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10 Best Rain Chains for Heavy Rain

Best Rain Chains for Heavy Rain

Most recommended
MarrgonMarrgon Copper Rain Chain
  • 8.5’ Long
  • 100% Copper
  • Flexible System

A good choice too
Monarch Rain ChainsMonarch Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain,
  • 8-1/2-Feet Length
  • Pure Copper
  • 20 Lotus shaped cups

A good choice too
  • 36 inches long
  • Metal
  • 5 cups

Monarch Rain ChainsMonarch Pure Copper Hammered Cup Rain
  • 8-1/2-Feet Length
  • Hand hammered cups
  • Directs the flow of water

Ancient GraffitiAncient Graffiti Lily Cups Rain Chai
  • Measures 3″ d x 96″ h
  • Made from copper
  • Perfect for any decor

VindarVindar 68
  • 5.6 Feet Length
  • 6 metal cups
  • Directs the flow of water

Monarch Rain ChainsMonarch Flat Black Powder Coated Aluminum Hammer Rain Chain
  • 8.5-Feet
  • Functional in design
  • 15 Cups

Monarch 18022Monarch Rain Chains 18022 Aluminum Lotus Rain Chain
  • 8-1/2 Feet Length
  • Material Type; Aluminum
  • 20 cups

Monarch MNNN9Monarch Pure Copper Siam Rain Chain,
  • 8-1/2 Feet Length
  • 8 large pure Copper cups
  • Cup measures 4 inch

Monarch Rain ChainsMonarch Pure Copper Funnel Rain Chain
  • 8-1/2-Feet Length
  • Material: Pure Copper
  • 19 Cups

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Rain chains are well-established in Japan, where they are known as “kusari-doi”. For more than a century, the Japanese have had to gather rainwater in their homes using a rain chain. They are special cups or chains constructed of copper or steel. It was put directly under the roof’s demise. Rainwater may be quickly moved into a bucket or a big barrel using the right rain chains.

Downspouts may be replaced with rain chains, which are both artistic and practical. They elegantly channel rainwater from gutters to drains or colorful water receptacles, transforming an unappealing task into a captivating water feature.

A rain chain performs two functions: it channels rainwater to drainage and receptacles and it beautifies the exterior of a home. When you add rain chains, you’re both beautifying and functionalizing your house.

Every rain chain is different, so for the optimal outcomes during very heavy rain, you can tie a rain chain to a gutter or downspout. You won’t need the gutter or downspout to reach the ground, so don’t worry. For this reason a rain chain structure exists. The gutter or downspout would merely guarantee that the water is transported to the chain properly.

Benefits of rain chains:

  • Beautiful and tranquil designs inspired by Asian motifs;
  • Simple to install and use;
  • Affordable;
  • Won’t clog easily;
  • Nice soothing sound;
  • Can withstand heavy rain and wind;
  • These accessories age beautifully;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Can be used all year round;
  • You may use it as a birdbath;

There are several various types of rain chains on the U.S. market. This guide aims to help you choose the best rain chains for heavy rain scenarios. Check the comparison table and buying guide to buy the ideal rain chain for your garden. 

Marrgon Copper Rain Chain – the best for easy installation!

Marrgon Copper Rain ChainThis mesmerizing Marrgon copper rain chain diverts rainwater away from your structure in a visually and audibly stunning display. Multiple cups are used to “collect” rainwater when it flows off the gutters. Also, it includes a V-hook installation set.

The magnificent rain chain has a brilliant shine and a lush patina that will grow with time. It is fully maintenance-free and simple to set up. During heavy rain, it delivers the best results. For all seasons, this is the ideal decoration item for your gutter scheme.

Tips for users: To tie the chain to the gutter opening, choose the universal V-hook – no adapter or equipment is required.


  • Heavy-duty chain;
  • Includes an installation kit;
  • Elegant design;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to install;
  • The ultimate length of 8.5 ft.;


  • Plated copper;
  • The second cup overflows a bit;

This rain chain is ideal for meditation (as well as realistic water diversion) and creates a stunning decoration to any landscape design.

Monarch Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain – the best for the cup quantity!

Monarch Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain,Monarch’s copper rain chain is 8.5 feet long and is made up of 20 cups. Each cup is lotus-shaped and capable of capturing the majority of rainwater for transfer from the gutter. It has a 3-foot extension feature and comes in eight different copper cup sizes.

They’re made of pure copper, which is incredibly long-lasting and robust.

This rain chain comes with an assembly hanger so you can quickly mount it in the gutter outlet. It’s also sleek, quick to mount, and comes with spacious 0.75-inch cup openings to assist the water flow.


  • Many cups;
  • A few cup sizes are available;
  • Long adjustable chain;
  • Durable;
  • The flared mouth for water collection;
  • Beautiful lotus design;
  • Has an installation hanger;


  • Bulky;
  • Expensive;
  • Looks discolored out of the box;

The Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain by Monarch is a finely made chain inspired by the tropical lotus vine. With subtly indented and defined petals, each of the 20 cups has a large flared mouth to absorb the bulk of the rainwater efficiently.

CT DISCOUNT STORE Dragonfly Rain Chain – the best for portability!

CT DISCOUNT STORE Iron Dragonfly Rain ChainThis lovely CT Discount Store Dragonfly chain would look great on your porch. It can be customized to suit any home and serves as an enticing and functional downspout alternative.

In addition, when rain reaches the bottom basin, the metal chain produces a calming tone. It has an aged copper patina finish – consider this factor when buying!

This rain chain features a unique dragonfly-inspired style that can be used as a downspout altar.


  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Full metal cups and chain;
  • Ready to hang;
  • Rust-resistant;
  • Nice design and finish;


  • Short chain (about 4 ft.);
  • Not fully recommended for heavy rains and winds;
  • The connectors are flimsy;

This rain gutter chain is famous because of its stylish appearance and functionality. Its beautiful appearance would make you happy to look at it. The roof’s water is falling quickly and making a bubbling sound.

Monarch Hammered Cup Rain Chain – the best for durability!

Monarch Pure Copper Hammered Cup RainHand-hammered cups with intermix loops are included in another Monarch rain chain on this page. Rainwater is softly channeled into this rain gutter chain. It’s built of solid heavy-gauge copper for the longest possible life. As a result, it is ideal for your home due to its attractive nature.

The chained cups are intertwined with a set of rings to effectively convey rainwater from your home’s gutter.

Tips for users: it can be extended up to 3 feet. For simple installation in a gutter outlet, one hanger is included. Every hand-hammered cup extension consists of 6 cups and 6 loops, and the full-length chain includes a tiny hook to hold it fixed until the end.


  • Natural copper;
  • Extendable chain;
  • Hammered-cup design;
  • Sturdy;
  • Wide mouth;
  • Simple to install with any gutter clip;
  • Quite thick (23 gauge);


  • A too big hole in the bottom;
  • Some users find the cups too wide;

When the water flows down the chain, the decorative addition of the double loop links can lead to a splash factor.

Ancient Graffiti Flamed Copper Heart Rain Chain – the best for the handcrafted design!

Ancient Graffiti Lily Cups Rain ChaiThis handcrafted accessory provides an artistic combination between your design and the world in which you live. It’s also easy to put together since it comes with a V-shaped gutter connector.

When the water runs from the gutters, this heart-shaped copper chain can create a calming sound.


  • Made of natural materials;
  • Handcrafted;
  • Produces nice soothing sound;
  • Easy to install;


  • Need a weight at the bottom;
  • No cups;
  • Expensive;

Natural materials such as bamboo, steel, copper, clay, rock, and brass are used to build the rain gutter chain. This one-of-a-kind rain chain is a genuine eco-friendly design that also comes with a lovely gift package.

The Buyer’s Guide


Metal is used in almost all rain chains, but the form of metal used can make or break the chain’s consistency. Copper is used in all of the most costly options on the market, and it develops a stunning and beautiful patina over time. Other forms of powder-coated aluminum are also used. 

Styles: cups and links

Link designs are the most precise representations of the initial rain chain in the Japanese style. They seem to spill rather than cup types, which may be relevant if they’re going to be used near doors, screens, or walkways. Link chains, from basic link chains to more complex variations, have the airy look and clean lines. They are often used in contemporary architectural styles, but they still look fine in rustic settings such as cabins and log homes.

Cup designs outperform link chains in terms of performance and quality. They double as funnels because they have open bottoms, focusing the water from one cup into the next. Cup models splash very little except in heavy rain, making them ideal for use anywhere. Cups are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small 2-inch cups to large XL cups.

Cups are available in a range of sizes, designs, and fabrics. Some are greater or smaller than the rest. The bigger the cup, the less successful it is when it comes to heavy rain. If you live anywhere where it rains a lot, you’ll need a chain with bigger cups.


The installation of most modern rain chains is typically easy and clear. Using the gutter connection piece given, Rain chains are typically hung from the gap where the downspout used to be.

The bottom part

When it rains, the Japanese sometimes place a ceramic or stoneware pot underneath the chain that is loaded with water. It helps water to drip from the chain into the pot, making a great show.

Under the chains, you may build a square out of redwood or cedar and fill it with tiny pebbles. Moss can expand between the pebbles if it is moist on a daily basis. To stop the water’s plunge, put a single paver tile or a few medium-sized stones underneath the chain. Alternatively, a ceramic cup or saucer may be used as a catch basin.

Price point

You’d be surprised by how pricing differs so drastically from one chain to another. Some will cost you a mere $10, while the others are priced over $100. You would have to pay a bit extra if you want the best of the best. The more costly chains are typically handcrafted from the most durable and premium materials. 

Comparison of Rain Chains Indicators

Rain chains are a popular alternative to traditional downspouts for managing rainwater. In this table, we compare various indicators of rain chains to help you make an informed decision.

Indicator Description Value Range
Length The length of the rain chain 2-12 feet
Material The material the rain chain is made of Copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc.
Style The design or style of the rain chain Cup, link, chain, mixed, etc.
Water Capacity The amount of water the rain chain can handle per minute 0.5-2 gallons per minute
Installation The ease of installation of the rain chain Easy, moderate, difficult
Price The cost of the rain chain $20-$300

This table provides a comparison of key indicators for rain chains, including their length, material, style, water capacity, ease of installation, and price. Understanding these factors can help you choose the best rain chain for your needs, based on your budget, style preferences, and the amount of rainfall in your area.


Should you use gutters for a rain chain? 

It is not necessary. Rain chains are most effective when tied to a rain gutter, but they may also be used to catch the water that runs off your awning, roof, or shed. To improve the functions of a rain chain, the water flow should go through the rain chain. Typically the water rushes off the “valley” where 2 roofs meet if there isn’t a gutter. Try adding a corner leaderhead to collect the water and guide it to a rain chain if you don’t have guttering.

You’ll actually be fine without gutters if you reside in a more arid environment with little rainfall, such as Arizona or Southern California. For better outcomes, use a gutter or downspout and a rain chain if you live in South Florida or another humid, water-rich climate.

How different rain chains age? 

Over time, rain chains made of 100 percent pure copper can darken and develop a nice green patina. As the rain chains mature, they can turn a rich dark silver grey color. Over time, brass rain chains transform a bronzy/brown color. Since most of our rain chains aren’t lacquered, they will deteriorate over time. Rain chains are expected to last for decades.

What is the average weight of a rain chain?

Depending on the style and duration of the chain, standard rain chains weigh between 5 and 9 lbs. Typically, their length ranges from 8 to 8.5 ft. They can be hanged from regular gutters with ease.

Where does the water from a rain chain go? 

The flow of water from your rain chain will go straight through your drainage pipe, much like a downspout, or you can buy a basin. The basin helps you to use the accumulated water for trees, flowers, or other applications that need water.

Is it necessary to take the rain chain down in the cold season? 

No. When wrapped in ice or snow, rain chains can be really appealing. Ice can melt throughout the day and then refreeze overnight, resulting in stunning ice sculptures. Be mindful that if the water on the chain freezes, you can need to pay for the extra weight.

How high winds affect rain chains?

Only a strong wind will trigger any swaying due to the open nature, but it will be small and should not impact the rain chain’s operation. To help protect your rain chain, put decorative stones or river rocks in the basin.

What are the benefits of using rain chains?

Rain chains have several benefits, including adding visual interest to the exterior of a home or building, creating a calming sound as the water trickles down the chain, and reducing the impact of heavy rainfall on the surrounding landscape. They can also help prevent erosion and water damage to the foundation of a home by directing the flow of water away from the building.

What materials are rain chains made of?

Rain chains can be made from a variety of materials, including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and even ceramic or glass. Each material has its own unique look and characteristics, and some are more durable and weather-resistant than others.

How do I install a rain chain?

Installing a rain chain is typically a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. First, remove the existing downspout and attach the rain chain to the gutter with a gutter adaptor or bracket. Make sure the rain chain is level and securely attached to the gutter. If necessary, use a splash block or collection basin at the bottom of the chain to direct the flow of water away from the foundation of the building.

How do I maintain my rain chain?

Regular maintenance is important to ensure that your rain chain continues to function properly and looks its best. Depending on the material of your rain chain, you may need to clean it periodically with a mild soap and water solution to remove dirt and debris. You can also use a copper cleaner or polish to help maintain the shine of copper rain chains. In addition, make sure to regularly inspect the chain for any signs of damage or wear and replace any broken or damaged links or cups as needed.

What styles of rain chains are available?

Rain chains come in a variety of styles and designs to fit different tastes and preferences. Some popular styles include cup rain chains, link rain chains, and themed rain chains such as those shaped like flowers, birds, or animals. They are also available in a range of finishes and materials to match the aesthetic of your home or building.

Can I use a rain chain in place of a traditional downspout?

Yes, rain chains can be used as a decorative and functional alternative to traditional downspouts. However, it is important to make sure that the rain chain can handle the amount of rainfall in your area and that it is properly installed to avoid any water damage to the building or surrounding landscape.

Do rain chains work better in certain climates or regions?

Rain chains can work well in a variety of climates and regions, but their effectiveness may depend on factors such as the amount of rainfall in the area, the pitch of the roof, and the design and material of the rain chain. For example, copper rain chains are often recommended for areas with heavy rainfall as they are durable and can handle a large volume of water.

Can I use a rain chain with a flat roof?

Yes, rain chains can be used with flat roofs as long as they are properly installed and can handle the volume of water flowing from the roof. However, it may be more difficult to attach the rain chain to a flat roof as there may not be a traditional gutter system to connect it to.

Can I customize the length of my rain chain?

Yes, many rain chains can be customized to fit the specific length needed for your building. You can typically add or remove links or cups to adjust the length of the chain. However, it is important to make sure that the rain chain still functions properly and can handle the volume of water flowing through it after any adjustments are made.

Can I use a rain chain with a rain barrel?

Yes, rain chains can be used with a rain barrel or other collection system to harvest rainwater for use in watering plants or other purposes. Simply attach the rain chain to the gutter and then direct the flow of water into the collection container. Make sure to regularly clean the rain chain and collection system to prevent debris and buildup from clogging the flow of water.

Video Tutorial: Rain Chain in a Thunderstorm

Final thoughts 

Classic, closed gutter downspouts are replaced with rain chains, which are both attractive and practical. Rain chains transform a simple gutter downspout into a nice attraction by guiding rainwater down chains/cups from the roof to the surface. They’re a joy to listen to, from the gentle tinkling of tiny droplets to the calming flow of white water.