10 Best Rain Chains for Heavy Rain
10 Best Rain Chains for Heavy Rain
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Marrgon Copper Rain Chain
8.5’ Long
100% Copper
Flexible System
Monarch Rain Chains
Monarch Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain,
8-1/2-Feet Length
Pure Copper
20 Lotus shaped cups
CT DISCOUNT STORE Iron Dragonfly Rain Chain
36 inches long
5 cups
Monarch Rain Chains
Monarch Pure Copper Hammered Cup Rain
8-1/2-Feet Length
Hand hammered cups
Directs the flow of water
Ancient Graffiti
Ancient Graffiti Lily Cups Rain Chai
Measures 3" d x 96" h
Made from copper
Perfect for any decor
Vindar 68
5.6 Feet Length
6 metal cups
Directs the flow of water
Monarch Rain Chains
Monarch Flat Black Powder Coated Aluminum Hammer Rain Chain
Functional in design
15 Cups
Monarch 18022
Monarch Rain Chains 18022 Aluminum Lotus Rain Chain
8-1/2 Feet Length
Material Type; Aluminum
20 cups
Monarch MNNN9
Monarch Pure Copper Siam Rain Chain,
8-1/2 Feet Length
8 large pure Copper cups
Cup measures 4 inch
Monarch Rain Chains
Monarch Pure Copper Funnel Rain Chain
8-1/2-Feet Length
Material: Pure Copper
19 Cups

Video Tutorial: Rain Chain in a Thunderstorm

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