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How to Put Numbers on a Mailbox?

How to Put Numbers on a Mailbox?

It’s easy to spot a house with an unnumbered mailbox. They look like they’re just waiting for the mailman to come along and deliver the day’s mail – which is probably why you’re here, wondering how to put numbers on a mailbox yourself. It’s not as hard as it seems, and in this article we’ll walk you through the entire process so that your house can easily be identified by the postman (or anybody else who needs to get mail delivered there).

Do Mailboxes Need Numbers?

Yes! Mailboxes need numbers for a few reasons. First, mail carriers rely on numbers to quickly identify the correct house when delivering mail. This saves time and helps ensure your mail gets where it needs to go. Additionally, many communities have laws or regulations requiring that each mailbox has a number displayed so that emergency services (like fire or police departments) can easily find houses in case of an emergency. Numbers also help visitors locate the right address if they don’t know exactly what street it’s on. Finally, having clearly marked addresses is important for census data collection, which impacts how government funding is allocated in local communities. So as you can see, it’s important that all mailboxes have visible numbers! [1]

How Big Should Mailbox Numbers Be

When it comes to mailbox numbers, the bigger the better. It’s crucial for your numbers to be big and legible from the road or walkway. Make sure that they are at least 3 inches tall, with a color that stands out in comparison to its background (for example, white on black). If you’re having trouble finding numbers that are big enough, consider making them yourself using vinyl letters or stencils – just make sure they’re large enough that they won’t fade over time! [2]

How Big Should Mailbox Numbers Be

How Are Mailbox Numbers Determined

The post office assigns each house a unique number when it sets up mail delivery services. Usually, this is just the house number from the address (e.g., 123 Main Street would be assigned 1234). In some cases, particularly if there are multiple buildings on the same property, you may be assigned a different number than your actual house number. If you’re unsure of what number was assigned to your mailbox, contact your local post office for clarification.

What Side of Mailbox Do Numbers Go On?

As a rule, the address numbers should be placed on the same side of the mailbox which is generally visible to passersby. This helps make sure that those who need to locate your home can spot it quickly and accurately. Additionally, many post offices also require that all mailboxes within a certain area have their numbers facing in the same direction for uniformity and better visibility.

Should You Have Numbers on the Front of Your Mailbox?

Adding your mailbox number to the front of your mailbox is not an absolute must, but it can be useful. If you have a street-facing box that’s positioned in line with traffic, placing noticeable numbers on the exterior will make them easier identifiable for motorists. However, if your mailbox is located further back from the street or faces away from traffic, then there’s no need to put numbers on the front since they won’t be seen by anyone.


What size are the numbers on a mailbox?

The ideal size for mailbox numbers is at least 1 inches high and in a color that stands out against the background (e.g., white on black). [3]

What size are the numbers on a mailbox?

Where do you put numbers on mailbox?

The numbers should always go on the same side of the mailbox, typically facing the street or sidewalk so that they can easily be seen by anyone who needs to find your address.

Do you put numbers on both sides of your mailbox?

It’s not necessary to have your mailbox number on both sides of the mailbox, but it can be helpful if the mailbox is located near the street and faces in the same direction as traffic. This way, drivers will be able to see the numbers more easily.

Where do you put stickers on a mailbox?

Stickers or decals should be placed on the back of the mailbox, as this is typically less visible and won’t distract drivers. Additionally, it will ensure that the stickers don’t interfere with any official numbers or identifiers attached to your mailbox.

How do you put lettering on a mailbox?

Letterings can be attached to a mailbox using vinyl letters or stencils. Just make sure the lettering is large enough that it won’t fade over time. Additionally, if you plan on attaching your own numbers, it’s important to check with your local post office first to ensure they meet all necessary regulations and requirements. [4]

What font is used for mailbox numbers?

The font used for mailbox numbers doesn’t have to be a specific type, as long as it is large enough that it can easily be seen from the street. Typically, bold fonts are preferred since they stand out more against the background. Additionally, using contrasting colors (such as white on black) can help ensure that your numbers are clearly visible.

Useful Video: How to apply mailbox numbers vinyl decal to your mailbox


At the end of the day, putting numbers on a mailbox is a simple process, and one that can often be accomplished within an hour or less. By following these steps, you’ll have successfully applied secure numbers to your mailbox in no time. Furthermore, if you’re looking to purchase custom mailboxes online with pre-applied numbers, there are many options available and plenty of resources that can provide more information on this topic. Finally, always remember to double check that your mailbox meets the number requirements established by your local post office before purchasing. With this advice in mind, you can make sure numbers on your mailbox are legible and secure for all deliveries large and small!


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