5 Best Window Bird Feeders
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Most recommended
Weatherproof Polycarbonat Window
  • Brand DF OMER
  • Material Acrylic
  • Item Weight 1.15 pounds

A good choice too
Birdscapes Window Feeder
  • Brand Perky-Pet
  • Color Clear
  • Material Plastic

A good choice too
Tranquility Window Bird Feeder
  • Brand PetFusion
  • Color Clear
  • Material Plastic

Observer Window Bird Feeder
  • Brand Droll Yankees
  • Color Clear
  • Material Polycarbonate

Window Bird Feeder – 1/2 Lb Capacity
  • Brand Perky-Pet
  • Color Clear
  • Material Plastic

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Window bird feeders are a great way to enjoy nature and watch birds up close while you eat breakfast, take a break from work, or just get some fresh air. 

Reasons to buy a window bird feeder:

  • They are a low-cost, durable solution for attracting the beautiful birds in your area;
  • The feeders can be used all year round and won’t take up space on your windowsill or inside your home;
  • Window bird feeders make it easy to monitor when they need to be refilled with food and water so you don’t have to worry about them being neglected. You’ll also find that some types of window bird feeders will even allow you to place suet cakes into them which will help keep many different species well-fed;

There are many types of window bird feeders on the market so it can be difficult to find the one that is best for your needs. That is why this guide focuses on the top 5 window bird feeders with product reviews and tips for buyers.

D.F. Omer WBF Weatherproof Outdoor Suction Cup Window Bird Feeder – the Editor’s choice!

This D.F. Omer bird feeder comes with 4 powerful suction cups that will stick to your windows as long as you need them to and stays attached even through rainstorms or hail (rain or shine)!

The unit features 3 different seed trays inside for easier cleaning. Made of durable, clear acrylic and simple triple-attraction features that will bring birds from all over.

Forget cleaning up soggy seed – this WBF window mount bird feeder not only keeps seed dry but also features drainage holes that prevent seed from getting too wet in bad weather. Plus, with 3 compartments full of different seeds birds will flock to this durable delight.

  • Acrylic base;
  • 4 strong suction cups;
  • Can hold different seed types;
  • Includes drainage holes;
  • 2-year warranty;
  • Sometimes suction cups are not included;
  • Can’t hold more than 2 small birds;

This transparent feeder has four suction cups that securely attach to a window. Birds can land on an acrylic surface and eat from three different seed-filled compartments. The weatherproof design ensures your food will still be there when you get back home after days of sleet, rain, or snow.

Perky-Pet 348 Clear Birdscapes Window Feeder – the best for easy installation!

It offers a clear design and mounts conveniently right at eye level on your window – so you can be there, every day, meeting the colorful birds that come for food shelled out in generous helpings. Hook this beautiful bird feeder up with our seed pack for an affordable indulgence for household’s of all sizes.

The clear design makes it so you can enjoy the view from your home with crystal clarity. Not only that, but if you close your curtains after feeding time is over, birds totally won’t know where they are!

Don’t worry about the size of your screen either – the Perky-Pet 348 Clear Birdscapes Window Feeders come in many different colors to fit nearly any window out there.

  • Durable shatterproof plastic;
  • Easy to assemble and install;
  • Can hold up to 1 cup of seeds;
  • Crystal clear design;
  • The bottom part is flimsy;
  • Only for 1-2 small birds;

The Perky-Pet 348 Clear Birdscapes Window Feeder is the best way to attach a bird feeder to your windows. With its shatterproof plastic design and easy-grip clip, this affordable product will let you indulge in hours of up close views of those curious little feathered friends.

PetFusion Tranquility Window Bird Feeder – the best for design!

The PetFusion Tranquility Window Bird Feeder allows you to bring the tranquility of nature closer to your home with a bird feeder that mounts easily onto your window like many other standard type bird feeders. With a UV coating that preserves clarity and prevents yellowing, you will have more reasons than ever before to spend time outside with your feathered friends.

Nevertheless, unlike any other, it also comes with three premium suction cups for added stability and protection against unwanted bumping against the window. The removable tray also makes this an easy-to-clean bird feeding station.

  • Made with clear plastic;
  • UV-coating to prevent yellowing;
  • Removable tray;
  • Good for attracting different birds;
  • Has drainage holes to redirect rainwater;
  • The securing pegs are too short;
  • Not squirrel-proof;

The easy-to-mount feeder accommodates and attracts a variety of birds that can help distract you from even the strongest of distractions.

Droll Yankees 752913185724 OWF Observer Window Bird Feeder – the best for the capacity!

The Droll Yankees device is a clear plastic bird feeder with an overhanging roof that will protect your seed when the weather gets bad and suction cups to attach to your window.

Its clear plastic construction lets you watch birds as they feed, and its tapered overhanging roof deflects bad weather. Attach this suction cup-compatible bird feeder to any window with included cups for optimal viewing.

And with 2 cups worth of birdseed capacity, and medium-size, it’s more than enough room for an appetite the birds don’t seem to bore off.

Tips for users: to clean this bird feeder, just use soap or alcohol on a damp cloth to wipe this feeder down quickly and have it looking fresh like new again.
  • Made with clear polycarbonate;
  • Can hold up to 2 cups of birdseed;
  • Includes sturdy suction cups;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Some suction cups are defective;
  • Not completely weatherproof;
  • Too small and lightweight;

This feeder holds up to 2 cups of seed and attaches easily with included suction cups. It’s easy to keep clean too.

Perky-Pet 345 Window Bird Feeder – the best for large birds!

With the Perky-Pet 345 Window Bird Feeder, you can have a perfect view of your favorite birds while they come to eat. The clear plastic won’t obstruct your view so you get the colors and details of them up close and personal.

Designed to mount onto any window, the transparent plastic allows you to see through without obstruction as cardinals and finches eat outside for breakfast. For easy cleaning, there is a removable seed tray holding up to 1/2 lb of seed allowing you an easy time wiping away scraps from the feast.

  • Perfect view;
  • Crystal clear plastic;
  • Easy to fill and maintain;
  • Quick mounting to any window;
  • 4 feeding ports;
  • Can hold large birds;
  • Suction cups won’t stick to metal;

Made from strong plastic construction that attaches securely to the window, this beautiful bird feeder can hold up to 1/2 lb of seed per feeding session. That is why it is recommended for attracting large birds.

Useful Video: Clear Window Bird Feeder Long Term Update

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