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Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime Review

The Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime is a beautiful addition to any garden or backyard. With its deep resonant tones, this chime will soothe and relax you with its gentle sounds. This review will provide answers to frequently asked questions as well as discuss the features and benefits of the product. We’ll also take a look at how to maximize the use of this chime and provide some useful tips to help you get the most out of your purchase. So, let’s explore what makes the Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime so special.

Corinthian Bells 36-inchIntroducing the Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime! This beautiful wind chime is the perfect addition to any front porch, yard, or garden. Handcrafted right here in the USA from start to finish, it offers a classic look and dependable sound that is sure to last.

Designed with clean, contemporary lines and a simple profile, this elegant chime adds an eye-catching accent to any home or patio. It’s even tuned to a pentatonic scale of A for a peaceful sound every time the wind touches its strings. Whether you’re looking for a classic style statement or a long-term durable gift, the Corinthian Bells Wind Chime is sure to please!Choose from several stylish colors that will look great in any space. With its comprehensive design and rustic charm, you can enjoy this timeless piece for years to come. Get ready to relax and let your worries drift away while listening to the calming song of our Corinthian Bells 36″ Wind Chime!

Pros and Cons of Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Beautiful and durable design
  • Tuned to a pentatonic scale of A for a peaceful sound
  • Several stylish colors available
  • Rustic charm adds an eye-catching accent to any home or patio

  • Limited range of sounds as compared to other wind chimes

Buyer’s Guide

What is a 36-inch Wind Chime?

A 36-inch wind chime is a beautiful and calming addition to any outdoor space. This type of chime is made from metal, wood, or clay tubes that are hung from a crossbar and strung together with cords or chains. The tubes then act as resonators when the wind blows through them, producing captivating tones that will fill your outdoor area with unique sounds.[2]

Types of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be made from glass, metal, wood, bamboo, or ceramic. Each type has its own unique sound and look that adds a decorative touch to any outdoor space.

Types of Wind Chimes

When it comes to wind chimes, one of the most popular styles is called Corinthian Bells. These are large, full-length wind chimes that make a strong, melodic sound when the breeze blows through them.


The Corinthian Bells 36-inch wind chime is one of the most colorful and melodious sounding pieces in the series. Made from anodized aluminum, these chimes are built to last.

The five long tubes are hand-tuned to create a beautiful sound that lasts through every breeze, and the vibrant colors add an extra layer of beauty that can’t be found in other wind chimes.
With a wide array of hues to choose from including vivid blues, sunny yellows, and classic black, there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere on your patio or simply want to brighten up your backyard, the Corinthian Bells 36-inch wind chime is sure to be a perfect choice.[2]

As Gift

The 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime makes a great gift for friends, family members, and special occasions. It’s also a lovely addition to your outdoor space, making it an ideal decoration for gardens and patios. The distinctive sound of the bells will add soothing music to any environment while giving beauty with its intricate design. Whether you’re giving a gift to someone special or just decorating your home, the 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is sure to please.


The Corinthian Bells 36-inch wind chime is designed with a light, airy feel. The bell-shaped tubes are made of anodized aluminum and they have a beautiful finish that will not rust or corrode over time. The chime also features 6 steel suspension rings and a heavy-duty nylon cord for increased durability. The whole chime is finished in a powder-coated black finish for added protection from the elements.[2]


The 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime has a maximum capacity of 80 lbs. This means that it can hold up to 80 pounds of weight. It’s made out of durable aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about it not being able to withstand the elements or heavy winds. The wind chime is also designed for easy assembly and comes with detailed instructions for assembly.[2]

Build Quality

The Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime is crafted from durable, high-grade aluminum for maximum durability. The wind chime’s black powder-coated finish gives it a modern look that adds to any outdoor decor. The aluminum tubes are precision tuned and have an adjustable striker so you can set the tone of your chime. The top of the chime features a stainless steel hook and is built to hold up in all types of weather conditions.[2]


The 36-inch Corinthian Bells Wind Chime is an affordable option that won’t break the bank. It’s available for around $50, which is a great price for such a high-quality product.

Sound Quality

The Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime is renowned for its beautiful, rich sound. The manufacturers have selected the finest quality materials to ensure maximum resonance and timbre.

Sound Quality

This wind chime has a powerful presence that can fill an entire backyard with its melodic tones. Thanks to its adjustable striker, you can customize the volume of the chime, so it’s always the perfect sound for your outdoor space.

Weights & Dimensions

The 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is made from aluminum and measures 3 x 5.5 x 36 inches (H x W x L).

It weighs around 12 pounds, making it heavy enough to resist strong winds without having to be overly large.


The 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is made of aluminum with a powdercoated finish for durability and longevity. The tubing is hand-tuned to create a wonderful, relaxing sound when the wind blows. It has six heavy-duty nylon cords with adjustable strikers that allow you to adjust the tone and volume of the chime. The wind chime also includes a lifetime warranty.[2]

For Kids

The 36-inch Corinthian Bells Wind Chime is an excellent product for people of all ages. The chimes offer a soothing and calming effect that is perfect for children and adults alike. Children will love the bright colors and enchanting sounds as they bring life to any room or garden setting, while adults will appreciate the quality construction and beauty of the chimes. The wind chime also makes a wonderful gift idea for any special occasion, such as a birthday or holiday gathering.[2]

Ease Of Use

The Corinthian Bells 36-inch wind chime is easy to assemble and hang up. You can easily attach the top hook, suspend the chime from a tree or porch, and start enjoying the soothing sounds of nature right away. The hanging strings are adjustable so you can change the overall length of your chime depending on where it is hung. It’s also easy to maintain and keep free of dust and dirt, as all you need is a soft cloth to wipe it down when needed.


The 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is easy to install. It comes with an adjustable steel suspension cord, which makes it suitable for any garden or balcony area. The installation can be done by a single person in just a few minutes, and all necessary tools and materials are provided.

Display Clarity

The Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime is designed to provide a crystal clear resonance with each individual bell. The chime produces a beautiful, deep sound that can be heard from far away and will add a peaceful ambiance to any outdoor space. With superior craftsmanship and durable material, the wind chime provides lasting beauty and sound quality.


The 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is the perfect size for a variety of settings. It provides enough sound to be heard without being too loud or intrusive.


The deep, resonant tones provide a pleasing backdrop to any outdoor space and can also be enjoyed from indoors.

How to Choose the Perfect 36-inch Wind Chime?


When choosing the perfect wind chime, size should be one of the primary considerations. The size of a wind chime is determined by its overall length. Generally speaking, larger diameter tubes will create a louder and deeper sounding tone than smaller ones.

If you want to hear your wind chime from afar, then a larger size might be best for you.
However, if you want something that won’t overwhelm your outdoor space with sound, then a smaller size will be more suited to your needs.[1]


Aside from size, you should also consider the chime’s functionality. Most 36-inch wind chimes come with adjustable components that allow you to customize the sound of your chime. You can adjust the length of the suspension line or add extra weights to produce a deeper tone. Other bells come with multiple tones or melodies that you can adjust using a tuning key. Consider your needs and preferences when choosing a wind chime with adjustable features.[1]


Price is another factor to consider when selecting the perfect 36-inch wind chime. Generally, higher quality materials and craftsmanship will cost more money, so be prepared to pay a bit extra for something that looks and sounds great. However, there are plenty of affordable options available that still provide excellent sound quality and durability. Do your research to find the perfect wind chime that fits within your budget.[1]

Style and Design

Finally, you should also pay attention to the style and design of your wind chime. Many 36-inch wind chimes come in a variety of designs, so make sure to select one that reflects the overall look of your outdoor space.

Style and Design

Opt for something that is classic and timeless or go for something more vibrant and whimsical.[1]


What is the lucky wind chime?

The lucky wind chime is a 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime. This durable aluminum accent piece adds beauty to any outdoor space with its rhythmic tones that can be heard from far away. Its sleek design will blend in nicely with your garden décor, while still adding a touch of whimsy and charm.

What is the superstition of a wind chime?

The superstition of a wind chime is that it will bring good luck, harmony, and peace to anyone who hangs it. Some cultures believe that the sound of the bells carries positive energy through the air and brings fortune to the home or business. Other folklore says that when a wind chime is hung near windows or doors, it wards off evil spirits and bad luck.

What are the benefits of chimes?

Chimes are great for creating an atmosphere of serenity. The gentle sounds created by the bells can help to reduce stress and provide a calming environment. They also create a pleasant soundscape for outdoor gatherings, making them perfect for entertaining family and friends. Additionally, wind chimes are popular gifts that bring good luck in many cultures and make a wonderful addition to any home or garden.

What do 3 chimes mean?

In some cultures, three chimes represent faith, hope and love. Additionally, the number three is seen as lucky in many cultures around the world. This makes 3-chime wind chimes a popular choice for those that want to bring good fortune to their home or business.

What is the full meaning of chime?

The full meaning of chime is a musical instrument composed of hanging metal objects that produce sound when struck together or by the wind. Chimes are often used in outdoor spaces to bring peace and serenity through their enchanting tones, as well as good luck and fortune in many cultures.

Can you hear a plane at 30 000 feet?

No, most airplanes fly at an altitude of 30,000 feet or higher. At this height, the noise from a plane would not be audible on the ground. However, wind chimes can be heard from very far away and may even reach up to 30,000 feet!

What does chime stand for?

Chime does not stand for anything in particular. It is simply a term used to refer to musical instruments composed of hanging metal objects that produce sound when struck together or by the wind. These beautiful pieces are often hung outdoors and bring peace and serenity with their gentle tones.

How exactly does Chime work?

Chimes work by catching the wind and creating sound through a series of metal objects hanging from a frame or string. When the wind passes over these objects, it causes them to move and strike together, resulting in pleasant tones that can be heard from far away. The different sizes of metal objects are what create the variety of tones for each chime.

Is Chime still good?

Yes! Wind chimes are still popular and widely used today. In fact, they have become even more popular due to the soothing tones they produce and their ability to bring good luck and fortune in many cultures. They can be found in almost any garden or outdoor space, adding a unique touch of charm and whimsy.

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The 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. The beautiful tones and delicate design of the chimes make it a great choice for those looking for a relaxing soundscape in their garden, patio, or balcony. With its sturdy construction and weather-resistant finish, this wind chime will provide years of enjoyment. With its low price point, it is an affordable choice for those looking to add a touch of beauty to their outdoor area. Overall, the 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is well worth the investment and will be sure to bring a peaceful atmosphere wherever it hangs.

We hope this review has been helpful in guiding you towards the perfect wind chime for your outdoor space. If you have any questions about this product or any other wind chimes, please feel free to contact us at any time. We wish you all the best in creating a tranquil environment with your new Corinthian Bells wind chime!

Thank you for taking the time to read our review of the Corinthian Bells 36-inch wind chime. We hope you have found it to be informative and helpful in making your purchase decision. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Happy shopping!


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