant;
  • Light blue style;
  • Round shape;
  • Great decoration piece;
  • No assembly required;
  • Sturdy;

  • The color palette may vary;
  • Too small for some people;

The Ravenna Home Moroccan Pattern Ceramic Garden Stool is a great accent piece for any outdoor living space. With the durability of stone, this stool looks fresh and stylish with its Moroccan pattern.

Christopher Knight Home 303761 Outdoor 12-Inch Iron Side Table – the best for transportation!

This Christopher Knight Home 303761 stool is a perfect accent to your outdoor space and can add sophistication and class. Made with durable iron, this piece comes with no assembly or installation required so you can start using it anytime you want.

This beautiful table/stool is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Use it for displaying a favorite plant or as an end table next to your other furniture pieces. The pattern’s intricate design will add character and charm to your yard – and it goes perfectly with most garden chairs for the ultimate look.

  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Made with sturdy iron;
  • Stable barrel shape;
  • Lace-cut design;
  • No assembly required;

  • Bad paint job;
  • Easy to get dents;
  • Powder coating may crack;

Christopher Knight Home’s Iron Side Table/Garden Stool can be perfect for outdoor use. It will blend beautifully in any setting. The sturdy construction makes it a great space to sit down for a meal or just relax after completing your spring gardening.

Christopher Knight Home 307409 Elephant Garden Stool – the best for the style!

With this gorgeous copper patina finish and durable lightweight concrete construction, this piece will never rust or chip – no matter what Mother Nature throws at it! Plus, this Christopher Knight Home stool serves many purposes: as a table for an accent plant or planter, extra seating when you have guests over, and much more.

Constructed from high-quality, low-maintenance concrete, this stool is made for abuse – keep it outdoors without any problem and clean with no effort at all.

  • Low maintenance;
  • Made with high-quality concrete;
  • Great stylish piece;
  • Rustic copper patina finish;
  • Weather-resistant;
  • Easy to clean;

  • Feels like plastic;
  • Trashed box;

This elephant-style garden stool from Christopher Knight Home is just what you need in your life! While it’s sturdy, lightweight, completely weatherproof, easy-to-clean and made of high-quality materials – the real eye candy here is its copper patina that looks aged to perfection.

Jonathan Y TBL1016A 17.7-Inch Ceramic Garden Stool – the best for the spill-proof finish!

Pair one of these Jonathan Y side tables with a pair of chairs, and you’ve got your seating for good friends, family gatherings or just enjoying a morning cup of coffee. Slip in between two chairs to serve as an informal drinks table at parties – they are just the right size.

These stools make great extra seating on any occasion. Choose from a blue or white ceramic finish and enjoy hassle-free interior design by simply wiping down when spills occur. An anti-splash glaze makes it quite useful as well.

  • Cherry finish;
  • Spill-proof;
  • 18 inches tall;
  • Nice ceramic glaze;
  • Good for indoors and the covered patio;
  • Easy to clean;

  • Not recommended for outdoors;
  • The maximum weight capacity is 175 pounds;

Just under 18 inches tall, this ceramic stool has a place at your next patio dinner party or indoors as an extra seat when guests surprise you with dessert.

The Buyer’s Guide

Garden Stool Types:

Basic garden stools are for those who want a simple and sturdy item. They usually have four legs, but can also be seen as two or three-legged. These stools are typically made of metal and wood with a polyester resin coating that extends the life of the stool by preventing it from rusting away quickly. 

The best basic garden stools will come in a variety of colors to match any outdoor design you may have going on at home or work: 

1) Garden Storage Stool

A garden storage stool is typically a three-legged, portable stool that has been designed for gardeners who need to keep their hands free while working on the ground. The seat of this stool is wide and ergonomically shaped so it doesn’t matter how or where you sit in relation to the opening, it will always provide support no matter what angle you may be at. 

It also includes 2 compartments: one large compartment underneath (perfect for storing gardening supplies) with an open-top that can hold any size container and another smaller storage area above (great for small personal items).

Major features of storage stools:

  • Sturdy aluminum frame;
  • The height usually ranges from 26 inches to 36 inches making it suitable for people of all heights;
  • Ergonomically shaped seat;
  • Two compartments: one for gardening supplies and another for personal items;
  • Three legs offer stability on uneven surfaces;

2) Garden Step Stool

Garden step stools are portable, lightweight and stable. They can be used for gardening or other chores that require you to reach higher than the ground level. 

There are many types of garden step stool such as:

  • telescoping model; 
  • folding design with a long handle so it can be carried around your property;
  • ratchet-style where one end goes down while the other raises;

The common features they all have in common are their sturdy construction which makes them durable enough to withstand frequent use outdoors and their wide steps which make it easy to balance on them without fear of slipping off because there’s plenty of room between each step. At the top of these models is usually an ergonomic handgrip that is easy to hold on to for balance.

3) Foldable Garden Stool

Foldable garden stools are a good option if you plan to leave your stool out in the backyard. These can be folded down and stored inside when not in use, saving space for other items that may need to be kept outside like an outdoor grill or fire pit. 

When you put these up and leave them there permanently is also a great time-saving measure because it takes less than two minutes to set one of these up as opposed to assembling a brand new chair from scratch which could take anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes just for assembly alone.

The downside of foldable garden stools is they’re usually made with thinner metal frames so they don’t weigh much more than five pounds each but will still get heavy after enough repetitions. You can also get a sturdy metal frame but the weight will be more likely to exceed 25 pounds and make it difficult or impossible to carry around with you like in your car trunk, for example.

Foldable garden stools are best if you’re looking for something easy to store away after use so they work well inside during winter months or outside when there isn’t much activity going on close by due to their thin frames. If these are still too heavy for what you need them for then try out some of our other recommendations first.

4) Gardening Stool with Wheels

These are typically made from an aluminum frame and have casters on the bottom to roll them easily across the grass. 

This type of stool offers comfort for those who need to stand for long periods in their gardens, such as during weeding or planting flowers:

  • The best gardening stools come with heavily padded seats so you won’t get sore after sitting down;
  • The wheels should also go over virtually any terrain without slipping out of place;
  • There’s no disassembling required when it comes time to move your gardening workstation – just grab your toolbox and head off somewhere new;
  • The best gardening stools have wheels that are easy to lock in place;
  • In this way, the stool won’t move around on you and cause a tripping hazard;
  • The casters should also be made from high-quality rubber so they’re durable;

Garden Stool Materials

Garden stools come in a variety of materials – from plastic to wood:

  1. Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive with no maintenance required, but it can break down over time if used frequently or left outdoors for extended periods;
  2. Metal garden stools may have the advantage of being more durable but rust over time so needs regular cleaning;
  3. Wood provides the natural beauty and strength that weathers well outdoors, requiring less work to keep clean;
  4. Glass/ceramic garden stool tops are also sturdy enough to resist scratching and rusting while still being lightweight as they won’t pick up dirt like other surfaces do – perfect for those who want something different than the norm;

The cheapest option is usually plastic which offers ease-of-care, stability and versatility compared to wooden ones (although this depends on what type of wooden garden stool you buy) and metal ones.


The first thing you’ll want to consider when looking for a garden stool is how it will be transported. If the stools are too heavy, they might not be practical or even possible to transport easily. There may also need to be enough room in your vehicle if you’re going off-roading and carrying more than one at a time away from home. You can find some lightweight models that have aluminum frames but these tend to cost a lot.

Some models feature wheels so they can roll around on smooth surfaces as kitchen floors while other models come with rubber feet so they only work well on level ground without anything spiky like grass poking up into their base surface. This type of height-adjustable chair provides minimal additional protection against ants and other creepy crawlers.

The reason for this is that they are not typically very deep, and ants can sneak in between the legs of a garden stool if it doesn’t have an additional skirt or base to block them out. Some models have four rubber feet instead of two for added stability. It’s important to note that these types of stools might be less stable than others because there are more points on contact with the ground when compared to single-legged designs, but most people will never notice this unless they’re really looking closely at how their chair works.

If you need something lightweight and easy to move around your yard then consider getting a model which has aluminum frames and also features either wheels or heavy-duty rubber feet as part of the design.


The height of a garden stool is measured from the floor to the seat. Most are about 17 inches high, but you can find ones that are taller or shorter depending on your needs. If mobility issues make it difficult for you to sit in chairs, stools like this one offer better access and stability than regular benches.


Can you sit on a garden stool?

Yes, you can sit on a garden stool. However, if the seat is too high for your height or uncomfortable when sitting then it might not be worth it. The ideal height should be able to make both standing and sitting comfortably with plenty of room available below the stool so that your feet are flat on the ground while seated.

How do you make a garden stool?

You can make a garden stool out of a few simple pieces of wood, but it’s important to measure the height and width before you start. You will need at least one long piece for the seat (which should be cut to your desired size or length) and two shorter ones that form the “legs” that hold up the seat. The legs are often made from thinner material than the seat as this helps them slide under benches more easily when not in use.

The distance between one end and the other should be proportional to your height – if you’re six foot five inches tall then each “leg” needs to measure about three feet long (or half as long again). 

When both ends are pushed together, make sure there is enough space on either side for hands or feet. Do this by measuring the length from where your elbows would sit down next to the leg pieces and ensuring they can rest comfortably without touching anywhere else before marking out with a pencil where these need cutting. If all goes well you will now have 4 pieces of wood that should be cut to size.

As for the dimensions, a garden stool needs to be about 18 inches wide and 42 inches high – this is what you’ll find in most shops so make sure yours match these measurements.

What is the point of a garden stool?

A garden stool is a small chair that can be used in the yard. You may use the seat to rest while tending your flowers or other plants, for example. Similarly, you might place one next to a patio table and enjoy a glass of wine with friends on an evening outdoors. Stools are also perfect for kids who love using them as tiny chairs when sitting at kitchen counters during meal prep time. 

Homeowners often overlook the function of stools but they offer many benefits: 

  • portability – compact size makes it easy to move around; 
  • ability to stack up against walls – saving space in storage areas where there isn’t room for furniture; 
  • versatility – they work indoors as well as out;

It’s also worth mentioning that we are not talking about bar stools here. Garden or outdoor stools come in smaller and have seats made of fabric or wicker for comfort, whereas the seat on a stool is often just wood boards. This kind of chair can be used inside as well as out – they work great at the poolside. 

What is a ceramic garden stool used for?

Ceramic garden stools are made from cast ceramic. The material is very resistant to weathering and can be used outdoors without rust, decomposition or mold growth. They come in a variety of colors that change the look of outdoor space – adding warmth with earth tones. Ceramics offer more color shade options than metals do so you can find something both durable and beautiful for your garden area!

How tall are garden stools?

Garden stools are typically between 18 and 36 inches tall. Some taller models, like those with backs or a seat cushion, can be up to 40 inches high. Garden stool height will depend on the individual’s preference for their comfort level when sitting down so they’ll need to measure themselves before buying any product of this type if it is important that the garden stool height work well for them specifically. 

A few different variables can affect the height of garden stools. Some factors include how tall the person is, where they plan to place their stool in relation to other objects around them, and whether or not it will be used for sitting only or as a table when serving food. For example:

  • A shorter individual may want a stool taller than 36 inches so they’ll have enough legroom while sitting on it if needed. The average length of an adult’s legs from kneecaps to feet is about 18 inches long, which means this individual would need at least 40-inch high chairs so there isn’t any part of their legs touching the ground below them. They might also want higher backrests if they plan to sit on their stool for a long period;
  • A taller individual may want a shorter, lower backrest because the higher height could make it difficult for them to rest their head against the top and look down at what is in front of them without feeling an uncomfortable strain from bending back too far. They might also prefer not having any arms or armrests on the seat so there is more legroom available as well;

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Final thoughts 

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a garden stool and want to find one that suits your taste, needs, or budget – this guide got something for everyone. Hopefully, this blog post has helped make the decision easier.