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5 Best Dream Catchers

Best Dream Catchers

Most recommended
DremislandDremisland Dream Catcher Handmade Traditional White Cloud Dream Catcher
  • Unique Cloud design
  • Natural feather
  • Great decoration for Bedroom

A good choice too
QtGirlQtGirl Dream Catchers for Kids Unicorn Dream Catcher Feather Wall
  • Diameter of ring is approx 7.9″
  • Perfect for Hanging
  • Handmade

A good choice too
AerWoAerWo Boho Dream Catchers Handmade White Gold Feather Dreamcatchers
  • Dia 7.8″
  • Use as decoration or gifts
  • Length 20″

Artilady Artilady Macrame Dream Catchers for Bedroom
  • Unique design
  • Ring circle is 8 inch
  • Cute Gift Package

AWAYTR AWAYTR Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging Decor
  • Unique Decor
  • Large-Dia 16 inch
  • Best Gift Choice

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68.75% of users selected Dremisland, 12.5% selected QtGirl, 12.5% selected AerWo, 0% selected Artilady and 6.25% selected AWAYTR. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Dream Catchers FAQ: 

Where should dream catchers be hung?

There are so many theories and beliefs about where to hang a dream catcher to charm away bad dreams and attract positive energy. The most popular theory is to hand this talisman somewhere at the headboard of the bed. Besides, you may place the catcher in the center of the room (e.g. on a chandelier). Or hang it by the window that is the closest to your bed but it should be lit by the direct sunlight. 

Does a dream catcher have to be above your bed?

Native Americans believed that dream catchers can collect all the energy in the house and separate it: the bad things are trapped in its webbing, and the good vibes are spread all over the room where the person sleeps. As it has been already mentioned, you may place this talisman over the bed, sofa or cradle of your baby. 

The major condition is to let the air flow pass through the dream catcher so it could “catch” all the energy circulating in the house. 

The second condition is to place a dreamcatcher near the place where you sleep, and, preferably, above the head of the sleeping one – this may enhance the influence of the dreamcatcher master and enhance the protective properties of the amulet. 

Thirdly, the place where you hang the talisman should be kept away from the daylight, because according to the beliefs, it is daylight (morning rays of the sun) that destroys everything that the dream catcher caught during the night. 

Is it bad to throw away a dreamcatcher?

If the dream catcher was just a decoration or ornament for you, then yes, you may throw it away because initially you didn’t out your energy into it. But if it served as a talisman, then the parts made from natural materials should be burned, and artificial ones should be immersed in water to be “cleaned” and then thrown away. 

Some people advise burying the old dream catcher into the ground as deep as you can. But this depends on what spiritual ideas and beliefs you’ve put into this talisman in the first place. 

Which color dream catcher is best?

Most Feng Shui specialists believe that white or blank (light-colored) shades are the best for new dream catchers. The white-colored dream catchers should not be called the best ones by default – you may choose any of Feng Shui appropriate colors. But if you intend to catch bad dreams with this talisman, give a start to something good and then consider choosing the white dream catcher with feathers.

According to the popular belief, only these items can help good dreams appear in a bedroom where you sleep (if you hang a dream catcher over the bed). If you want to change your emotional state to something else besides disturbing dreams, look for colored dream catchers. 

Check what different dream catcher colors mean here

What can a purple dream catcher do?

Creativity, luxury, romance, wealth, dignity, wisdom, and inspiration may come to your house if you hand an eco-friendly, preferably self-made dream catcher of purple color. 

Do dream catchers expire?

Surely, makers do not place the expiry date somewhere on a dream catcher. The talk is about the spiritual “fullness” of this talisman. Can a dream catcher ever become “full” of bad dreams and negative emotions? When is it the best time to clean the talisman or throw it away and replace it with a new one? 

Some people say that their dream catchers stopped “working” after a few months, for some this period was longer – 2 years or more. They had no bad dreams during this time and then suddenly bad dreams returned to their lives. That is how they understood their dream catchers have to be replaced or cleaned. 

If you use a dream catcher just as any pretty ornament in your house, then its expiry date depends on the shelf-life of its materials. In a few months or years (depending on the dust contamination in your house), the feathers may fall off or become dirty. In other cases, any top-notch dream catcher can literally guard your bed against bad dreams for a lifetime. 

Also, some Feng Shui experts recommend cleaning the old dream catchers. You may “empty” the webbing from bad dreams every morning. Just make sure that direct sunlight doesn’t touch it. It is believed that if sunlight touches the dream catcher after the night when you had a bad dream, then the talisman will be “clogged” for good. 

To prevent the “clogging” keep it away from direct sunlight. And do the “cleaning” every morning. You may place the catcher in a container with fresh water (the liquid should completely cover the whole item). Add blessed salt. Then shut and shake the container with care from 3 to 9 times. While shaking the container, imagine how the bad or negative energy goes into the water and makes the dream catcher cleaner. 

Other spiritual gurus advise “cleaning” the talismans like dream catcher with the sage. Just waft it through the catcher from all sides. Also, concentrate on putting all bad thoughts and negative energy away. Some people believe that the special mantra should be said during the procedure of “cleaning”. 

This mantra is something like “I call the divine power to clean this dream catcher of all energy and negativity that doesn’t serve my good”. Repeat this mantra until you feel the talisman is fully cleansed. 

If your dream catcher has cleansing properties and includes the gemstones as amethyst, rock crystal, quartz – it does not need to be cleaned. These gemstones are believed to clean the space and convert negative energy, as well as clean other gemstones in the web of the dreamcatcher. 

Video Tutorial: DIY Macrame Dreamcatcher