5 Best Garden Stools
5 Best Garden Stools
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Most recommended
Patio Sense Garden Stool
  • Elyse Natural Round
  • Brand Patio Sense
  • 16 x 16 x 19 inches

A good choice too
Ravenna Home
  • Brand Ravenna Home
  • Moroccan Pattern
  • 13 x 13 x 15.75 inches

A good choice too
Christopher Knight Home
  • Rectangular
  • Item Weight 6.39 Pounds
  • 12.25 x 12.25 x 18 inches

Knight Home Salome
  • Color Copper Patina
  • Christopher Knight Home
  • 11.25 x 13.25 x 12.5 inches

Cherry Blossom Ceramic
  • Color White/Blue
  • Brand Jonathan Y
  • 175 Pounds

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25% of users selected Patio Sense Garden Stool, 25% selected Ravenna Home, 25% selected Christopher Knight Home, 25% selected Knight Home Salome and 0% selected Cherry Blossom Ceramic. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Garden stools are a common piece of furniture found in gardens. They provide seating for gardeners to rest, or an extra place for guests to sit at outdoor celebrations. Despite their seemingly simple nature, there is quite a bit of variance in the different types and styles of the garden stool available.

Garden stools are one of the most popular and useful items for your garden. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials so there is something to suit everyone’s taste. There are many different types of garden stools that can be used for seating or as a table with both practical and decorative purposes.

This blog post will explore some common questions that people ask about them. The experts will also review 5 top-rated products on the market today before providing you with expert recommendations!

Patio Sense 62420 Garden Stool – the Editor’s choice!

Relax in the shade with the Patio Sense Garden Stool’s rustic charm and durable construction. Made from kiln-dried, pressure-treated wood, the frame of this sturdy stool can withstand rot while looking great as a side table for your patio furniture when you need extra surface space. Plus, these stools are large enough to stand on.

With its sturdy construction, the Patio Sense 62420 stool will last for years under tough conditions including sunlight and insect damage.

  • The wooden frame;
  • Constructed with pine, rubberwood and acacia;
  • Good for decor and gardening;
  • Rot- and insect-resistant;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Can be used indoors;

  • Some wooden parts may curl and come apart;
  • Only for covered patios;

This durable 62420 Patio Sense Garden Stool is easy to care for too, so bring it inside during inclement weather months safely without worry.

Ravenna Home Moroccan Pattern Ceramic Garden Stool – the best for outside use!

Bring some warmth and originality to your home with this Moroccan-patterned ceramic side table that has a round shape. This stool offers sturdy construction with an unpretentious design for both indoor and outdoor use.

Constructed of durable ceramic, this side table/garden stool will add light blue charm to wherever you put it. No assembly is needed. It comes in handy if you need an extra seat for dinner guests. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking great.

  • Made with ceramics;
  • Weather-resistant;
  • Light blue style;
  • Round shape;
  • Great decoration piece;
  • No assembly required;
  • Sturdy;

  • The color palette may vary;
  • Too small for some people;

The Ravenna Home Moroccan Pattern Ceramic Garden Stool is a great accent piece for any outdoor living space. With the durability of stone, this stool looks fresh and stylish with its Moroccan pattern.

Christopher Knight Home 303761 Outdoor 12-Inch Iron Side Table – the best for transportation!

This Christopher Knight Home 303761 stool is a perfect accent to your outdoor space and can add sophistication and class. Made with durable iron, this piece comes with no assembly or installation required so you can start using it anytime you want.

This beautiful table/stool is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Use it for displaying a favorite plant or as an end table next to your other furniture pieces. The pattern’s intricate design will add character and charm to your yard – and it goes perfectly with most garden chairs for the ultimate look.

  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Made with sturdy iron;
  • Stable barrel shape;
  • Lace-cut design;
  • No assembly required;

  • Bad paint job;
  • Easy to get dents;
  • Powder coating may crack;

Christopher Knight Home’s Iron Side Table/Garden Stool can be perfect for outdoor use. It will blend beautifully in any setting. The sturdy construction makes it a great space to sit down for a meal or just relax after completing your spring gardening.

Christopher Knight Home 307409 Elephant Garden Stool – the best for the style!

With this gorgeous copper patina finish and durable lightweight concrete construction, this piece will never rust or chip – no matter what Mother Nature throws at it! Plus, this Christopher Knight Home stool serves many purposes: as a table for an accent plant or planter, extra seating when you have guests over, and much more.

Constructed from high-quality, low-maintenance concrete, this stool is made for abuse – keep it outdoors without any problem and clean with no effort at all.

  • Low maintenance;
  • Made with high-quality concrete;
  • Great stylish piece;
  • Rustic copper patina finish;
  • Weather-resistant;
  • Easy to clean;

  • Feels like plastic;
  • Trashed box;

This elephant-style garden stool from Christopher Knight Home is just what you need in your life! While it’s sturdy, lightweight, completely weatherproof, easy-to-clean and made of high-quality materials – the real eye candy here is its copper patina that looks aged to perfection.

Jonathan Y TBL1016A 17.7-Inch Ceramic Garden Stool – the best for the spill-proof finish!

Pair one of these Jonathan Y side tables with a pair of chairs, and you’ve got your seating for good friends, family gatherings or just enjoying a morning cup of coffee. Slip in between two chairs to serve as an informal drinks table at parties – they are just the right size.

These stools make great extra seating on any occasion. Choose from a blue or white ceramic finish and enjoy hassle-free interior design by simply wiping down when spills occur. An anti-splash glaze makes it quite useful as well.

  • Cherry finish;
  • Spill-proof;
  • 18 inches tall;
  • Nice ceramic glaze;
  • Good for indoors and the covered patio;
  • Easy to clean;

  • Not recommended for outdoors;
  • The maximum weight capacity is 175 pounds;

Just under 18 inches tall, this ceramic stool has a place at your next patio dinner party or indoors as an extra seat when guests surprise you with dessert.

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